Oklahoma WR Trey Metoyer charged for allegedly masturbating in public

Trey-Metoyer-OklahomaOklahoma sophomore wide receiver Trey Metoyer is no longer with the football team for disciplinary reasons. While most players typically get the boot from their teams for drug-related violations or not doing well in class, Metoyer’s story is a bit more disturbing.

According to SoonerScoop.com, Metoyer has been charged with two felony counts of indecent exposure. Metoyer initially denied the allegations against him, but later admitted that both incidents did in fact take place. The first was on Aug. 29. Here is the victim’s description from a probable cause affidavit obtained by SoonerScoop.com.

“The victim advised she was on a balcony smoking a cigarette when she observed the black male driving through the parking lot ? in a red Grand Am. The black male backed up and pulled into a parking spot. The victim noticed a short time later that the black male had his (genitals) exposed while sitting in the car (performing a lewd act).”

The second incident was similar in nature. This time, on Sept. 17, the victim claimed Metoyer approached her and asked if he could borrow a pen.

“It was learned that the victim was walking her dog when she was approached by a black male who asked her if he could borrow a pen,” the affidavit of the Sept. 17 incident stated. “The victim went into her apartment to get an ink pen and when she came back outside, the black male was (performing a lewd act) in front of her apartment. The black male then asked the victim if she would want the pen back.”

Metoyer was identified by the victim of the Sept. 17 incident earlier this month in a six-person photo lineup. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops addressed Metoyer’s standing (or lack thereof) with the team on Tuesday night.

“Trey has not been with us since prior to the TCU game and at this time I do not anticipate that he will return to the team in the future,” Stoops said.

This dude obviously has a problem. Getting arrested for indecent exposure because you refuse to pull up your baggy pants is one thing. What Metoyer did is sexual harassment by any interpretation of the term.