JJ Redick calls abortion contract story a lie, denies getting Vanessa Lopez pregnant

JJ Redick BucksJ.J. Redick lashed out at the media via his Twitter account on Wednesday in response to a story that went viral on Tuesday about him having an “abortion contract” with an ex-girlfriend.

On Tuesday, Media Takeout posted photos of a purported 2007 legal agreement between Redick and Orlando model Vanessa Lopez. The terms of the agreement dictated that Lopez provide Redick proof that she terminated a pregnancy. The agreement called for Redick and Lopez to date for a year and Redick to pay Lopez $25,000 if their attempted relationship did not work out.

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Redick, who has been married to his current wife since 2010, called the reports “outrageous, false and malicious.” Here are his tweets:

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JJ Redick had abortion contract with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Lopez

JJ Redick BucksEarly in his NBA career, JJ Redick was involved in a nasty legal situation with Orlando model Vanessa Lopez. Several years later, we’re finally learning what the matter was all about — the two actually had an abortion contract.

Media Takeout obtained legal documents from 2007 showing that Redick, who was entering his second NBA season when he signed the contract, had an abortion agreement with Lopez, who is a well known NBA groupie.

Redick, who is listed as Jonathan C. Redick in the documents (his real name is Jonathan Clay Redick), demanded to see medical proof that Lopez terminated her pregnancy. According to terms of the agreement, Redick agreed to attempt to have a relationship with Lopez for at least a year so long as she showed proof of the abortion. Redick agreed to pay Lopez $25,000 if their relationship did not work out after a year.

Here is what a portion of the agreement looked like via Media Takeout:

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