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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Articles tagged: Ty Lawson

Tim Connelly says Ty Lawson ‘needs to grow up’

Since being drafted 18th overall in 2009, Ty Lawson has spent his entire NBA career with the Nuggets. On the court, he’s developed into one of the better point guards in the league. He finished last season tied for second in assists with 8.8 per game and is currently tied for first this season with…Read More

Ty Lawson changes directions, leaves Kirk Hinrich on floor (Video)

The NBA has no shortage of quality point guards right now and Ty Lawson is one who often falls through the cracks by those outside of Denver. During the third quarter of Tuesday’s game between the Bulls and Nuggets, Lawson got Kirk Hinrich leaning one way and went the other. The result was Hinrich in…Read More

Ty Lawson breaks Jodie Meeks’ ankles with killer crossover (Video)

If Jodie Meeks ends up missing time with a sprained ankle, you’ll know why. Ty Lawson just ruined the Lakers guard during the second quarter of Denver’s win over LA on Friday night. The fans loved it, obviously, as did everyone watching on video. On the bright side, at least the Lakers kept this one…Read More

Ty Lawson on Twitter: It Wasn’t Me!

On Monday, we let you know about Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson’s borderline inappropriate tweet regarding the Kardashians. Lawson realized that Reggie Bush, who was dating Kim Kardashian, won a Super Bowl with the Saints, and that Lamar Odom repeated as a champ with the Lakers while marrying Khloe Kardashian. Considering the publicity-seeking ways of…Read More

Ty Lawson’s Fairly Inappropriate Tweet

Denver Nuggets guard Ty Lawson is reaching out to the Kardashians, and doing it in a pretty immature way that commissioner David Stern might not be very happy with.  I’m not sure if this is serious enough to warrant any type of punishment, but Twitter is obviously becoming somewhat of a problem in the NBA. …Read More

Writer Crosses the Line in Questioning Ty Lawson’s Toughness

One maxim I pretty much adhere to is that I don’t criticize collegiate athletes for on-field related performance. I have no problem criticizing their coaches considering they get paid big bucks to win, but as far as we know (I know, I know) college athletes don’t get paid real money. At the very least, they’re…Read More

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