Rangers Fan Who Fell Has Broken Ankle, Fractured Skull

There was a time-stopping moment in Arlington on Tuesday night when a Rangers fan fell from the upper deck trying to grab a foul ball. I’ve always wondered how it doesn’t happen more frequently given how low the railings at most parks are. Even though the fan fell 20 feet, he appears to be in relatively good condition.

Additionally, Larry Brown Sports has learned the identity of the fan and it’s Texas native Tyler Morris. According to sources, Morris has a broken ankle and fractured skull, and he may have a broken jaw. As you could imagine, Morris is being moved to ICU for observation for the head injury.

It’s really amazing that Morris doesn’t have more injuries given what occurred. Although we’re being told he has a fractured skull, I imagine he’ll be feeling the remnants of this fall for quite some time. Here’s to a full recovery and maybe a reconsideration from major league teams to include safety nets and higher railings in the stands. Just a thought to help prevent another accident like this in the future.

Fan Falls From Second Deck At Rangers Game, Said to Be in Stable Condition

Very scary stuff from Rangers Ballpark in Arlington Tuesday night as a fan fell from the second deck to the seats below reaching for a foul ball.  Fortunately, the man is said to be in stable condition and these types of occurrences are surprisingly rare.  The game between the Rangers and Indians was stopped for 16 minutes when the incident occurred and fans, players, and the umpiring crew were visibly rattled. Here’s a video of the incident, which shows the reactions when it happened and not the actual fall (so don’t worry too much if you’re squeamish or don’t want to see it happen).  It’ll certainly give you an idea of how shaken up everyone was by it:

Fingers crossed that everything turns out OK for the fan.

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Video Credit: YouTube user davedog128