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Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Vanderbilt DE calls out Alabama after upset win over Kansas State

Nifae Lealao is feeling rather confident about his team’s 3-0 start.

After Vanderbilt upset No. 18-ranked Kansas State on Saturday with a 14-7 win, the Commodores defensive end called out Alabama ahead of Vandy’s conference-opener against them next week, per WSMV’s Justin Beasley.

It goes without saying that the top-ranked Crimson Tide will be a much tougher beast for Vanderbilt to slay — talent and coaching aside, they haven’t beaten Alabama since 1984 and trail the all-time head-to-head 61-18-4. But for a team that is usually more of a joke in the SEC than anything, you can’t blame Vandy for puffing their chests out a bit after a strong start to the year.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Vanderbilt almost penalized for their jerseys, had to show ref an email (Video)

The college football season got off to an incredibly bizarre start on Thursday night. No, we’re not talking about a Johnny Manziel-less No. 21 Texas A&M team destroying South Carolina on the road. The strangest thing we saw was confusion over whether Vanderbilt’s jerseys were legal or not.

Rather than having player names on the back of their jerseys, Vanderbilt decided to use their team slogan “Anchor Down” during their game against Temple. At the start of the second quarter, and official announced that the Commodores would be charged a team timeout each quarter because their jerseys were illegal.

NCAA Rule 1-4-5 states that jerseys can either feature a player’s name or be blank. We learned this earlier this month when USF announced that they would be wearing “The Team” on the back of their jerseys. However, Vanderbilt had received written permission from the NCAA to have “Anchor Down” on their jerseys. Someone literally had to print out the email so referee Ken Williamson could see it, at which point he reversed the penalty.


Vanderbilt went on to lose 37-7 despite being heavy favorites at home. If it helps them feel better, they can blame Williamson for not doing his research and throwing off their swag.

Video via The Big Lead

James Franklin tells fan he will call his boss so he can attend Vanderbilt opener

James-Franklin-assistants-hot-wivesVanderbilt football coach James Franklin has a tremendous sense of humor. He is one of the funnier coaches in sports to follow on Twitter, but he clearly wasn’t joking when he offered to call a fan’s boss on Tuesday.

The Vanderbilt alum, who goes by the Twitter handle @jrdavis75, sent a tweet complaining about how he is a season ticket holder and his boss would not let him have the night off for Vandy’s home opener against Ole Miss. Franklin caught wind of the dilemma and offered to help.

This is the same James Franklin who pretended to make out with one of his own players and said he would only hire assistant coaches who met this controversial criteria, so we have no doubt he would actually do something quirky like this. The question is will the boss be star struck by Franklin’s phone call or pissed that his employee tried to manipulate him. Hopefully the former is true.

H/T Clay Travis

Four ex-Vanderbilt football players charged with raping unconscious woman

Four former Vanderbilt football players have been charged with raping an unconscious woman, police said on Friday, per The Tennesseean.

The four men — 20-year-old Brandon Vandenburg, 19-year-old Brandon Eric Banks, 18-year-old JaBorian “Tip” McKenzie, and 19-year-old Kevin Batey — were each charged with five counts of aggravated rape and two counts of aggravated sexual battery. Vandenburg, a junior college transfer from Palm Desert, Calif., was also charged with one count of tampering with evidence and one count of unlawful photography, The Tennessean reports. Vandenburg held a 4.0 GPA at College of the Desert, and boasted in his Twitter bio about being an honors student.

Batey was arrested and taken to a hospital for a blood draw. Police were trying to locate the other three.

Police say the four men raped an unconscious woman in Vandenburg’s dorm room on June 23. Per The Tennesseean, police first learned of the matter after university officials checked a hallway security camera in an unrelated incident and saw suspicious behavior by the four men.

Vanderbilt dismissed the players in June and kicked them off campus after learning that police were investigating the incident.

Vanderbilt OL coach Herb Hand calls out fan who insulted his wife on Twitter

Herb-Hand-VanderbiltVanderbilt offensive line coach Herb Hand recently got a first-hand look at the negative side of Twitter recently when an idiotic Tennessee fan sent him a nasty tweet about his wife. The tweet has since been deleted, but Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage took note of the exchange.

“dude I think your wife is f—ing someone while you coach your pathetic football team. #slut,” a Tennessee fan named Julian who uses the handle @JulianBucio reportedly tweeted at Hand.

The Vols fan sent several derogatory tweets at Hand but that was the worst of it and the one that annoyed Hand to the point where he felt the need to respond.

“Feel free to come by anytime so we can talk about this in person like men,” Hand wrote. “You are welcome to come to my office so we can discuss this face to face…I fully welcome the opportunity.”

Hand also felt the need to let Tennessee coach Butch Jones know what one of his fans had said. He tweeted a screen shot of a text he sent to the Vols coach after receiving the tweet from Julian.


James Franklin on Tennessee’s Celebration: They’re Acting Like They Won the Super Bowl

Vanderbilt coach James Franklin heard about Tennessee’s locker room celebration Saturday, and he’s not happy about it. The Vols beat state rival Vandy 27-21 in overtime, and coach Derek Dooley celebrated by saying the one thing Tennessee always does is kick the **** out of Vandy. Franklin said on Monday that he had heard about the video, but that he hadn’t seen it. He also said it reflected poorly on Tennessee rather than Vanderbilt.

“We’ll talk about it next year – a lot,” Franklin said. “We’ll talk about it as much as you guys want to talk about it next year. We’ll watch it as many times as we’ve got to watch it next year. That’s a wound that I’m going to leave open that’s not going to heal. We’ll leave it open for a year and we’ll discuss it next year.

“I look at it as respect. Some people act like they won the Super Bowl and they beat a team that the two previous years had won four games total. Obviously, we are closing the gap and threatening some people and making some people uncomfortable. We’ll see. We’ll leave it at that. We’ll move on. But we’ll have a lot of discussion about this next year when the time is right.”

It’s a great response from Franklin who obviously is upset with the video. Dooley’s speech wasn’t intended to reach the public, but it did. Now he has to realize that Vandy will have extra motivation for their game next season.

Here is a video of Franklin’s response via Outkick the Coverage:


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