Mark Sanchez asks Santonio Holmes to be his Valentine with heart-shaped box of cookies (Picture)

How thoughtful. Mark Sanchez tweeted the above photo to Santonio Holmes on Tuesday, along with an accompanying message that read, “You want to be my Valentine?” Maybe this is a good place for Sanchez to start. He and Santonio don’t exactly have a strong chemistry, and with the Jets recently committing to Holmes for next season and beyond, it will be important that they build one.

We’re not saying this Valentine’s Day gift is better than the ones the Grizzlies were giving out, but it’s a great way for Mark and Santonio to begin building a new relationship. If one guy giving another guy a heart-shaped box of cookies can somehow help translate into wins, who are we to judge? If Holmes and Sanchez have a big season in 2012, this should go down as the defining moment of their offseason.

Grizzlies giving away hilarious Valentine’s Day cards to fans (Pictures)

Anyone who is feeling a bit down this Valentine’s Day should consider getting out to the Memphis Grizzlies game on Friday night. Watching the Grizzlies play the Pacers may not be your idea of excitement, but if you don’t laugh at the Valentine’s Day cards they are giving out that feature their players you must be really, really depressed about this “holiday.” Check out these pictures that The Chris Vernon Show shared on Twitter, with more examples below.

Classic. Typically all the good giveaways in sports are reserved for minor league baseball teams and other lower-level organizations like this one and this one, but it’s nice to see an NBA team come up with a great idea. Well done, Grizzlies marketing team.