Colin Kaepernick makes tackle on Tramon Williams after interception, gets drilled (GIF)

Colin Kaepernick tackleColin Kaepernick must have been ticked after throwing an interception deep in Packers territory during the second quarter of the San Francisco 49ers’ wild card playoff game on Sunday, because he went after Tramon Williams with a vengeance.

The 49ers had a 2nd-and-7 from the Green Bay 29, and Kaepernick tried to loft a ball to Vernon Davis nearby the end zone. Williams made a great play to jump in front of Davis and intercept the pass, and he began returning it. The surprise was that of all people on the field, it was Kaepernick who flew in to make the tackle. And he didn’t make some weak effort, either. He went head-first into Williams to bring down the Packers CB, and he paid the price with the brutal hit.

Most quarterbacks would usually let his teammates handle the tackle. How many other NFL QBs would make a play like that?

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Tramon Williams shoves referee (GIF)

Tramon Williams refereeTramon Williams took some frustration out on a referee during the fourth quarter of the Detroit Lions’ beatdown of the Green Bay Pacers on Thanksgiving.

After Joique Bell scored on a 1-yard touchdown run to make it 33-10, Williams shoved a referee. It was a total jerk move by Williams and appeared to be done out of frustration. He was hit with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, meaning the Lions kicked off from midfield.

FOX officiating expert Mike Pereira explained why Williams wasn’t ejected:

Who knows? Maybe Williams will be a hit with a small fine for that dumb act.

What a pathetic showing by the Lions defense. They didn’t get ANY help from the Packers offense, but that defense stunk too.

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Tramon Williams calls himself Optimus Prime, says Calvin Johnson pushed Richard Sherman around

Green Bay Packers cornerback Tramon Williams is apparently not very original. Earlier this week, Williams dubbed himself “Optimus Prime” in anticipation of his upcoming matchup against Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, a.k.a. Megatron. That sounds awfully familiar.

A few weeks ago, Seattle Seahawks corner Richard Sherman changed his Twitter name to Optimus Prime for the week leading up to his matchup against Johnson. He held Megatron to only three catches for 46 yards, and most would say earned the right to brag about the performance. Williams does not agree.

“I’m definitely Optimus Prime,” he told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I’m the leader of the Autobots. I’m the leader of the young guys right now and when it comes down to the tough battles, I’ll lead those guys out there.

“Guys like (Seahawks corner) Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman — they talk about how physical they are — but Calvin was pushing those guys around the field like it was nothing. And those are some big guys. You definitely have to be careful with how you play a big guy like that.”

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