Eagles DE Trent Cole: We were ‘inches away from being great’

The Philadelphia Eagles were probably the biggest disappointment of the 2011 NFL season. Self-dubbed a “Dream Team” by Vince Young in the offseason, the Eagles started off 1-4, were unable to stop the run, and they dealt with injuries to Michael Vick, and a bad attitude from DeSean Jackson. They ended the season on a four-game winning streak to finish 8-8.

Even though Philly was only a .500 team, defensive end Trent Cole says they were close to being great.

“We had a bad year. We just couldn’t pull it off at the last minute,” Cole said at an outdoors show Tuesday. “We were right there, inches away from being great, being a dominant team. I think some teams are going to be worried about playing us” in 2012.

He’s not the only one expecting the Eagles to be dangerous next season — sports books have them as one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl next year. The Eagles had many problems, but they got it together toward the end of the year. If they can keep their star players healthy — ahem Michael Vick — they should contend for a playoff spot.

But inches away from being great? I’m not sure I’d go that far.

Trent Cole Throws a Punch at Shaun O’Hara at End of Game

The bad blood between the NFC East rival Giants and Eagles truly prevailed in the final minute of the game Sunday night. The Giants were trying to come back from down seven points and Eli Manning was scrambling out of the pocket to escape some pressure. Manning had the ball knocked out of his hand and Eagles DB Joselio Hanson recovered it to ice the game. It was after the fumble recovery when things got out of hand and two personal foul calls were made. One of them was against Trent Cole who got in a few cheap shots. Check out the video of Trent Cole throwing a punch at Shaun O’Hara:

I don’t think there’s much of a doubt that Cole will wind up getting fined by the League for his Pacquiao rendition. There’s no way the commissioner’s office will miss the cheap shots when they review video of the play. The only good news is that the teams are done playing each other for the year, barring a meeting in the playoffs. You can bet these players won’t forget what happened at the end of this game next year when they meet in the first leg of their bi-annual clash.