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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Tyrann Mathieu

Picture: Tyrann Mathieu Wears Platinum Suit to Heisman Trophy Ceremony

If you’re going to go by the Honey Badger nickname, you better be bold enough to make a fashion statement at the Heisman Trophy ceremony. LSU CB Tyrann Mathieu did just that Saturday night, rocking a shiny platinum suit. At least the fashion statement wasn’t as bad as the one Shawn Marion is making.

Video: Did Honey Badger Give Ball to Ref Before Scoring on Punt Return?

LSU’s offense hardly showed up in the first half of the SEC Championship Game against Georgia Saturday. They went three-and-out seven times. They only had 12 yards on 11 plays. They had no first downs. With the offense stagnant, luckily the Honey Badger made a play. Tyrann Mathieu, who is unstoppable on synthetic turf, returned…Read More

Honey Badger for Highsman GameDay Sign Wins (Picture)

At least this time when we had a misspelled poster, it made sense. LSU DB Tyrann Mathieu is nicknamed the “Honey Badger.” He got the name after the honey badger video went viral. Mathieu’s teammates all thought he played fearless like the honey badger, so they gave him the name. Mathieu also was busted a…Read More

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