BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall confronts Utah fan who says he sucked (Video)

If you have to rush the field after your team comes away with a crucial win early in the season, do so without screaming “you suck!” in the face of the opposing head coach. And if you must scream “you suck!” in the face of the opposing head coach, don’t do it to a guy who is named Bronco Mendenhall.

I admittedly know very little about the BYU head coach, but his name just makes him sound like a guy you don’t want to mess with. As you can see from the video above that Dr. Saturday shared with us, a Utah fan yelled something at Mendenhall as he was being escorted off the field by police officers on Saturday. Typically coaches will ignore this type of bonehead behavior and keep walking, but Bronco is named Bronco for a reason. He gave the kid the death stare and completely caught him off guard.

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Utah fans almost give game to BYU after rushing the field (Video)

Utes fans nearly gave away the Holy War between Utah and BYU on Saturday by rushing the field before the game had ended, resulting in a potentially costly penalty.

Utah was trying to hold onto a 24-21 lead with six seconds left when it looked like time had run out on a BYU desperation passing play. Fans stormed the field, but officials reviewed the play and ruled that BYU still had one second left on the clock. They got a second crack and this time attempted a 51-yard field goal, which was blocked by Utah.

Game over, right? Wrong.

The fans stormed the field before the play was completely over, and the referees penalized Utah 15 yards and replayed the down. They attempted a 36-yard field goal for the tie, but it hit off the upright and missed, giving Utah the 24-21 win.

Video of the entire sequence below:

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BYU recruit Brayden Kearsley burns letter from Utah (Picture)

Apparently this is now the cool thing to do. Once a recruit decides on a school they plan to attend, they are no longer flattered that other schools were interested in offering them a scholarship. Those “other” school instantly become the enemy. And what do we do to the enemies’ letters? We burn them. As you can see from the photo above, high school recruit Brayden Kearsley recently decided he is going to attend BYU so he burned the letter from rival school Utah.

“I hope the rivalry game don’t end….” he captioned the Instagram photo. “I wanna whoop the #Yewts asses!”

Last month a Michigan recruit created a firestorm of backlash when he burned a letter from Ohio State, and Michigan doesn’t have the famous honor code that BYU students are supposed to live by. Is burning a letter and swearing on social media a violation of the BYU honor code? Something tells me Kearsley violated something.

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Utah Wearing Hideous Under Armour Camouflaged Jerseys for Wounded Warrior

You’ve probably seen the camouflaged jerseys worn during a college football game at some point over the past year, but it’s still startling anytime you see it. Turning on the TCU/Utah game on Saturday, the uniforms of the Utes stood out immediately. They were wearing camouflaged jerseys made by Under Armour as part of the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project is a “non-profit organization that provides various programs and services to wounded members of America’s armed services.” Here’s the army garb they were wearing:

Calling one of these games must be a pain for broadcasters. Instead of having last names on the back of the jerseys, the words “Duty, Honor, Commitment, Service, Courage, Integrity, and Country” have replaced them — all military-oriented terms. I like the charitable intention of the project, but perhaps they could come up with something either easier on the eyes, more coordinated with the school’s colors, or both.

Photo Credit: Daily Utah Chronicle

Seven Automatic BCS Bids Could Make Things Worse

It looks as if the Mountain West Conference will become the seventh conference to receive an automatic BCS bid two years from now.  Amidst a four-year evaluation process that began in 2008 and 2009, the MWC is the leading candidate to receive the seventh spot due in large part to Utah qualifying for a BCS game in 2008 and TCU following suit last season.  Like almost everything that has to do with BCS rankings, it remains unknown what exactly all of the criteria are that the Mountain West Conference needs to fulfill over the next two years in order to secure the bid.

While I agree with the notion that some teams in the MWC have been very, very good over the last couple years, (Utah and TCU were undefeated in 2008 and 2009, respectively) the rest of the conference is weak.  Utah, TCU, and BYU will probably be competitive year after year, but beyond that teams like Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado State and San Diego State make the MWC one of the more top-heavy conferences in the country.  I’ll admit if there has to be a seventh team added that will receive an automatic bid, the MWC is probably as good an option as any conference, but is it really necessary to create a situation in which seven out of ten BCS bids are automatic?

It’s no secret that the computer system that is the BCS standings is flawed.  In fact, that’s one of the furthest things from a secret in all of sports.  Leaving only three spots open for all of the other teams in college football to grab in order to gain a BCS berth is asking for trouble.  Some of the conferences (Big East) have a hard enough time fielding a team that’s worthy of their BCS bid some years.  Yes, Utah beat perennial powerhouse Alabama in 2008 to finish the season ranked No. 2 in the country, but don’t expect teams from the MWC to be that stellar every year.  The way the automatic bids are designed now, with six conferences receiving a bid and the other four spots up for grabs, leaves a good amount of flexibility for “Cinderella” stories and teams from small conferences to climb to the top.  The NCAA should leave it that way.

Two years into evaluation, MWC in good spot [ESPN College FB Nation Blog]

Utah Is Not the #1 Team in the Country

After beating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl 31-17, Utah was tooting its own horn about achieving perfection. The Utes finished the year at 13-0 becoming the only undefeated team in Division-I. Not helping matters is coach Kyle Whittingham’s claim that he’s voting his team #1 in the Coaches’ Poll.

“This is a great football team,” an elated Utah coach Kyle Whittingham said to Utah fans chanting “Num-ber One, Num-ber One” in a postgame celebration. “I know where I’m moving us [in the coaches' poll]. I’m voting us No. 1.”

“I don’t know why [the Utes] wouldn’t deserve consideration,” Whittingham said. “Somebody explain it to me why they wouldn’t. There is only one undefeated team in the United States of America in Division I football, and it’s these guys right here.”

Not to get all major conference snobby on you, but I’d like to see Utah play Clemson, Ole Miss, LSU, Georgia, Tennessee, and Auburn and live to come away with an unblemished record (like Alabama did). Until they play that tough a schedule and win all their games they don’t deserve to be #1. Beating Wyoming, Weber State, and New Mexico just doesn’t cut it in my book. Beating Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Missouri all in succession — like Oklahoma did — gets my respect. Finishing undefeated is a great accomplishment, and beating Alabama is a nice statement and a fantastic win for the program. Unfortunately, beating one major team soundly does not mean you’re entitled to the top ranking in the country.