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Friday, November 27, 2015

Articles tagged: tv problems

Fans Miss End of Kansas-Missouri Game Because of Sun Spots Affecting CBS Feed

The tournament hasn’t even started yet but we’re already having complaints from fans about getting their game switched out for another one on CBS. Only this one appears to be due to a legitimate technical error rather than the judgment of an individual. During Saturday’s border war on the hardwood between Missouri and Kansas, fans…Read More

New York and Philly Viewers Screwed by Cablevision-FOX Dispute

Many sports fans lost out on Sunday when Cablevision subscribers were unable to see local games because of a dispute between the cable company and FOX News Corp. Fans in the New York-area who are Cablevision subscribers missed out on seeing the Giants-Lions game which was televised by the FOX network. Likewise, Cablevision subscribers in…Read More

Tucson Viewers Have Super Bowl Interrupted by Club Jenna Porn Scene

In what hopefully won’t set off some sort of new FCC regulation a la Janet Jackson, some Super Bowl viewers in Tucson received what was an unwelcome surprise. With under three minutes left in the game following the Larry Fitzgerald touchdown that gave the Cardinals the lead, in the most suspenseful moment of the game…Read More

Audiences Lose Power During Super Bowl, Some Missed Ending

The thought didn’t really occur to me since I was in a studio and couldn’t sneeze without catching the game on one of like fifty TV sets. But at one point during the first half, a Patriots fan called into the radio to tell us that the power was out in her area of Massachusetts…Read More

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