Nike Introduces New Platinum Uniforms for Nine College Teams (Pictures)

What do you think?  Personally I think they all look too similar.  According to a press release that Kentucky Sports Radio passed along, Nike will soon be introducing the Nike Hyper Elite Platinum uniform for select college basketball teams, all of which you see in the photo above.  I certainly like them better than most of the Pro Combat uniforms, but they are nowhere near the type of home run Nike hit with Oregon’s Rose Bowl gear.  Fear not, environmentalists — these aren’t just new jerseys and shorts.  According to Nike, the shorts are made from 100 percent recycled polyester while the jerseys are at least 96 percent of the same.  Isn’t that nice?

The nine teams who have been chosen by Nike have all won national championships wearing Nike gear.  They are Arizona, Baylor, Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina, and UConn (men’s and women’s).  The silver is a little too overpowering for my taste, but each team does get a personalized touch on the back which scores some points.  Here are some more pictures of the individual uniforms, courtesy of Complex.com:


Braves New Retro-Style Alternate Jerseys for 2012 Leaked (Picture)

Looks like we can add the Braves to the list of MLB teams that are going for a new look this upcoming season.  Once again, retro is the way to go.  Personally, I like the trend.  To this point we have seen three teams unveil a new, retro-style uniform for 2012.  The Mets did very little to change their uniforms and make them more classic looking, simply removing the outline from their jerseys.  Then, there was Toronto announcing they were going back to their old uniforms, which in my opinion kick the crap out of the futuristic ones they had been rocking in recent years.

The Braves jersey you see above was recently featured on OnTheField.com, but the link has since been removed.  Apparently the Braves were saving the unveiling of their new cream-color jerseys for a special occasion.  In any event, these looks pretty sweet.  Also, I like the idea of making the jerseys just a home alternate so they retain some of their luster.  Keep the retro-looking jerseys coming.

H/T to Big League Stew for capturing the photo and sharing it with us

Oregon’s Chrome Rose Bowl Helmets Bring Unique to a New Level (Pictures)

Last week, Nike gave the public a sneak peek of Oregon’s 2011 Rose Bowl uniforms.  We thought they were sick and were particularly intrigued by the helmets, but the pictures on Nike’s website did the Ducks’ new swag no justice.  The helmets they are rocking for the Rose Bowl are straight up chrome, as we saw when Oregon took the field Monday afternoon for their pregame warmups.  Have a look at these bad boys.

I wonder if Wisconsin has ever played a game in which they could see themselves in their opponents’ uniforms.  If not, they’re about to.  If the Badgers’ linebacker planned on screaming trash talk across the line of scrimmage at the quarterback, they better make sure they don’t frighten themselves in the process.  Bravo, Nike.  Bravo.

Pictures via @BryanDFischer and @GeorgeSchroeder

Nike Unveils Oregon’s Rose Bowl Uniforms (Pictures)

When it comes to cutting edge uniforms, we all know the Oregon Ducks are at the top of the food chain. For that reason, it comes as no surprise that the fine folks at Nike have decided to go all out for Oregon’s upcoming Rose Bowl appearance against Wisconsin. Wisconsin is no stranger to opponents breaking out new uniforms against them, but unlike the ones Ohio State wore earlier in the season Oregon’s are pretty boss.  Check out these pictures that are currently featured on Nike’s website:

Oregon has a tendency to overdo it with the countless helmets, jerseys, and accessories Nike provides them with, but I’m actually a big fan of these.  They aren’t exactly as high up on my list as the Mighty Ducks style throwback jerseys were, but they definitely work.  One word for the helmets: badass.  Here are some more pictures from NikeInc.com.


H/T to Eye on College Football for the pictures.

Raptors to Wear First Ever Camouflage NBA Uniforms (Picture)

Camouflage uniforms are all the craze these days. Whether you like them or not, people seem to enjoy what they stand for. While we have seen plenty of them here in the United States in the form of college football jerseys, helmets and cleats, and cheerleading outfits, camo uniforms have yet to make their debut in the NBA.  The first ones will honor the Canadian military and will be worn by the Toronto Raptors on March 21.  The symbol certainly makes it a nice gesture, but they are pretty tough on the eyes. Check out these pictures that ESPN’s Uni Watch shared with us:

We wouldn’t exactly go as far as Joseph Casciaro of Raptor Blog and say the uniforms will make the Raptors a “league laughing stock,” but they certainly aren’t handsome.  In any event, it’s the thought that counts and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more teams do this at some point throughout the year.  It’s solid public relations and it can bring in extra money — whether it be for the team or to help support the troops.

Chest bump to Ball Don’t Lie for sharing the story with us.

Toronto Blue Jays Also Going Retro with New Logo, Uniforms (Picture)

Everybody’s doing it.  The latest MLB fad appears to be rocking old school uniforms.  On Friday, the Blue Jays said out with the new and back with the old, much like the Mets did earlier this week when they unveiled their new retro look for 2012.  Check out Toronto’s 2012 uniforms and logo, courtesy of Hardball Talk:

Once again a win in my opinion.  The Jays’ last uniforms were a little too new school, especially for a franchise that has won World Series rings in the past.  Their fan base isn’t quite as hopeful that the new uniforms will rescue the team in the way Mets fans are hoping, but Toronto could certainly use a boost in the AL East.  We’ll see what types of magic powers these old school uniforms will hold come April.

Mets Going Back to Retro-Look Uniforms for 50th Anniversary in 2012 (Picture)

The New York Mets will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next season.  Considering they have won less than 80 games in each of the last three seasons, a 50th anniversary celebration might be an opportune time for a little identity change.  What better way to start than with a uniform tweak?  As Uni Watch shared with us, the Mets have decided to take some of the black out of their jerseys and unveil more classic-looking uniforms for 2012.  Take a gander:

You can have a look here at the old uniforms for comparison.  It looks like the Miami Marlins won’t be the only NL East team with a new look when baseball resumes.  Considering New York and Miami finished fourth and fifth respectively in the division last season, I suppose a change certainly can’t hurt.

Fist pound to Hardball Talk for the heads up on the picture.