Report: UConn has strong interest in UCLA OC Noel Mazzone

UConn is looking for a new head football coach, and the Huskies have interest in UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone, according to a report.

Pete Roussel of CoachingSearch.com reports that UConn has strong interest in Mazzone.

Noel MazzoneMazzone was one of the most significant additions Jim Mora made to his staff when he was hired by UCLA prior to the 2012 season. Mazzone is considered an excellent recruiter and play-caller, and he has been one of the reasons for the Bruins’ turnaround. In fact, Mazzone spent two seasons at Arizona State prior to UCLA, and a Sports Illustrated article says current Bruins star quarterback Brett Hundley and his father “adored” Mazzone, who recruited Brett at ASU.

The UConn program is going through its worst season since Randy Edsall got the program started in 2000. They’re currently 0-9 and fired Paul Pasqualoni after an 0-4 start. The team hasn’t had a winning season since Edsall departed for Maryland after leading the Huskies to four straight bowl games.

The benefit of the UConn job is that the team plays in the American Conference, where there isn’t a historically dominant football team. The downside for Mazzone is that he has never recruited in that area.

Despite some of their complaints this season, Bruins fans are hoping nothing materializes with the situation; Mazzone is an important member of the staff.

Mazzone’s full bio is available at the UCLA athletics site here.

UConn unveils creepy new football helmets, uniforms for all sports (Pictures)


The University of Connecticut has been working to overhaul the branding of its athletic uniforms and logos, which started with a new logo of a husky unveiled last week. Slowly but surely, the rest of the pieces are coming together.

On Thursday, UConn football beat writer John Silver posted a bunch of pictures of the school’s new uniforms. As you can see from the photo above, there aren’t many drastic changes. However, the football helmets have people buzzing.

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UConn’s Johnny McEntee Trick Shot Video is Pretty Impressive

Throughout my four memorable years studying at the University of Connecticut at Storrs, I was always led to believe that the football team had no passing game.  Were they on the rise?  Absolutely, but they were a ground and pound team led by the likes of Donald Brown, Jordan Todman, and some tremendous run-blocking offensive lineman.  Perhaps the Huskies need to unleash their backup quarterback next season?  Check out the Johnny McEntee trick shot video:

There are a few shots where the ball disappears from the screen making me think it’s not legit, but there are plenty of others where you can see the ball the entire time that made me a believer.  All of this is done in a pressure-free environment, but the kid has to be talented.  Making those throws blindfolded?  The thing where he dinged all the goal posts using mostly his upper body?  Get this kid some wide receivers and get him into the lineup.

Robert G. Burton, UConn Football’s Top Donor, Wants $3 Million Back

The UConn football program could be in serious trouble.  Former head coach Randy Edsall left the team after its Fiesta Bowl loss to Oklahoma to accept the same position at Maryland, but all of a sudden that may not be the team’s most pressing issue.  UConn’s top football booster, Robert G. Burton, is planning to cut ties with the team after athletic director Jeff Hathaway failed to fulfill his request of remaining involved in the process of hiring a new head coach.

UConn recently hired former NFL defensive coordinator and Syracuse head football coach Paul Pasqualoni, a move that Burton does not support and says he was not consulted on in any way.  It was the Burton family’s “lead gift” of $2.5 million that allowed UConn to open one of the best football facilities in the country back in 2006.

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Randy Edsall Says a Spy Is Posting UConn Practice Information on the Net

If you were wondering why UConn is only 3-4 after going 25-14 and to bowl games the past three years, we now have our answer. Their inside information is being posted online for the masses to see! True story.

Sports by Brooks Live shared the story with us via the Hartford Courtant which explains a parent of one of the former Huskies came across top secret information on a message board. The parent informed the football program and coach Randy Edsall responded by taking the gang indoors. Actually, the team practiced indoors because of the rain, but he says they’ll consider practicing inside to protect themselves.

Football teams have so much personnel there’s no doubt some assistants spend time on rival Web sites the week of upcoming games to see if they can find any pertinent information, and this sort of thing certainly qualifies. If Edsall is worried, it’s for good reason, though I’m not sure West Virginia coach Bill Stewart would know what to do with such tips if he received them.

As for UConn, sources inside the program tell me all students living in the dorm overlooking the football field have been placed on double secret probation. Edsall shouldn’t have anything to worry about at this point.

Two UConn Football Players Arrested After Fight…With Each Other

I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to inform you about a story that has to do with my alma mater and is this ridiculous, could I?  UConn Football players Dave Teggart and Jerome Williams were arrested Monday night for breach of peace after being involved in a fight.  Teggart, a kicker, and Williams, a linebacker, will most likely be suspended as would be the case with any player who got arrested for getting into a fight.

Unless, of course, the only two parties involved in the fight were the players themselves.  That’s right, Teggart and Williams were arrested for fighting each other.  Head coach Randy Edsall said the two players won’t miss playing time because they were the only two involved.  As if the situation isn’t embarrassing enough, Edsall also had this to say:

It will be handled quite well. Nobody got hurt. No black eyes, nothing like that. It was like a cat fight.

A cat fight?  Ouch.  If you’re going to get taken to the clink for fighting with a teammate you might as well leave a bruise.  Apparently these two just scratched and clawed.  Their coach phrasing it that way to the press is probably punishment enough.

H/T to SbB Live

Randy Edsall on Jasper Howard Death: There’s Nothing in the Manual for This

It’s hard to have heard the story about UCONN CB Jasper Howard getting killed Sunday morning and not feel for his family, the team, and the school. It doesn’t matter what school you support, this sort of news hits home with anyone. After all, it was only six months ago that Nick Adenhart was killed in a car crash the same night he had played well in a game. Howard had just done the same thing, recording 11 tackles and a forced fumble and fumble in UCONN’s win over Louisville.. One of the most chilling aspects of this story comes from coach Randy Edsall who explained what it was like to hear and deliver the news:


In case you can’t listen to Edsall’s address, here’s a transcript of some of his comments.

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