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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman: Redskins are more dysfunctional than the Kardashians

In terms of being successful at what they do, Troy Aikman would take the Kardashian family over the Washington Redskins any day of the week. During Sunday’s preseason game between the New Orleans Saints and Houston Texans, FOX aired a graphic showing the three quarterbacks — Robert Griffin III, Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy —…Read More

Troy Aikman: Punish Patriots worse than Saints’ bounty punishment

While some people feel that it is laughable that we are still talking about the amount of air pressure in a football, others like Troy Aikman feel the issue is not being taken seriously enough. During his weekly appearance on SportsRadio 1310 AM in Dallas on Thursday, Aikman came down hard on the New England…Read More

Troy Aikman girlfriend is Tracy Ripsin

The personal life of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman has suddenly been thrust into the public spotlight. Earlier this week, Aikman was asked if he still holds a grudge against Skip Bayless over Bayless speculating during the 1990s that Aikman was gay. It’s obvious that Aikman still dislikes Bayless because of it. The reason…Read More

Troy Aikman: I’d take Tony Romo over any QB in playoffs

Troy Aikman believes the Dallas Cowboys have an advantage over every team remaining in the playoffs at the quarterback position. Before the first wave of divisional round playoff games on Saturday, Aikman was asked which quarterback he would choose if he needed a QB to make one play this postseason. “I’ll tell you, right now,…Read More

Dexter Manley: ‘Troy Aikman is a queer’ (Audio)

Former Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley was banned from appearing on WTOP radio on Monday morning after he used a homophobic slur to describe Troy Aikman. According to Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog, Manley was discussing the Redskins’ loss to the Denver Broncos and making light-hearted comments about his former team getting torched…Read More

Troy Aikman sends embarrassing failed DM to Mari Morrow

Troy Aikman should probably wait until he has a better grasp of how Twitter works before he starts trying to spit game to the ladies. Everyone uses social media to flirt these days, whether they are 15 years old trying to score their first date or pushing 50 and divorced. Aikman, of course, falls under…Read More

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