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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: umpires

Carlos Santana called safe on horrible call by umpire Jim Wolf (Video)

Your browser does not support iframes. Fortunately for umpire Jim Wolf, this play was not made at a crucial point during a close game. Otherwise, we would likely be talking about it for the remainder of the season. During the seventh inning of the Reds-Indians game on Thursday night, Carlos Santana was forced out at…Read More

Umpire Tim Welke misses call in Dodgers-Rockies game by a mile

Umpire Tim Welke blew a call so badly in the Dodgers-Rockies game on Wednesday that it’s almost comical to see how much he missed it. Dodgers infielder Jerry Hairston Jr. grounded a ball to Rockies third baseman Chris Nelson who made a diving stop and threw across the diamond in the top of the 6th….Read More

Maybe We Go too Hard After MLB Umpires

It’s America’s favorite pastime: heckling and lambasting umpires. This activity may not be the most productive, but, hey, it beats the heck out of having to read those verbose rule books. The fan Code of Conduct can easily be summed up as: The uniformed official deserves as much of your scorn as humanly possible, and…Read More

Umpire Jerry Meals Screws Over Pirates Because He Wanted to Go Home

If there’s one thing I know about umpires, it’s that we shouldn’t know their names. As long as they’re doing their job well there’s no reason to know anything about them. Unfortunately Jerry Meals no longer falls into that category. Meals made one of the worst calls of the season Tuesday night, sending the Braves…Read More

Chipper Jones Rips ‘Substandard’ Umpiring

The day after umpire Phil Cuzzi allowed Cameron Maybin to walk on three pitches (eventually leading to the only run of the game), All-Star Chipper Jones let loose on poor calls in baseball. Chipper was upset that he struck out to end the Braves-Orioles game Sunday on two poor calls by home plate umpire Mark…Read More

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