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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Articles tagged: Travis Henry

Morning Paper: Travis Henry has Some Competition

List of athletes who have fathered illegitimate kids [100% Injury Rate] The NFL, not too fan-friendly [Deuce of Davenport] Mark Cuban, dancing with stars? [Signal to Noise] Mathematical proof Jessica Alba is hot [Hollywood Tuna] Restroom problems at Heinz Field [Shakedownsports] How about a little levity Mr. Olbermann? [Awful Announcing] Megan Fox at the Teen…Read More

Travis Henry: Father of Nine Kids to Nine Women

Commenter SpinMax emails in with this story about Travis Henry, who apparently is giving Shawn Kemp a run for his money as the newest punchline when it comes to fathering kids out of wedlock. As you read in the headline, Henry has fathered nine kids to nine different women in four different states. Luckily for…Read More

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