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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Articles tagged: V. Stiviano

Shelly Sterling called police over Donald, V Stiviano meeting

Shelly Sterling called the police Wednesday upon learning that V. Stiviano was at her Beverly Hills mansion and tried to get her nemesis arrested, according to a report. TMZ says when Shelly learned that Stiviano was at the home the former Clippers owner shares with her husband, she believed it was due to a break-in….Read More

V Stiviano says Donald Sterling is gay

V. Stiviano is getting down and dirty when it comes to her legal dispute with Donald Sterling. For her latest act, she accused the former Clippers owner of being gay. You may recall that the tension between Stiviano and Sterling began when Shelly filed a lawsuit trying to get back the cars, property and gifts…Read More

V. Stiviano hints on Instagram she has kid with Donald Sterling

Do V. Stiviano and Donald Sterling have a 4-year-old daughter together? That’s what Stiviano seems to be hinting on her Instagram account. In what could turn out to be possibly the biggest bombshell of the entire Stiviano-Sterling saga, Stiviano posted a picture of a young girl on her Instagram account and implied that Sterling is…Read More

Report: V. Stiviano assaulted by two men in New York

V. Stiviano was allegedly assaulted by two men outside a hotel in New York on Sunday night, according to her agent. Stiviano’s attorney Mac Nehoray told CNN that Stiviano was leaving a restaurant near the Ganesvoort Hotel with her sister and friends when two men followed her and began yelling racial slurs. Nehoray claims the…Read More

V Stiviano spying, Donald Sterling kicked off boat in Clippers Gone Fishin’ photo

TNT’s “Inside the NBA” released their “Gone Fishin’” photos for the Clippers and Wizards Monday, and they were definitely winners. Especially the Clippers one. What’s there not to love about the Clippers boat? First off, you have celebrities Billy Crystal, Don Cheadle, Ashton Kutcher and Oprah. And is that lifelong Clippers fan Frankie Muniz down…Read More

Tommy Lasorda hopes V Stiviano gets hit by a car (Video)

Tommy Lasorda doesn’t wish any bad luck to V Stiviano, but the former Los Angeles Dodgers manager does hope the woman gets hit by a car. It seems like a contradiction, but it makes total sense, you know? Lasorda was in South Florida where he received an honorary degree from Northwood University. While he was…Read More

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