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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: Tracy Porter

Tracy Porter Got a Family Guy Haircut for Seahawks Game (Picture)

I think it’s safe to say Tracy Porter takes the following things seriously: his haircuts, his next opponent, and Family Guy.  If you remember, Porter had the SB44 logo shaved into his head before the big game last year and went on to be the hero with his late-game interception.  Tracy was at it again…Read More

Tracy Porter’s Hair and Play Steals Super Bowl Show

Tracy Porter may have sported flamboyant hairstyles for the Saints two biggest games of the season but he matched the brazen fashion efforts with awesome play. Two weeks ago, Porter sported a pacman video game haircut and topped it off with an interception of Brett Favre. On Sunday, Porter had SB44 shaved into his head…Read More

Tracy Porter Does it Again!

Three weeks ago, only Saints fans, Indiana football fans, and the most intense NFL fans knew who Tracy Porter was. Now, over 100 million people know the name and associate it with one of the biggest, most game-changing plays we’ve seen in the postseason, not to mention another that took place two weeks ago. Tracy…Read More

Tracy Porter Sports a Pacman Haircut

Tracy Porter was already my hero for intercepting Brett Favre’s last pass (perhaps ever?). He’s also become my hero for his unique haircut. Porter had the ghosts from the Pacman video game shaved into his head, revealing this look for the NFC Championship Game that I noticed while watching a replay of the game to…Read More

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