Notre Dame to Wear Ugly Shamrock Helmets Against Maryland (Picture)

In an era where ugly uniforms pop up all over the place in an attempt to make money and be unique, teams like Notre Dame remain classic for the most part.  The standard gold helmets worn by the Irish are some of the best in the country.  Teams like Notre Dame, Ohio State, and Alabama maintain tradition through their timeless helmet designs.  Since the Irish are taking on the 2011 kings of horrible uniforms this weekend, they have decided to do their best to ruin their own.  Check out Notre Dame’s new shamrock helmet, courtesy of Kegs ‘N Eggs:

Those helmets are even worse than the ones Tulsa wore to compete with Maryland’s hideousness earlier this season.  They may be less complicated and make more sense than Tulsa’s, but why ruin a classic-looking uniform?  I guess the Terps are doing their best to bring out the ugly in everyone this season.

Ohio State to Wear Pro Combat Uniforms Against Wisconsin (Pictures)

For those of you who have been following Nike’s Pro Combat uniforms across college football this season and last, Ohio State is up next. According to the USA Today, the Buckeyes will unveil their Pro Combat uniforms against Wisconsin this weekend to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of its 1961 undefeated team.  The 1961 team finished 8-0-1 but was not allowed to participate in the Rose Bowl after it was determined that the school had too great a focus on athletics.  In other words if the same rules applied today, there probably would be no BCS bowl games come winter time.  Here are the unis Ohio State will be wearing this weekend:

While we aren’t huge fans of the Pro Combat uniforms in general, these are much more tolerable than the ones Miami wore last season.  However, we would still gladly take the Oregon cheerleaders’ Pro Combat outfits over any other design Nike has come up with.  What? We like the color scheme better.

Maryland, Tulsa Rock Insanely Ugly Helmets (Pictures)

If Maryland and Tulsa are any indication, Saturday must have been a day to break out the ugly swag in college football.  Nothing the Terps do with their uniforms this year should surprise us after the roller derby outfits they rocked at the beginning of the season, but their helmets on Saturday were almost as bad.  Tulsa’s were even worse.  Check it out:

In hindsight, the Maryland ones are nothing compared to the Tulsa ones.  That could be the ugliest helmet design college football has ever seen.  If they were intended to distract opponents, they may have done their job as Tulsa beat Rice 38-20. If I saw someone running at me wearing that on their head, I’d be distracted too.

Thanks to Twitter user @cjzero for the pictures.

Oregon to Wear Throwback Jerseys with Cartoon Ducks (Picture)

The Oregon football team changes its jerseys a lot more frequently than I change my socks and underwear, so news about them unveiling a new jersey is never really news. The Ducks have rocked countless designs over the past few years, including these military-themed jerseys.  Now, Oregon is going old school and to someone like me their throwback jersey looks a little familiar.

You certainly won’t find these on our list of the worst throwback jerseys ever, but if Oregon was going to go Charlie Conway and Gordon Bombay they should have just gone all out.  Personally I find the cartoon duck to be a nice touch.  I would rather see that than what Notre Dame, Michigan, and their officials were wearing a few weeks ago.  The only question is will they try to win one for Hans.

Chest bump to Sports Grid for the picture.

South Florida Going with Camouflage Helmet for Wounded Warrior Project

South Florida will wear specially designed Under Armour camouflage uniforms for their November 19th game against Miami as a tribute to the military. The tribute will be in conjunction with the Wounded Warrior Project. Several teams have worn the camo unis in the past (we showed you Utah’s last year), but this is the first time I recall seeing camouflaged helmets:

USF Nation shared those pictures so we are assuming that’s what will be worn. I was never a big fan of the camouflaged uniforms, but I definitely can support the helmets. That’s pretty sick.

Thanks to The Bull Rush and Kegs N Eggs for the tip

Oregon Cheerleaders Unveil Pro Combat Outfits (Pictures)

I don’t know what all the hype is for surrounding this combat look in college football, but I can tell you until now I was not the biggest fan. For some reason, I now have an appreciation for the design. It’s the strangest thing: When Miami debuted their Nike Pro Combat uniforms against Virginia Tech last season, I was unmoved.  Something came over me on Tuesday.

Perhaps it was the University of Oregon’s decision to issue Pro Combat uniforms to their cheerleading squad?  It’s possible, but at this point I really can’t be sure. Check out these Oregon cheerleaders pro combat uniform pictures — not that they necessarily have anything to do with my change of heart.

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Maryland’s Uniforms Are Ugliest in College Football, Hands Down

We’ve talked about some pretty ugly uniforms here at LBS. We had the nasty ones the Broncos wore two years ago, those disgusting military unis Oregon had, and Utah’s nasty camo unis. But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the ugliness that is the Maryland outfits. Even Oregon thinks these are gross:

That is the same uniform right there, not two separate ones. It’s like looking at Two Face from Batman or something. Maybe it was free uniform night at Medieval Times. Either way, I am not feeling those uniforms.

Keep in mind those bad boys were designed by Under Armour whose founder played football for Maryland. He’s evidently trying to turn them into the Oregon of the ACC. The team has 32 uniform combinations and they’re designed to match Maryland’s state flag, but they’ve generate one constant reaction: UGLY.

Even the bastion of fashion that is LeBron James thought they were nasty, writing on Twitter “OH GOSH! Maryland uniforms Ewwwwww!”


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Picture Credits: Maryland Terps on Twitter, Jose3030 on Twitter