Venus Williams goes with purple hair at the US Open


Venus Williams made a statement in the first round of the US Open on Monday when she upset No. 12 Kirsten Flipkens, but her new hairstyle may have spoken more loudly than her play. The elder Williams sister went purple.

Venus defeated Flipkens 6,-1, 6-2, and Busted Racquet’s Shane Bacon pointed out that the purple hair wasn’t the only bizarre part of her wardrobe. She also had surface piercings on her wrist and a massive ring on her left hand, which are things one might assume would be a distraction during a tennis match. Apparently they weren’t for Venus. Here’s a photo of the huge ring:

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Venus and Serena Williams Have Gone Raw Vegan

Say goodbye to steaks and hamburgers friends, Venus and Serena Williams have gone vegan.

Venus decided to make the dietary change recently as a response to her Sjogren’s Disease diagnosis last year. Sister Serena joined her in support.

Sjogren’s Disease is believed to be an autoimmune disease caused by white blood cells attacking their moisture-producing glands. It can cause fatigue and joint pain, and the primary symptoms are dry eyes and mouth. The disease caused Venus to withdraw from the U.S. and Australian Open.

“I couldn’t raise my arm over my head, the racket felt like concrete,” Venus said of her U.S. Open experience. “I had no feelings in my hands. They were swollen and itchy. I realised it would be a miserable show.”

There are no known cures for the condition, though some patients take drugs that can have serious side effects. Rather than trying out the drugs, Serena encouraged Venus to try holistic treatments such as yoga and massages. Venus went raw vegan to help ease the inflammation of her joints, and Serena has joined her.

Raw vegan diets include raw vegetables and fruits, nuts and nut pastes, grain and legume sprouts, seeds, plant oils, sea vegetables, herbs, and fresh juices.

Hopefully the new diet produces good results for the sisters.

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Video: Venus Williams Nearly Flashes Crowd After Wardrobe Malfunction

Venus Williams played in an exhibition Saturday in Milan, Italy along with her sister, Serena, and Italian players Francesca Schiavone and Flavia Pennetta. Venus lost both her singles matches to the Italian players, but she and her sister beat them in doubles.

The most eventful moment took place during Venus’ match against Pennetta when the strap of her dress broke, nearly exposing her breast. Here is a video of the incident’s aftermath (watch around the :20 mark):

You could tell the entire event was all in good fun when Venus brought out popcorn after changing outfits following the malfunction. Venus is actually a fashion designer who usually creates her own outfits, so if anyone is to blame for the dress falling apart, it may be her. And it wouldn’t have been the first time she showed some skin on the court had the dress completely come apart.

Venus Williams Began Grunting Because of Monica Seles

One of the big turnoffs with women’s tennis is all the grunting. Some people refuse to watch because they can’t stand the noise. Even Wimbledon’s organizers tried to decrease the amount of grunting at the tournament because they realized people dislike it. The funny thing is I don’t recall this being an issue until the last 10 years or so.

To the best of my memory, it wasn’t until Monica Seles started kicking butt on tour and grunting her way to majors that the practice caught on. In fact, Venus Williams says Seles was her noise-making inspiration.

Venus told Tennis.com that she watched a lot of Monica Seles growing up. “I started grunting because she grunted and guess I never looked back,” Venus says. “I don’t even know why Serena grunts, but regardless—now I’m a grunter.”

Great, so we can all blame Monica Seles for the grunting phenomenon. It was like a domino effect — once she started doing it and winning, everyone else mimicked it. Maybe they think it’s an intimidation tactic on the court. I don’t know why so many women do it, but I wish they would stop. It’s really agitating and it’s not like grunting is helping them hit the ball.

Venus Williams Latest Style: Flapper

Now that she’s a fashion school graduate, Venus Williams is taking it upon herself to design her outfits on the court. Venus first heated things up at the Australian Open with an outfit that made it seem as if she weren’t wearing any underwear. It was more of the same last month at the French Open, only Venus also added a lingerie twist to her undies. Her latest fashion statement is a flapper girl like outfit seen on Day One at Wimbledon. Check out the pictures:

Although the outfit can be considered flashy, Venus kept the Wimbledon tradition in mind by making it all white. She also routed her first round opponent Rossana De Los Rios 6-3, 6-2. No doubt Venus will be in the mix to win her 6th Wimbledon title and appear in her 9th final at the All England Club as she and her sister continue to make my old prediction look hideous.

Photo Credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

Venus Williams Heats Up the Tennis Court with Her Lingerie Outfit

We here at LBS have mentioned Venus Williams‘ raunchy outfit choices before. Like when Venus Williams wore skin colored underwear which made people think she wasn’t wearing any at all. Throughout the French Open, Venus has been strutting onto the court at Roland Garros wearing yet another outfit that grabbed everyone’s attention.

Williams has been sporting a lingerie-type little number complete with the black lace. It kind of looks like Williams went to Lover’s Lane for her latest outfit instead of a sporting goods store. It seems like she likes to bring the shock factor to the court. Her outfit even appears to be see-through, but if you look close enough she does appear to be wear some type of black body suit underneath. Sorry boys, there’s no peep show for you here.

Good for her. The girl has totally got the body to pull something like this off. She’s gorgeous and has awesome legs to rock a short little number like this. I only have two pieces of advice for Williams though: One, tennis outfits are usually short and sexy enough without having to bust out the burlesque attire. Two, If you’re going to wear a black and red little number, please don’t wear white shoes. Otherwise, if you got it — flaunt it.


Venus Williams’ French Open Outfit: Ooh la la! [Zap 2 It]
Photo Credits: PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

Yes, Venus Williams Is Wearing Underwear at the Australian Open

Andre Agassi may have shocked the world by sharing the fact that he went commando for all his matches the later part of his career but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s inspired a trend in the sport. One of the biggest stirs at the Aussie Open this year, aside from the urinating ballboy, the Hangover movie reference, and the Rafael Nadal proposal, has been the Venus Williams commando story. Deadspin first hopped on the story with tons of incriminating photographic evidence. Their most recent photos make me think someone blurred the pantie line using photoshop because the live photos clearly show she’s wearing underwear. Compare the photo on the left with the screen capture on the right:

You can see much more clearly on the left that she is wearing panties but that line is blurred on the right. If I do have one piece of advice for Venus as she continues her fashion designing career it’s don’t include a slit down the back that looks like a butt crack. It’s hard to blame us for thinking you’re not wearing underwear when we see something that looks like a crack.