Usain Bolt statue in Britain points the wrong way

The Birmingham City Council recently presented Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt with the ultimate honor — a statue. The wicker statue stands six feet high and cost roughly $23,000 to construct. It shows the three-time Olympic gold medalist striking his famous pointing pose. The only problem is that the statue points the wrong way.

As you can see from the photo on the right, Bolt points upward and to the left with his left arm fully extended. The statue, which can be seen here, shows the sprinter doing the exact opposite.

“Next you’ll say the face doesn’t look like him,” the council said according to The Sun.

That would be a bit different. It’s extremely difficult to make a statue’s face look exactly like the person it is created for. Having it point the correct way is not that complicated of a task.

As the gentleman who got the right-handed Bubba Watson tattoo would likely tell you, it’s the thought that counts.

Usain Bolt gets custom-made bed for Olympics training

For as much attention and detail the London Olympics organizers have put into the Summer Games, one major oversight was the size of the beds for athletes in the Olympic Village.

Have you seen them? They’re absolutely tiny and only measure 68″ in length. Yes, that means they’re only suited for athletes 5’8″ and smaller.

Well Jamaica wasn’t having any of that small bed nonsense.

Jamaica’s track coach Glen Mills was dissatisfied with the size of the beds at Jamaica’s training facility at the University of Birmingham in England, so he ordered a special bed for Bolt and six of Jamaica’s other large athletes.

“There was a fear Usain would be uncomfortable with his bed so in the last few days we’ve had a special orthopaedic mattress made for him,” said Zena Wooldridge, the director of sport at the University of Birmingham, according to the Telegraph.

“Coach Mills wanted the bed made as a precaution so Usain was as comfortable as possible,” she explained. “We used a bed company to supply us with half a dozen 7ft beds for some other athletes so they made us the new mattress. Usain spent his first night in it on Tuesday.

“It’s absolutely critical that the athletes are looked after while they’re staying in Birmingham so we were only too happy to help,” she said.

If Bolt’s back problems are bad enough where he needs a special orthopedic mattress, then maybe there was something more to his losses in qualifying than we thought. And maybe Carl Lewis’ prediction will turn out to be prescient rather than Bolt’s crazy prediction.

Let’s just hope the athletes will be able to get the same special treatment when they move into London next week.

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Usain Bolt runs into flower girl after winning race (Video)

Usain Bolt (yawn) won the 100 meter race at the Bislett Games in Oslo, Norway on Thursday, and he also ran into a girl trying to hand him flowers after the race.

Bolt ran the race in 9.79 seconds, which is just absurdly fast (though not as fast as the 9.4 seconds he says he plans to run at the Olympics).

When you think about how fast Bolt is, all the blame for the collision has to fall on the girl. Dude was running like he was shot out of a cannon. When you’re running that fast, you need some distance to slow down. Think Bo Jackson running into the tunnel after scoring a 91-yard touchdown against the Seahawks in 1987. Bolt’s the same way: he only has one gear — super fast. You can’t expect the guy to just slam on the breaks. Flower girl has to know better than that.

H/T Off the Bench

Usain Bolt thinks he can break 9.4 seconds in the 100 meters at the Olympics

Usain Bolt is a clear favorite on the track at the Olympics this summer in London. He’s already run the best time in the 100 meters (9.76 seconds) this year and currently holds the world record (9.58). But when it comes to setting a new world’s best mark at the Games, Bolt naturally thinks he’s the man to do it.

And not simply break the record. He wants to shatter it.

“Everybody has been talking about this 9.4 all season,” Bolt told CNN. “If it’s possible, I’ll be the one to run 9.4.

“After my trials leading up to the Olympics, then it depends on where my fitness is. If everything goes well, I can determine, how fast I think I can go.”

Bolt added that track conditions will be a significant factor. And given that it’s London, weather on race days will be crucial for times. But leave it to Bolt, one to never shy away from bravado, to calmly speak about running a mind-blowing 9.4 seconds like it’s no big deal.

Bolt ran a world-record 9.58 at the World Championships in 2009. That time bested the previous mark of 9.69, which he broke at the 2008 Olympics. And if you have any doubts that he can top a 9.4, remember he notoriously let up early in Beijing to start celebrating before he crossed the finish line and still managed to set a world record.

And even the best in the world still can get better in four years’ time.

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Usain Bolt reportedly breaks up with girlfriend to focus on training

What won’t Olympians do to focus on their training as they prepare for the Summer Games? We already heard about swimmer Ryan Lochte cutting out fast food and candy from his diet, and now we’re hearing that sprinter Usain Bolt broke up with his girlfriend in order to focus on his training.

The Jamaica Star reported on Thursday that Bolt, 25, has put his relationship with 28-year-old fashion designer Lubica Slovak on hold.

Their report states that Bolt wants to “focus his energies on creating new records on the track,” and that he “cannot afford any distraction at this time.”

Another report says the split “was a mutual decision between two adults.”

The two reportedly had been dating since last December.

While Bolt’s desire to focus on the Olympics is likely a big reason for the break up/temporary split, there could be more to the story.

Bolt’s relationship with Slovak was heavily scrutinized after a picture of the couple kissing was published in the Jamaican Observer. Many Jamaicans felt a sense of betrayal by Bolt because he was dating a white woman.

Let’s hope Bolt is only postponing the relationship because of training purposes, not because he’s succumbing to public pressure. His countrymen don’t have any place telling him who he should or should not date.

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Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Video of the World’s Fastest Man: Usain Bolt Runs a 9.58 100m

Silly me — I thought this video would only last 10 seconds. I was wrong. Bonus points if you can count how many steps the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, takes in this race.

Dude, Bolt and Tyson Gay were moving so fast you couldn’t even see their legs — they were blurs on the screen. Best part was watching the photographers book it to try and catch up with him for photo ops. That was great. Can you imagine being in attendance at the World Championship at Berlin for this event? You freaking sneeze and you miss the whole damn thing!