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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Articles tagged: Trevor Ariza

James Harden rubs his beard on Trevor Ariza (Video)

Now this is just plain weird. After the Houston Rockets beat the Washington Wizards on a last-second layup by James Harden Wednesday night, Harden appeared to wipe his beard on Ariza’s chest. Was Harden doing that in a disrespectful manner? Was that his answer to Ariza talking some trash after the game? That’s my guess….Read More

Trevor Ariza Throws an Elbow at DeMar DeRozan in Frustration

While most sports fans were busy focusing on week 14 of the NFL season, there were a few NBA games going on. In one, the Cavs beat the Thunder in Oklahoma City and LeBron James went into the stands to grab a french fry from a fan. In the earliest game on the schedule, the…Read More

$28 Million Doesn’t Show Trevor Ariza that Lakers Appreciate Him

I really don’t understand what the appeal is with being an agent. Sure, you get a percentage of a multi-million dollar contract, but you also come out looking like the jerk. Take baseball’s version of the devil, or Scott Boras if you will. The guy wanted to use Jorge Posada’s contract as a baseline for…Read More

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