Tyrann Mathieu contemplated suicide while in jail

Tyrann Mathieu CardinalsTyrann Mathieu has come a long way from being kicked off LSU’s football team because of repetitive marijuana use and spending time in jail following a marijuana arrest. The Arizona Cardinals DB even admitted recently that he tried to commit suicide while he was in jail.

Mathieu caused a stir last month when he changed his Twitter bio to say “Ive tried to commit suicide but I didnt, look at me now.”

Tyrann Mathieu suicide Twitter

He elaborated on that personal revelation in an interview with FOX Sports Arizona’s Craig Moran Tuesday.

“I’m sitting in that jail cell thinking, ‘I don’t know if I want to go back out there and face the music,’ ” Mathieu said via FS Arizona. “I didn’t know how I was going to commit suicide in the cell, but that was the direction my life was heading.”

What’s surprising is that encouragement from others in jail helped rid him of the suicidal thoughts.

“Believe it or not, my cellmates were encouraging me, telling me I was a good football player; telling me I don’t need to be thinking about this,” Mathieu said. “That’s probably why I really didn’t do it, but there was an actual moment where I was thinking about, and I’ll never forget that feeling.”

Mathieu went on to turn things around. He began working out to prepare for an NFL career and was selected by the Cardinals in the third round of the draft last year. He was having an excellent rookie season until injuring his knee in December. He also says he now wants to start a foundation to help other people going through similar problems.

Everybody has gone tough dark moments in their life, so we definitely empathize with Mathieu and are happy he got past them. Hopefully he doesn’t let his surgery get him down so he’s able to return to full strength as a player. The NFL is more fun to watch when he’s playing.

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Tyrann Mathieu riding on a scooter at Walmart

Tyrann Mathieu scooter

Tyrann Mathieu is out for the season with a torn ACL, but he’s not letting the knee injury keep him from doing some day-after-Christmas shopping.

The Arizona Cardinals rookie defensive back shared this photo on Instagram Thursday of him riding a motorized shopping cart at Walmart. He also added a humorous caption.

“NO TEXTING & DRIVING in wal mart making groceries @nfl @azcardinals.”

At least Mathieu is maintaining a good sense of humor. Mock Mathieu for shopping at Walmart? Honey Badger don’t care.

Mathieu had surgery a few days after getting hurt in Week 14. Hopefully be ready in time for training camp.

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Tyrann Mathieu likely has torn ACL, will have MRI to confirm

Tyrann MathieuTyrann Mathieu is feared to have a torn ACL in his left knee, Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said on Sunday.

Mathieu injured his knee on a kick return following a safety against the St. Louis Rams that made the score 23-3. Arians said in his postgame press conference that the Cardinals think it’s an ACL injury. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported the same and says Mathieu will have an MRI on Monday to confirm what they think.

[See the play where Tyrann Mathieu got hurt]

Mathieu slipped to the third-round of the NFL draft because of character concerns, but he has been spectacular for the Cardinals. He entered Sunday’s game with 67 tackles, a sack, two interceptions, a forced fumble and eight passes defended this season. He also had this awesome hustle play in his season debut.

Tyrann Mathieu carted off with left knee injury (GIF)

Tyrann Mathie knee injuryTyrann Mathieu was carted off the field on Sunday after suffering a left knee injury on a kick return against the St. Louis Rams.

The Arizona Cardinals tackled Kellen Clemens in the end zone for a safety to make it 23-3. Mathieu received the ensuing kickoff and returned it for five yards, but his knee was bent awkwardly as he was tackled. He tried to run off the field, but his leg gave out and he went down to the turf where he was treated.

The Cardinals announced he was out for the game:

Mathieu, a third-round pick, has been an excellent playmaker for the Cardinals this season. Losing him would be a huge blow for Arizona.

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Tyrann Mathieu chasing javelinas in Arizona and ‘honey badger don’t care’

Tyrann-Mathieu-CardinalsTyrann Mathieu has had a solid start to his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals this season. Despite missing an entire year at LSU after he failed multiple drug tests, Mathieu has made some big plays in Arizona this year and held his own in the defensive backfield.

After spending some time in a drug rehabilitation facility last year and looking to get his life back on track, Mathieu said he was ditching his “Honey Badger” nickname. He was then drafted by the Cardinals in the third round and admitted he was open to bringing the nickname back over the summer. Oh, it’s back alright.

For those of who you don’t watch Animal Planet, javelinas — also known as peccaries — are a member of the pig family. Any member of the pig family, of course, is no match for the Honey Badger. Considering the insane play Mathieu made against the St. Louis Rams earlier this year, we don’t blame him for bringing back his nickname. The rookie has earned it.

Larry Fitzgerald: Tyrann Mathieu has been a model teammate

Tyrann-Mathieu-CardinalsArizona Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu was surrounded by character questions heading into the 2013 NFL Draft. Once considered the most feared defensive back in college football, Mathieu was kicked off the LSU football team before the 2012 season for failing multiple drug tests. Based on some recent comments from Larry Fitzgerald, it sounds like the artist formerly known as the Honey Badger has straightened out his act.

“I absolutely love the kid,” Fitzgerald told PFT Live on Tuesday. “I love him. I mean he works his tail off every single day in practice, he comes to work, he studies plays so hard. He’s a tremendous kid in our locker room too. I mean he’s on time, he’s punctual, taking notes in meetings, just everything that you would expect out of a player of his caliber. Him and Patrick Peterson together it’s just really exciting. I’m so happy he’s on our team.”

The Cardinals got Mathieu in the third round of April’s draft in part because of his size but mostly because of his history of drug use. He made an immediate impact in a loss to the St. Louis Rams on Sunday by saving a touchdown with one of the best hustle plays you will see all season.

Mathieu offered to submit to weekly drug tests after the Cardinals selected him and was so overcome with emotion that he began crying. He also spent some time in a drug rehab facility after his dismissal at LSU, so it’s quite possible Mathieu has left the immaturity in the past. If so, he could wind up being one of the biggest steals of the draft.

Tyrann Mathieu saves touchdown with awesome play on Jared Cook

Remember how we told you Tyrann Mathieu was a “playmaking machine” in Arizona Cardinals training camp? Well he’s already making huge plays 10 minutes into his NFL career.

The Honey Badger raced down the field and poked the ball loose from behind on Jared Cook, who was streaking down the field toward the end zone for what would have been a St. Louis Rams touchdown on Sunday. The Rams’ play started at their 45, and Cook was credited with a 47-yard reception before fumbling at the 8.

By poking the ball out of Cook’s hands, Mathieu turned what would have been a touchdown into a touchback, saving his team seven points and giving the offense the ball.

On your way to an easy touchdown? Honey Badger don’t care.

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