Redskins dance in background of ESPN report and crack up over it (Video)

A few Washington Redskins players decided to videobomb a John Keim ESPN report about RG3’s status on Monday, and the rest of their teammates loved it.

Above you can see the video of the players videobombing the report with some of their dance moves. The best part was the video DeSean Jackson uploaded to Instagram from the locker room of he and teammates watching the report on TV:

This video from Pierre Garcon is even better:

Those dudes were loving it! And Keim was clueless:

Redskins videobomb

Vine via Cork Gaines

LeBron James, Dwyane Wade do wheelbarrow to videobomb Chris Bosh (Video)

LeBron James Dwyane Wade wheelbarrowThe Miami Heat stars continued their video and photobombing battles, and this time LeBron James and Dwyane Wade worked in tandem to get Chris Bosh.

Bosh was interviewed after the team’s 122-103 win over the Sacramento Kings on Friday, and James and Wade interrupted by doing a wheelbarrow move that made both Bosh and his interviewer laugh. We’ll definitely give them points for creativity, but the wheelbarrow was a lot better of an idea in theory than it was in practice.

A wheelbarrow move? What’s next, the guys breaking out some potato sacks or bobbing for apples? Like our friend @CJZero said, the next move might be nudity.

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Video via GIFD Sports

LeBron James videobombs Dwyane Wade with hilarious face (Video)

LeBron James on Wednesday got Dwyane Wade back with a videobomb of his own.

After the Miami Heat beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 95-84, Wade did an interview with Sun Sports. James, of course, wasn’t going to let a videobombing opportunity pass, so he got in the middle of the shot and did his hilarious clown face.

LeBron James face

That seems to be a go-to face for LeBron. You may remember that in March he did the exact same thing to Ray Allen.

Still, nothing will top Dwyane Wade ruining a LeBron interview by doing cartwheels.

Dwyane Wade does cartwheel to photobomb LeBron James (Video)

The Miami Heat have engaged in photobombing battles for the past few seasons, but Dwyane Wade may have taken things to the next level. As LeBron James was being interviewed following the Heat’s 107-92 win over the Phoenix Suns on Monday night, Wade did cartwheels to ruin the shot.


Do you think Wade hit LeBron with a “Vote for Donnelly” as he whipped by?

Here it is in GIF form:

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Chris Bosh videobombs LeBron James, Dwyane Wade (Video)

Chris Bosh proved that it only took one game for him to get into mid-season videobombing form. The Miami Heat forward crashed the postgame interviews of both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade following the team’s 107-95 win over the Chicago Bulls on Tuesday with some solid funky faces. Above is his videobomb of LeBron, and below you can see where he got Wade:

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Erin Andrews photobombed by creepy dude in beard (Video)

FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews was in New York City with the FOX NFL crew on Sunday for Week 1 of the football season, and one of her reports was ruined by a super creeper.

Dude knew exactly what he was doing, because he had his eyes wide open like he was trying to freak us out. Mission accomplished. Dude looks like a cannibal.

GIF and up-close photo of the creep below:

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LeBron James videobombs Ray Allen with hilarious face (Video)

LeBron-James-videobombThe Miami Heat seem to be having a whole lot of fun at the moment, and why wouldn’t they be? Winning is always a good time, and the Heat have ripped off 27 straight victories. Their last loss came on Feb. 1. For those of you who aren’t keeping track, it’s March 26.

During their reign of terror throughout the NBA, the Heat have mastered the art of videobombing and photobombing. Chris Bosh is easily the most talented player on the team when it comes to interrupting interviews, but LeBron James did a fantastic job of it after Monday’s win over the Orlando Magic when he popped in on Ray Allen.

It’s all about the element of surprise, and LeBron came out of nowhere. Couple that with the Cabbage Patch kid face and I’m sure Bosh is very proud of his teammate. I don’t know what has come over me, but the Heat are almost likable at this point. I still think Dwyane Wade is a douche, but LeBron has done a great job of repairing his image with moments like this and Bosh’s antics are starting to grow on me. Needless to say, I don’t enjoy this feeling.