Dexter Manley: ‘Troy Aikman is a queer’ (Audio)

Dexter-Manley-RedskinsFormer Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley was banned from appearing on WTOP radio on Monday morning after he used a homophobic slur to describe Troy Aikman. According to Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog, Manley was discussing the Redskins’ loss to the Denver Broncos and making light-hearted comments about his former team getting torched by Peyton Manning. He should have left it at that.

Instead, Manley crossed the line when a host asked him if he thought Aikman, who was calling the game for FOX, jinxed Washington.

“I think Troy Aikman’s a queer,” Manley said.

Hosts Mike Moss and Bruce Alan instantly tried to steer Manley clear of that topic with a “we don’t want to go there.”

“I’m sorry about that,” Manley said while laughing uncomfortably. “I take that back. I apologize.”

Deadspin shared the audio of Manley’s regrettable comment:

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Troy Aikman sends embarrassing failed DM to Mari Morrow

Mari-MorrowTroy Aikman should probably wait until he has a better grasp of how Twitter works before he starts trying to spit game to the ladies. Everyone uses social media to flirt these days, whether they are 15 years old trying to score their first date or pushing 50 and divorced. Aikman, of course, falls under the latter category.

On Thursday morning, Troy tried to send a direct message to 39-year-old actress Mari Morrow and failed miserably. Not only did he send the message as a regular tweet, he also misspelled her name when trying to type out her Twitter handle. Here is a screenshot of the tweet that Aikman has deleted, courtesy of Deadspin:


Aikman has been divorced for more than two years, so you can’t fault him for making a pass at an attractive young woman who used to star on “Baywatch.” For her part, Morrow seems to have a good sense of humor about the flub.

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Troy Aikman questions Dallas sports fans

Former Cowboys legend Troy Aikman questioned the passion of Dallas sports, accusing them of being front-runners.

Aikman was appearing on “The Musers” on 1310 The Ticket in Dallas last Thursday when he questioned the fans. His comments seemed to be a response to the Cowboys’ 34-18 home loss to the Bears a few days earlier.

After the game, Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall said the environment at Cowboys Stadium “felt like a home game” for the Bears. Aikman agrees that the Cowboys don’t have a great home field advantage.

“I don’t think Dallas has ever really had a great home field advantage,” Aikman said, via The Dallas Morning News. “What I’ve heard is that, ‘Wow, they really lost home field advantage when they left Texas Stadium.’ Texas Stadium really wasn’t that different. Having played playoff games in Texas Stadium, that stadium was rocking, it was great. … But when we would play in Philadelphia, New York and walk out of the tunnel, I would have to be yelling at the top of my lungs for guys to hear me. And you get on the plane for the flight home and your head would be pounding, you wouldn’t have a voice, and that’s just the way that it was. There was no way you could go down there near the goal line and use hard count in an opposing stadium. And yet in Texas Stadium, teams did it all the time.”

Aikman played 93 games at Texas Stadium during his Hall of Fame career, so he has plenty of experience playing in front of Dallas sports fans. He gave the following assessment of them.

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Tony Romo: I don’t belong in Troy Aikman’s quarterback class

Any quarterback who has some success playing for the Dallas Cowboys is bound to be compared to Troy Aikman. When you lead your team to multiple Super Bowls, you instantly become the benchmark for success for any of your successors. When Aikman said last month that Tony Romo is a better quarterback than he was, most of us thought he was insane. Apparently most of us includes Romo himself.

“I think first, whenever Troy Aikman says anything in a positive way about you as a quarterback, it makes you feel good,” Romo told Ian Rapoport of NFL.com. “For me, it just means that Troy thinks that you’re doing something right, and I think that’s exciting from a quarterback’s perspective, coming from a guy who’s one of the greatest players ever to play in the game.

“But I don’t think I belong in that discussion, so Troy I think was being nice. But definitely I’m not going to wash it away and say it doesn’t matter because it makes me feel good, so I’m going to take that. But I do think that there’s no discussion. I think Troy Aikman is on his own mountaintop by himself.”

Aikman was obviously just being modest and was also trying to give Romo a confidence boost that he oftentimes looks like he desperately needs. As far as Cowboys legends are concerned, Aikman stands in a class of his own. He played for some of Jerry Jones’ best teams of all time, and unless Romo wins a Super Bowl his name won’t even be mumbled in the same sentence as Aikman’s at the end of Tony’s career.

Troy Aikman thinks Tony Romo is better than he was, will win a Super Bowl

It’s only March, but we at LBS are already announcing Troy Aikman as a finalist for most modest statement of the year in 2012. For those of you who are unfamiliar with his resume, Aikman was a six-time Pro Bowler who led the Dallas Cowboys to three Super Bowl championships in the early ’90s. With Aikman under center, the Cowboys were a team feared by the entire NFL and considered one of the greatest of all time. Despite that, Aikman somehow expects us to believe that he truly thinks Tony Romo is a better quarterback than he was.

“I think Tony already is a better quarterback than I was,” Aikman said in an interview with the Brownsville Herald. “I know how quarterbacks are judged but as far as his play-making ability and the things that he is capable of doing, he is a far more athletic quarterback, capable of making more plays than I ever was able to. He has a good team around him and hopefully, and I believe this will happen, I believe that he will win a Super Bowl before he is done playing.”

Yes, Romo’s stats are more impressive. Aikman’s threw for only 3,445 yards and 23 touchdowns during his best season in 1992, while Romo’s best season featured 4,211 yards and 36 touchdowns. That being said, we all know the NFL is a passing league now and relied on the run back in the ’90s. The difference between Aikman and Romo is Aikman won three rings in his first six years as a full-time starter. Romo has none.

You can argue that Aikman was surrounded with better players, but we all know Romo has single-handedly choked games away for the Cowboys. When called upon, Aikman did the opposite. When Aikman was running the offense, you can guarantee there wasn’t a guy in the locker room who didn’t know who the team’s leaders were. The same can’t be said for Romo’s Cowboys.

Romo believes this Cowboys team will win a Super Bowl and Aikman may actually believe that too. However, Troy can easily avoid being the Joe Namath of the Cowboys without saying something absurd like Romo is a better quarterback than he was.

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Troy Aikman thinks concussions may ruin football’s status as No. 1 sport

Player safety continues to be a growing issue in football, and Troy Aikman thinks it could wind up hurting the NFL if the league doesn’t proceed appropriately.

The Hall of Fame quarterback was on a forum panel in Los Angeles on Friday discussing the city’s NFL prospects when he expressed concern about concussions harming the league’s status of being the country’s No. 1 professional sport.

“The long-term viability, to me anyway, is somewhat in question as far as what this game is going to look like 20 years from now,” Aikman said, according to the LA Times.

“If (I had a son), I wouldn’t tell him he couldn’t play football. If he wanted to, I would say ‘OK, great.’ But I don’t know if I would be encouraging him to play. Whereas, with the other sports, you want your kids to be active and doing those types of things.”

That sentiment is what Aikman, who suffered 10 concussions in his career, believes is going to drive people away from football, opening the door for other sports to supplant the NFL in popularity unless the league takes a proper course of action.

“I think we’re going to look back at this point in time and say these were the missteps that the National Football League took that kept football from being the No. 1 sport,” he said.

“I believe, and this is my opinion, that at some point football is not going to be the No. 1 sport. You talk about the ebbs and flows of what’s popular and what’s not. At some point, the TV ratings are not going to be there.”

Aikman certainly voices a valid opinion. Football is always going to be a violent sport. But one can only hope standards and equipment are improved to the point where player safety doesn’t ruin the NFL’s reputation. You know, before having a team in London will.

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Troy Aikman: Eli Manning Doesn’t Need Archie Manning to Defend Him

Eli Manning is a big boy. He’s an NFL quarterback who has already won a Super Bowl and is still very much in the prime of his career. Any quarterback who plays at the NFL level receives their fair share of criticism because so much is expected of them. With that in mind, you can understand why Archie Manning’s comments about Troy Aikman and Joe Buck criticizing his son came off as annoying. Based on the comments he made on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday morning, Aikman does not think Eli needs daddy to stick up for him.

“Eli hasn’t said anything to me,” Aikman said. “He’s 30 years old and if he has something to say or if he feels I’m being a little too tough then he can certainly voice that.”

Aikman is right about that.  In fact, I doubt Eli even cares what he and Buck say about him on Sundays.  The other thing Troy is right about is that Eli — like many other signal callers in the league — has a tendency to try to force some throws.  When he makes a bad pass, the commentators have every right to criticize him for it.  In fact, it’s part of their job in being objective.

“I think Eli is playing outstanding,” Aikman said. “Archie is referring to a game a few weeks back, when Eli, with a one-possession lead, threw a reckless ball into the corner of the end zone, it was intercepted and you just can’t have that as a quarterback. I know that, Eli knows that. I pointed it out. Sometimes quarterbacks don’t play as great as their parents think they do.”

Eli has received plenty of praise, particularly this season as he has been playing at a higher level than usual.  That being said, he’s going to make plenty of mistakes.  If Archie doesn’t like to hear people pointing out those mistakes, he should utilize the mute button.

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