Travis Snider has huge black eye after punch from Martin Maldonado

Travis Snider black eye Pirates

Travis Snider was sporting a big black eye on Monday, a day after he was ejected for his role in the bench-clearing brawl between his Pittsburgh Pirates and Milwaukee Brewers.

The brawl started when Pirates pitcher (and ex-UCLA Bruin) Gerrit Cole barked at Carlos Gomez for admiring what turned out to be a deep fly ball to center field that went off the wall for a triple instead of a home run.

Snider came off the Pirates’ bench and was the guy who got Gomez to the ground during the fight, but it looks like he took his lumps. Brewers catcher Martin Maldonado decked Snider with a pretty massive punch:

Snider was wearing sunglasses and they probably broke, because he was definitely bleeding afterwards:

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Carlos Gomez and Gerrit Cole exchange words leading to bench-clearing fight (Video)

During Sunday’s game between the Milwaukee Brewers and Pittsburgh Pirates, the scene turned ugly in the top of the third inning.

pirates-brewers-brawlBrewers center fielder Carlos Gomez hit what he apparently thought would be a solo home run. That ended up not being the case as the ball stayed in the field of play, hitting off the wall just out of the reach of Andrew McCutchen. Gomez wound up on third base with a triple.

That’s when Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole had a few words with Gomez and the situation escalated.

Punches were thrown and both Gomez and Travis Snider of the Pirates were ejected for their roles in the brawl.

Carlos Gomez has been known to admire his home runs in the past and on one occasion it led to a confrontation with Brian McCann. This time around, Gomez ended up on the ground thanks to Travis Snider.

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Travis Snider hit in face by pop fly (Video)

Travis-Snider-pop-fly-to-facePittsbirgh Pirates outfielder Travis Snider had a scary moment in the fourth inning of Monday night’s game against the Cincinnati Reds when a pop fly hit him right in the face. Reds third baseman Todd Frazier hit a fly ball down the right field line and Snider tried to go into a slide to make the catch. His glove missed the ball.

Fortunately, Snider ended up being fine. It was initially ruled that the ball was foul, but Cincinnati called for the play to be reviewed. To add insult to injury (literally), replays showed that the ball actually hit Snider’s face in fair territory. Frazier was awarded a ground-rule double.

Reds manager Bryan Price admitted that the ball hitting Snider in the face gave him time to determine if he should challenge the play.

“That was an interesting thing,” Price said, per MLB.com’s Mark Sheldon. “The ball was down the line, and we can’t see him there. As soon as it happens, Homer [Bailey, Reds starter] popped his head up and said, ‘You guys might want to take a look at that.’ Of course, we’re figuring they’re rushing out there to check on the outfielder, so we’re going to have all sorts of time.”

We know Snider is capable of making mind-boggling plays, because we have seen him do it in the past. Sometimes the ball just gets the best of you.

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Pirates outfielder Travis Snider robs a home run for the catch of the year (Video)

With the MLB season coming to a close very shortly, the book hasn’t closed on catch of the year candidates. Pirates outfielder Travis Snider proved that on Thursday afternoon against the Mets when he made one of the most phenomenal catches you will ever see. New York’s Mike Baxter hit a tall blast to right in the second inning that looked like it was going to leave the ballpark with ease. That was until Snider defied the laws of physics.

As you can see, Snider climbed the wall and hung up there for a second before making what could easily be the top play of the year and pulling the ball back into the park. In a season where we have seen a number of home-run robbing catches like this one from Mike Trout and this one from Rajai Davis, the play Snider made on Thursday is in a class of its own.