Trent Williams defends Adrian Peterson: ‘A butt-whooping is a real good deterrent’

Adrian PetersonLike a handful of other NFL players, Washington Redskins defensive tackle Trent Williams does not think Adrian Peterson deserves to be criticized and taken off the football field for the way he disciplines his children. While Williams said he would “never want to see anyone hurt a child,” he defended Peterson during an interview with Doug Gottlieb on Thursday.

“I think it’s unfortunate that a man would take such criticism for the way he disciplined his child,” Williams said, as transcribed by Scott Allen of DC Sports Bog. “To me, I just look at the situation a different way, but you never want to see anybody hurt a child. I’ve been around him and his family plenty of times and that’s definitely not the dad that he is. He’s a great father, very interactive with his kids. I know he’s a stern father as well and doesn’t allow his kids to be disobedient. I was shocked by the accusations that it was child abuse.”

Williams doesn’t seem to fully understand what constitutes child abuse. He made the same argument that Reggie Bush and Captain Munnerlyn made about how they were harshly disciplined by their parents as children and turned out just fine.

“I was a fair-skinned guy, so I always went to my room with a [welt] or a scratch here from the switch, but looking back on it, I wouldn’t want to be raised any other way,” Williams said. “Of course, words can teach you right from wrong, but a butt-whooping is a real good deterrent. I feel like it helped me become the man I am today.”

He then went on to explain how discplining in the south is different from the north, which is a justification we have heard from people like Charles Barkley. While that may be true, it doesn’t make it right for Peterson to leave open cuts and welt marks on his 4-year-old son.

In addition, Williams said you should be able to be a little more physical with a son than a daughter.

“I have a 4-year-old and I know how difficult they can be to deal with,” he said. “But mine is a girl, so of course I wouldn’t whoop a girl the same way I’d whoop a boy. …”

We’re not going to get into a moral debate, because everyone has their own opinions on the subject. But like we said before, these NFL players need to realize that defending someone who was arrested for child abuse is almost always going to look bad. People like Williams and Bush are better off keeping their thoughts private.

Trent Williams: Robert Griffin III, Mike Shanahan don’t deserve the criticism

Mike Shanahan Robert GriffinRobert Griffin III and Mike Shanahan have been widely criticized amid the Washington Redskins’ struggles the last several weeks, and offensive lineman Trent Williams believes it’s undeserved.

Williams and defensive team leader London Fletcher both were asked whether there’s any extra motivation for the team to play for Shanahan’s job, and they said no. That wasn’t an insult to Shanahan so much as it was a matter of them saying they’re focusing on their jobs. But Williams did tell The Washington Post that RG3 and Shanny don’t deserve all the criticism they’re facing.

“The media, number one, is going to go to the head coach and then the quarterback. But, it really has nothing to do with the head coach or the quarterback, why we’re struggling,” Williams said. “We’re just not playing well as a team. I’m pretty sure Robert knows that he’s going to get some scrutiny, but I don’t think he deserves it. I don’t think coach Shanahan deserves it, to see people talk and say he’s not doing his job. I think he’s doing a heck of a job. It does wear on you to see people go through undeserving criticism.”

Few people would agree that Shanahan is doing a “heck of a job,” but maybe he and RG3 are being criticized excessively. I wouldn’t at all call it undeserving, though.

Both parties are extremely deserving of criticism. Shanahan deserves criticism going back to playing Griffing when the quarterback was hurt last year. RG3 deserves criticism for his mixed public comments about his coaches and his subtle shots. And whoever’s in charge of the decision making there — likely Daniel Snyder — deserves criticism for having Griffin start Week 1 and sticking with him when the guy hasn’t looked healthy, as many players have said.

Trent Williams says referee Roy Ellison called him ‘disrespectful motherf—er’

Trent WilliamsWashington Redskins offensive lineman Trent Williams says referee Roy Ellison cursed at him during Sunday’s game in Philadelphia.

After his team lost 24-16 to the Eagles, Williams accused Ellison of the foul conduct and said the referee called him “garbage a–” and “disrespectful motherf—er.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch says a teammate corroborated Williams’ story.

Timed-Dispatch reporter Michael Phillips says he tried to track down head referee Walt Coleman after the game. He went to the bus where the refs were. Coleman supposedly listened to what Phillips had to say, then supposedly told the bus driver to roll up the window and drive off.

Williams called the referee’s actions very “unprofessional” and said it “sucks” to have to deal with beef from a ref on top of dealing with an opponent.

I’m curious to hear the ref’s side of the story. That doesn’t seem like something someone would say without prompting.

UPDATE – Below is a video of where Ellison appeared to make his comment to Williams:

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Trent Williams hit by champagne bottle, Tasered during fight

trent williamsWashington Redskins left tackle Trent Williams will not be participating in the Pro Bowl after being assaulted during a fight at a nightclub early Friday morning, Honolulu police report.

Police say Williams was the victim of an incident involving multiple people. They say three men were injured during the fight and that two were treated while the third declined treatment. One man was arrested and five others are being investigated by police.

Williams needed seven stitches after reportedly being hit in the head with a champagne bottle. He also was Tasered in the fight, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Williams, you may recall, was involved in a postgame incident with Richard Sherman following the Seahawks’ win over the Redskins in the playoffs. The good news is that he was not a perpetrator in this incident unlike the one with Sherman. He still gets credit for making the Pro Bowl.

Richard Sherman mushed by Trent Williams after game


Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has developed a reputation for being one of the biggest trash talkers in the league and, on Sunday, Trent Williams decided he’d had enough of Sherman’s nonsense.

Sherman and Williams encountered each other on the field following Seattle’s 24-14 win, leading to him getting pushed in the face (aka mushed) by Williams:

trent williams mush

Sherman then waved the Redskins goodbye as he was leaving the field:

Richard Sherman taunts

Sherman, in case you forgot, was the player who notably taunted Tom Brady after the Seahawks beat the Patriots earlier in the season. Two weeks later, he bragged about shutting down Calvin Johnson, who had 3 catches for 46 yards in Detroit’s win.

We don’t know who started their altercation, but we do know why Sherman would have had a reason to celebrate the win. On Friday, one Redskins player called him “a cheater.” Sherman and teammate Brandon Browner tested positive for Adderrall, but Sherman won his appeal and avoided a four-game suspension. Clearly he wanted to stick it to the Redskins with a win after hearing those comments.

UPDATE: Sherman said on Twitter that he received a text from Williams after the game.

“Received a very classy text from @TrentW71. Great player! This is an emotional game no ill will either way. Have a great Pro Bowl! Well deserved”

GIFs via Jose3030, Photo @xmasape

Redskins OL Trent Williams hilariously whiffs, falls over on golf swing (Video)

This outstanding video began making the rounds on Wednesday, but I didn’t see it until it made an appearance on ESPN’s “Not Top 10″ on Friday. And man, it’s easy to see why it made the list.

Several Redskins were playing at the Leukemia Golf Classic in Oklahoma hosted by Brian Orakpo a few weeks ago, and as you can see from the video, the players aren’t exactly the best golfers. Jump ahead to the 1:15 mark to see offensive tackle Trent Williams fall over after whiffing on a swing. This is priceless:

With all the time he’s had off since his 3rd positive drug test, maybe Williams should have been working on his swing.

Thanks to Sports Journey via DC Sports Bog for the video

Redskins’ Trent Williams and Fred Davis Suspended After 3rd Positive Drug Test

Some guys just don’t get it.  There is certain behavior that your average, responsible adult would expect to stop after high school or even college, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.  Take the Washington Redskins’ Trent Williams and Fred Davis, for example.  According to the Washington Post, the NFL has suspended both the tackle and tight end for the remainder of the season after the NFL and NFL Players Association reached a settlement.  Davis and Williams have each failed at least three drug tests since entering the league, two of which occurred since the lockout ended in July.

League sources familiar with the case say that the failed drug tests for both players were for recreational drugs, believed to be marijuana.  Davis and Williams were part of a group of 11 players who failed drug tests shortly after reporting to camp in July.  The fate of the group had been undecided as the NFL and NFLPA sorted out how rules were going to be enforced and if players would receive a “grace period” because of the lockout.  Nine of the players have been let off without facing any punishment, but Davis and Williams made it easy for the NFL to determine their fate when they failed another test after the season began.

The NFL’s substance abuse program says that any player who fails three tests for recreational drugs is to be suspended for a full year, but the grace period allowed the union to negotiate the suspension down to four games and convince the league to treat it as a second offense for each player.

How does this happen?  That’s pretty simple: these are grown men who are too immature to get it.  Either that, or they have a serious addiction that needs to be addressed.  Players can blame the lockout all they want for their injuries or their lack of conditioning, but when you’re an NFL player you don’t need to sit around smoking weed all day because there’s a work stoppage.  If you’re like Williams and Davis and can’t help it or don’t know any better, put some effort into it and figure out a way to avoid getting caught.