LeBron James Jr. hits trick shot from a balcony (Video)

There are so many trick shot videos floating around the internet these days that it’s only natural to be a bit skeptical every time you see one. Considering the star of this one is only 8 years old, we’re willing to forget all the things we’ve heard about people faking it and give him the benefit of the doubt.

The video you see above, which was recently posted on LeBronJames.com, shows LeBron’s 8-year-old son LeBron Jr. — aka Bronny — draining a shot from the balcony of what we’re assuming is King James’ palace in Miami. The video seems pretty legit, and if so that means it only took Bronny four tries to drain the incredible shot.

If Bronny can hit shots like that on a regular basis, we just may see him follow in his old man’s footsteps someday. We also may see him as the next star of this crazy trick shot video.

H/T The Post Game

US Olympic athletes star in very unique trick shot video

Several of the US Olympic athletes recently got together with the trick shot masters from Dude Perfect and put together one of the most unique trick shot videos we have seen to date. As they prepare for the London Games, athletes from sports that span from wrestling to fencing took time out of their training schedules to create some YouTube mastery.

As you can see from the video above, Dude Perfect combined some of their famous long distance shots with some trampoline dunks and a bunch of new stuff. They even stepped into the wrestling ring with some of the US’s most fierce competitors. My personal favorite, the “Long Shot for London,” had to have taken at least 30 takes to pull off. Otherwise, these dudes are a lot better than I thought they were.

How does this rank in terms of trick shot videos? We have seen college quarterback trick shot videos and ones that are shot on the golf course. We’ve even had some that are absolutely hilarious. But as far as timing and originality are concerned, the Olympic trick shot video just may rank at the top of the list.

Jon Brockman ‘That’s how it’s done’ trick shot video is pretty funny

If you’re going to make a trick shot video in the year 2012, you had better get creative. These things were worn out in 2011. Everyone from college football backups to college soccer players to professional golfers had a go at it last year. It was the thing to do. At least Milwaukee Bucks forward Jon Brockman kept it casual and used a catch phrase. And he even broke out a Paul Blart impression.

Not bad for a guy who has averaged one point per game this season. As for the most impressive shot, I have to go with the one he made from the catwalk a couple hundred feet up. That must have taken tons of tries and I like how they showed it the entire way through in slow motion to prove its authenticity. Nice touch.

H/T to It’s Always Sunny in Detroit for the video

Is the Wayne Gretzky Trick Shot Video Real or Fake?

We have said it before and we will say it again: Trick shot videos are getting played out.  The more videos that are released the less unique they become.  The wow factor is gone from almost all trick shot videos, especially since they are so easy to fake.  Take the Martin Kaymer video for example, which was fun to watch but there’s no way the tricks were real.  Whether or not UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee is able to do the things in his video is a topic for debate also.  There have been a few trick shot videos that seem real like this one from Lassi Hurskainen, but all in all people are tired of seeing them.

All that being said, we just had to post the Wayne Gretzky trick shot video.  I’ve watched this about six times now and I just can’t decide if the tricks are real.  What do you guys think?

I mean yeah he probably can’t actually make a tree spring buds with a hockey puck, but most of the others look real.  Plus, he is The Great One.

Thanks to CBSSports.com’s Eye on Hockey blog for the video.

Martin Kaymer Makes Trick Shot (Video)

Trick shot videos became popular when UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee filmed one in February that was viewed nearly six million times on YouTube. Monmouth QB Alex Tanney tried out his own, and long snapper Zach Enyeart showcased his skills in one too. We even posted an awesome soccer trick shot video too. But one thing we haven’t seen is a golf trick shot video. Now we have, thanks to Devil Ball Golf.

Check out German golfer Martin Kaymer doing his thing:

Golf balls are so tiny it’s impossible to follow them, so filming a trick shot video is just too easy. Still, I have to give him credit for coming up with creative stunts. Can’t really beat shooting from a helicopter, right?

GTBA Trick Shot Video: Something Other Than Football

In keeping with the recent flood of trick shot videos we’ve given you here at LBS, I give you this video courtesy of a couple of players from General Tso’s Basketball Association:

GTBA is a rec. league in Indianapolis made up of teams such as Panda X, the Ninja Stars, the Kamikazees and, my personal favorite, Hadouken. Some of the shots look fairly pedestrian as far as trick shots go — more standard H.O.R.S.E than real trick shot — but the last two are pretty impressive. At least it’s not another football video.

Thanks to gtbasketball for the video.

Zach Enyeart Trick Shot Video Impresses

From UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee to Monmouth QB Alex Tanney, we’ve seen our share of trick shot videos. But both of those came from a quarterback, and something new was unveiled on Tuesday — a trick shot video from a long snapper.

This video of former Washington State long snapper Zach Enyeart comes to us via Kegs ‘N Eggs who was made aware of the video by Eyeart’s cousin, Scott.

Though I’m not sure what snapping golf balls has to do with football, the video was pretty entertaining. Scott says most gurus have Zach as a top three longsnapper, so he should make it into camp. From there, the questions will be whether he’s big enough to protect himself on the field, and whether he can pull off the same stunts in a game atmosphere. It’s much different and it won’t be easy, but the video should help him get looks from teams.