Tracy McGrady’s pitching mechanics could use some work (Video)

Tracy McGrady had a workout Wednesday at Constellation Field — the home of the Sugar Land Skeeters — that was available to the media. Thankfully for us, KBME in Houston grabbed some video of him pitching so that we could finally see how he looks.

Though McGrady doesn’t look bad as a pitcher, his mechanics could use some work.

Brace yourself: we’re going to get a little technical here.

Right now T-Mac is just all arm, which is not uncommon for someone new to pitching. He’s not getting anything from his lower body on his pitches.

As soon as his hands meet in his leg kick, his front hip starts moving forward and his lead leg comes open:

Tracy McGrady pitching

The rushed movement is causing T-Mac’s arm to come through late and in a windmill type motion.

What T-Mac needs to do is work on his balance after he goes into his leg kick so he isn’t rushed to start moving forward. He needs to sit down on his back leg and use that as a spring to push off towards the plate and give him power on his pitches. He also needs to work on separating his right hand from his glove quicker so it doesn’t lag behind his body.

Come on, T-Mac, I thought you were working with Roger Clemens on your pitching? Did you see the Rocket’s lower body? Guy’s legs and behind were huge. That’s where he got a lot of his power from. You need to start doing the same thing!

(yes, I used to give private pitching lessons and still do on occasion)

Tracy McGrady intends to pitch for Sugar Land Skeeters

Tracy McGrady

The Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League confirmed on Tuesday that they have interest in former NBA star Tracy McGrady, who is attempting a second career as a professional baseball player.

The Skeeters, who are an independent baseball team, sent out a press release to media outlets including Larry Brown Sports stating that there is mutual interest between them and T-Mac.

Former Houston Rocket and NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady confirmed today his intention to pursue a pitching career with the Sugar Land Skeeters of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. Below is a statement from the Skeeters club:

“Trady McGrady is one of the most elite athletes of this era and we appreciate his interest in pursuing a life-long dream with the Sugar Land Skeeters and the Atlantic League. While the Atlantic League is considered the highest level of baseball outside of Major League Baseball, McGrady has demonstrated skill, determination and diligence during his training program at Constellation Field. We look forward to monitoring his progress.”

The Skeeters begin their season in April. They have a number of former Major League players on their roster, and Roger Clemens pitched for them two years ago. Clemens also reportedly has been training McGrady, who long has had an interest in playing baseball. While he was in the NBA, the two-time scoring champion called baseball his first love.

If McGrady does make a start for the Skeeters this season, you know I’ll be watching.

Tracy McGrady may try second career as pro baseball player

Tracy McGradyTracy McGrady announced his retirement from the NBA over the summer, but that doesn’t mean he’s done playing professional sports. In fact, his former coach with the Houston Rockets, Jeff Van Gundy, says T-Mac is working towards a career in professional baseball. Seriously.

The note about McGrady came up during ESPN’s telecast of the Oklahoma City Thunder-Brooklyn Nets game on Friday night. ESPN showed a graphic of the players who had the most consecutive 30+ point games in the last 30 years. The stat came up because Kevin Durant had 12 in a row, making him two shy of matching T-Mac, who did it in the 2002-2003 season, and four shy of tying Kobe Bryant, who also did it during the ’02-’03 season. The stat prompted Van Gundy to share the baseball note about McGrady.

“Speaking real quickly of McGrady, I think he’s going to play independent league baseball as a pitcher this year. In the independent league,” Van Gundy said.

Play-by-play announcer Mike Breen was obviously stunned and asked if Van Gundy was being serious.

“I’m being serious. I’ve heard from sources in Houston — seriously — that he’s throwing over 90 miles per hour. The Sugar Land Skeeters — Roger Clemens pitched for them last year, it was awesome.”

Clemens actually pitched for the Skeeters two years ago, but his son, Koby, still catches for them.

As for McGrady, his interest in a baseball career is actually nothing new.

In 2006, McGrady said he wanted to pursue a career in baseball when he was done with basketball.

“I’m going to play baseball at the end of my (basketball) career,” McGrady said via NBA.com. “I guess (TNT) took that to mean the end of my contract. But who knows what I’m going to do in four years?”

McGrady made his comments in an interview with TNT. T-Mac said then that he has a legitimate arsenal of pitches.

“I think I’ll be done with this game in my early 30′s,” McGrady said. “I would be a pitcher. I got a knuckleball, slider, changeup, curve and whatever.”

McGrady is an investor in a baseball team in Biloxi and has said that baseball is his first love. He was a two-sport star in high school.

The Skeeters have a slew of former major leaguers on the team, such as Jason Lane, Gary Majewski, Ryan Langerhans, David Pauley and Clay Hensley, so being able to compete at that level is no joke. But if he can throw 90+ mph and has different pitches, then McGrady might legitimately have the goods to compete. We sure would love to seem him try.

McGrady also has a relationship with the Skeeters; he threw out the first pitch at one of their games two years ago.

And if T-Mac does end up on the Skeeters, he’d be teammates with former LB travel ball teammate Steve Moss, who led the Skeeters with a .318 batting average last season!

I think Tracy McGrady needs some bigger pants


Former NBA star Tracy McGrady has been doing some television work this season in his first year of retirement. While I have yet to sit down and listen to his commentary, I do have a little bit of advice for T-Mac — loosen up a little.

McGrady clearly needs bigger pants. There’s no way he’s going to be comfortable if he keeps trotting out on NBA TV wearing nut-huggers like that. Those things had to have been cutting off circulation.

Photo via Twitter/Michael Necci
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Tracy McGrady: I would not have clashed with Shaq like Kobe Bryant did

Tracy-McGrady-Upset-Lack-of-MinutesTracy McGrady was one of the most elite scorers in the NBA during his relatively short-lived prime. He averaged 26.1 points per game over an eight-year span with the Orlando Magic and Houston Rockets, but injuries sent his career downhill in a hurry. Despite that, T-Mac recently hinted that he believes he was as good as Kobe Bryant during his best years.

“Numbers don’t lie. I was in the conversation of being one of the best in the league,” McGrady told FOX Sports Radio’s Jay Mohr Sports on Wednesday. “Whether I was better than Kobe, or he was better than me … I was in the conversation and it didn’t matter at the time. I was playing at a high level and was very confident when I was on the court.”

If T-Mac feels that his game was comparable to Kobe’s, that must mean he believed he could have won multiple championships with Shaquille O’Neal as well.

“We would have had a great run,” he said when asked about Shaq. “I don’t know how many but, I know it would have never ended like it did with he and Kobe. I have a great relationship with Shaq. We would have never clashed heads like that. Two Alpha dogs going at there will always be (something going on).”

That’s easy to say when the two never actually played together. If Kobe and Shaq were never teammates, there’s no telling whether the two would have had a great relationship like the one McGrady says he has with the big man. They didn’t just start out hating each other from day one.

We’ll never know how good McGrady could have been if he stayed healthy. When asked if he believes he is a future Hall of Famer, T-Mac said he doesn’t know but to “look at my numbers.” If you ask me, he simply didn’t do it long enough.

Arby’s restaurant takes shot at Tracy McGrady on Twitter

Tracy-McGrady-SpursTracy McGrady is basically a forgotten soul at this point with the San Antonio Spurs. Once a leading scorer and perennial NBA All-Star, T-Mac has been relegated to the role of bench player who has no chance of touching the floor unless the Spurs are resting their starters in a 113-77 victory like the one they had over the Miami Heat in Game 1.

As you might expect, the former superstar has been the butt of a number of Twitter jokes this season as he waits on the San Antonio bench for his number to be called. On Wednesday morning, things really got out of hand when Arby’s restaurant joined in on the act.

After Eye on Basketball tweeted about Arby’s ragging on T-Mac, the restaurant’s official Twitter account made sure to point out that it was all in good fun.

We know it was a joke, and it was a fantastic one. There’s no need to justify it. If it wasn’t for the hilarious comment McGrady made earlier this postseason, we would probably never talk about him. Such is the life of an aging NBA star.

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You want to know how ready Tracy McGrady is if his number is called?

Tracy-McGrady-SpursTracy McGrady’s best days are long gone. The 34-year-old San Antonio Spurs guard was once one of the top scorers in the NBA, but injuries basically resulted in him falling off the map after the 2007-2008 season.

McGrady has appeared in only four postseason games with the Spurs, and it’s unlikely he will play in the NBA Finals. That being said, you never know what could happen with injuries. It’s the job of every player to be ready if their number is called, and T-Mac is not taking that responsibility lightly.

There’s really nothing more we have to say on that subject. Dude is ready — don’t ask him again.