Maryland basketball to use the same hideous uniforms as football? (Picture)

When the Maryland football program unveiled their state flag-themed jerseys last season (click here for pictures), they instantly become the ugliest uniforms in college football if not the entire world of sports. Twitter erupted with athletes, celebrities, and regular Joes talking about how horrible they are, but it doesn’t appear that the negative feedback has bothered the university. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the Terrapins football team has to run around in these eyesores, it appears the basketball team is going to be sporting a similar look this upcoming season.

As you can see from the photo above that the Testuto Times passed along, the Terps basketball uniforms would be similar to the football uniforms with checkers and other ridiculous patterns and colors. Fortunately they do not have to wear helmets, which are by far the worst part of the football uniforms.

“Maryland Athletics and Under Armour will make sure our fans know when we launch Pride for Maryland Basketball,” Maryland spokesman Doug Dull confirmed in an email to The Dagger on Wednesday, adding that the above photo is merely a “draft rendering.”

Draft rendering or not, anything that looks even remotely close to what the football team has to wear would be a complete disappointment.

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Arkansas unveils new football uniforms for the 2012 season (Pictures)

The Arkansas Razorbacks will have a brand new look next season, and we’re not just talking about Bobby Petrino no longer being the team’s coach. In addition to a new head coach, Arkansas will also have new uniforms. The team announced on its official athletic site Wednesday that the Razorbacks have been given a touch of the Nike Pro Combat treatment and will have new red, white, and black jerseys to wear during the 2012 season. The team also unveiled new helmets, which are shown below.

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Arizona unveils copper helmets for 2012 season (Picture)

After hearing that several other teams had unveiled modern-looking helmet designs to be worn at some point during the 2012 season, it appears the Arizona Wildcats did not want to be left out. As you can see from the photo above that the Arizona athletic department sent out in an email Wednesday, the Wildcats have announced they will be wearing copper helmets at some point during the upcoming season. Here is the reasoning:

“Copper is not only associated with our great state’s mining history, but it has influenced architectural design on our campus, including our athletic facilities – most notably the ring at the top of the McKale Center, and the future North End Zone Football Complex,” athletic director Greg Byrne wrote. “As such we embrace the idea that as the University of Arizona we will incorporate copper into a special helmet design to represent our state and University. Copper will not replace our traditional colors of red and blue, and the copper helmet will be worn on a limited basis. Bear Down!”

The chrome helmet thing has already been done by none other than Oregon, as they pulled it off to perfection at the Rose Bowl back in January. To our knowledge, Arizona is the first team to go with the copper look. When I heard about it before seeing it, I must admit I was skeptical. However, it looks much better than expected. They don’t quite beat TCU’s potentially new helmets, but there’s something about them that’s easy on the eyes.

H/T Tucson Citizen via Eye on College Football

James Harrison is not a fan of the Steelers 1932 throwback jerseys

The idea behind wearing throwback jerseys is usually less about fashion and more about preserving history. Based on our modern standards of fashion, most of them are hideous. No one actually thinks the navy blue and gold “Titans” jerseys that the Jets wear once or twice a year look good, but the team does it to make a statement about its history. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it happens to be another way to boost merchandise sales, but I’m sure no teams think about money when they do it. In any event, the Steelers recently unveiled their 80th anniversary jerseys that they will wear this season, and James Harrison is not a fan.

Considering Harrison has a history of using his Twitter account to complain about everything, this isn’t a surprise. Of course the uniforms are ugly — they’re from 1932. I’m sure he won’t mind the extra cash in his pocket when he sees these jerseys walking around with a No. 92 on the back of them.

Red Sox, Yankees to wear throwback hats for Fenway’s 100th anniversary (Pictures)

One of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, or a Limp Bizkit concert? Those who watch the Red Sox host the Yankees on Friday may find themselves pondering that question. Fenway Park opened its gates for the first time on April 20, 1912, meaning Friday is the 100th birthday of America’s most beloved ballpark. The throwback hats you see above are one of the many ways the Red Sox and Yankees plan to commemorate the historical day.

As Eye on Baseball pointed out, the hats are the same ones the two teams wore when they opened the ballpark 100 years ago. They look more like something Fred Durst would rock than something you would see on a baseball diamond, but it’s tough to argue with 100 years of history. If the celebration calls for white and gray caps, then white and gray caps they shall wear.

TCU may have new helmets for the 2012 season (Picture)

The photo you see above was tweeted out by TCU wide receiver Josh Boyce on Monday morning, and it may or may not feature the Horned Frogs’ new helmet design for the 2012 season. Boyce, who keeps his Twitter account private from those who are not approved followers, tweeted the picture with the following message: “Jus saw the new helmets online???”

If I was a TCU fan I would be rooting for it. Unlike some teams that undergo drastic uniform changes, these helmets are pretty similar to the ones the Horned Frogs currently wear but are different enough to give them a modern flare. Like we said with the potentially new Illinois helmets that were on display for Illini recruits to see back in January, there is typically smoke where there’s fire. Personally I feel that these helmets could only improve TCU’s uniforms.

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Cardinals will wear gold jerseys and caps for home opener, ring ceremony (Picture)

I’m a fan. The uniforms you see above are the ones the Cardinals will be wearing during their home opener on April 13, when they will also be receiving their World Series rings. It’s almost gotten to the point where I cringe every time I hear the phrase “new uniforms” because of some of the absolute nonsense we’ve seen, but the Cardinals got it right with these. At first glance, they aren’t even that much different from their regular hats and jerseys. The gold adds a perfect touch in my opinion. The Cards are the champs and they just lost arguably the best player in baseball. Might as well flaunt what you have while you have it.

Picture via MLB Public Relations twitter
H/T Joe Sports Fan via SI Hot Clicks