Tracy Porter seems angry about having to give his No. 24 to Charles Woodson

Charles-Woodson-RaidersTracy Porter wore jersey No. 22 with the New Orleans Saints for the first four years of his career and again with the Denver Broncos last year. However, he decided he wanted to wear No. 24 when he signed with the Oakland Raiders earlier this offseason. Now that Oakland has brought back Charles Woodson, that plan has been spoiled.

Woodson wore No. 24 with the Raiders from 1998-2005. When the 36-year-old veteran returned to the city where he began his career, the team apparently decided he could have his old number back — even though Porter had already claimed it. Porter did not seem pleased.

Porter can say he wasn’t mad, but the first tweet makes it pretty obvious that he was. Typically players work out some sort of deal when they want a certain jersey number that a teammate is already wearing. We have heard of veterans exchanging diapers for a jersey number or paying for it outright, but it’s usually up to the player who claimed the number first to decide if they want to give it up.

Back in May, Woodson said he was still negotiating with Porter to try to get the number. If the number was indeed straight up taken from Porter and given to Woodson, I can understand why he’s upset. That’s usually not the way it’s handled.

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Tracy Porter Got a Family Guy Haircut for Seahawks Game (Picture)

I think it’s safe to say Tracy Porter takes the following things seriously: his haircuts, his next opponent, and Family Guy.  If you remember, Porter had the SB44 logo shaved into his head before the big game last year and went on to be the hero with his late-game interception.  Tracy was at it again on Sunday, this time with a specialized design aimed at his opponent, the Seahawks.  Here’s a picture of Tracy Porter’s Family Guy haircut, courtesy of Deadspin:

That’s some quality artwork right there.  Porter didn’t record an interception, so the haircut may not have worked the same magic as it did in the Super Bowl.  However, the Saints won 34-19, so I’m sure his teammates will want him to keep the buzzes coming.

Tracy Porter’s Hair and Play Steals Super Bowl Show

Tracy Porter may have sported flamboyant hairstyles for the Saints two biggest games of the season but he matched the brazen fashion efforts with awesome play. Two weeks ago, Porter sported a pacman video game haircut and topped it off with an interception of Brett Favre. On Sunday, Porter had SB44 shaved into his head along with a road leading the way from the Superdome to the Lombardi Trophy. He capped that off with the play of his career — an interception of Peyton Manning to seal the Super Bowl. Not a bad month of work for Porter.

You think it said “MVP” on the other side of his head? May as well have with the way he played. Porter may as well grow an afro and quit while he’s ahead because there’s nothing he has left for an encore.

Tracy Porter Does it Again!

Three weeks ago, only Saints fans, Indiana football fans, and the most intense NFL fans knew who Tracy Porter was. Now, over 100 million people know the name and associate it with one of the biggest, most game-changing plays we’ve seen in the postseason, not to mention another that took place two weeks ago. Tracy Porter intercepted Brett Favre to end the Vikings chances of winning the NFC Championship game in regulation and lead the Saints to the Super Bowl. Once he got there, Porter took advantage of the largest possible stage at the most opportune time:

Another claim to fame for #22: Tracy Porter has some of the best hair in the league and he outdid himself with his Super Bowl ‘do. By the way, how about Phil Simms’ analysis on that play? If the Saints listened to him, the game would probably be tied at 24 and headed to overtime. I think he was calling it from a quarterback’s perspective and what he’d like to see from an opposing defense, not really what the Saints should do. The lesson to be learned is that you have to pressure quarterbacks in order to disturb them otherwise they’ll pick you apart. Porter’s pick was a pretty clear example of that lesson in practice. It’s also quite cool that Porter attributed the interception to excellent film study, essentially saying he knew what was coming. I love it when hard work pays off!

Tracy Porter Sports a Pacman Haircut

Tracy Porter was already my hero for intercepting Brett Favre’s last pass (perhaps ever?). He’s also become my hero for his unique haircut. Porter had the ghosts from the Pacman video game shaved into his head, revealing this look for the NFC Championship Game that I noticed while watching a replay of the game to fulfill my LBS scouting department duties:

I’m not sure if this is something old or new for Porter but I like it. Maybe he can start taking fan submissions for other video game designs. With two weeks before the Super Bowl, you think he’ll have time to shave some Tetris shapes into his dome? I hope so.

Porter’s hair was also noted by Sports by Brooks

Video: Brett Favre Interception by Tracy Porter Ends Vikings Chances

Hmm, Brett Favre’s last pass of the season getting intercepted in the NFC Championship Game … where I have I seen that before? As I’ve said before, Brett Favre is a classic heartbreaker. The guy is so good he’s able to pull games out of his butt and help his team win games other quarterbacks couldn’t. But then when the game is on the line, Favre will let you down like he has so many times recently. Last year, Favre led the Jets to an 8-3 start before slumping down the stretch and failing to take them to the playoffs. The year before, Favre had Green Bay a play away from reaching the Super Bowl but instead he choked against the Giants by throwing a pick six. And once again with the Super Bowl on the line, Brett Favre became careless with the football. Here is the video of the Brett Favre/Tracy Porter interception that will live in infamy:

Will this be the final play of Brett Favre’s NFL career? I doubt it — why would he want to walk away on such a disappointing note? It is possible that Brett feels like he accomplished everything he wanted to — rubbing it in Green Bay’s face that he could still play at a high level — so maybe he’ll have the peace of mind to hang it up finally. Whereas in the past I wanted Favre to go away because he had put the Packers in such a bad spot, now I feel like we would be robbed if Favre didn’t come back because he was so damn good. The guy did sign a two-year deal, didn’t he?