Vince Carter signs with Grizzlies in place of Mike Miller

Vince CarterVince Carter signed a 3-year, $12 million deal with the Memphis Grizzlies, according to a report.

Once the Grizzlies learned that Mike Miller was exploring deals with other teams such as the Cavs, they began pursuing Carter. Miller even tipped the signing with an Instagram post on Friday night indicated the Grizzlies were closing in on a deal with someone else to replace him.

Yahoo!’s Adrian Wojnarowski says the deal is for $12 million, though the final season is partially guaranteed.

The surprise here is the length of the deal; Carter turns 38 next season. However, he still was productive averaging nearly 12 points per game and playing in 81 games last season for Dallas Mavericks. Memphis likely does not plan on having Carter all three years.

Carter had interest in returning to Dallas, but the offer from Memphis was too sweet. Dallas had little money available for Vinsanity after signing Chandler Parsons to a massive offer sheet.

As mentioned, Miller posted a note on Instagram thanking the Grizzlies for his time there last season and saying the Grizzlies informed him they were going in a different direction. It was Miller’s second stint with the franchise.

This will be Carter’s sixth NBA team.

Vince Carter gets call on pathetic flop against Spurs (Video)

The Dallas Mavericks are facing the San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs, so Vince Carter decided to do his best Manu Ginobili impression.

During the fourth quarter of Game 6 between the teams, Kawhi Leonard pushed off on Vinsanity and was called for a foul. Though Leonard did push off, Carter clearly had a delayed overreaction and could get punished by the league for it.

Just look at Vince’s face here:

Vince Carter flop

That’s the kind of play that doesn’t show up in the boxscore, but will be appreciated by the folks over at SAG.

Vince Carter makes wild game-winning 3-pointer and Mark Cuban goes nuts (Video)

Mark Cuban tongue wagThe Dallas Mavericks have a 2-1 series lead on the San Antonio Spurs thanks to a wild 3-pointer Vince Carter made from the corner at the buzzer to give Dallas a 109-108 win.

Dallas was down by two and inbounded the ball to Carter in the corner. He pump-faked on Manu Ginobili, waited as Manu went by, and then launched a three that went in.

The funny part was watching Mark Cuban run onto the court immediately to celebrate the crazy moment. Seriously, was anybody loving it more than Mark?

JR Smith moves on from shoelaces to headbands (Video)

JR Smith just cannot resist messing with the gear of his opponents. Now that he has been fined for untying the shoelaces of his opponents during games, he’s moved on to headbands.

Check out what he did to Vince Carter during the fourth quarter of Monday’s game between the Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks.

JR Smith Vince Carter headband

Video via @TommyBeer, GIF via @_marcus_d

Dwight Howard throws ball at heckling fan; Vince Carter calls him a ‘crybaby’ (Video)

Dwight-Howard-RocketdsDwight Howard allowed an opposing fan to get under his skin on Wednesday night, and it may have contributed to the Houston Rockets’ loss against the Dallas Mavericks. Howard was fouled by Jose Calderon with just under three minutes remaining in the game. The ball wound up back in Dwight’s hands, and a Mavericks fan who was sitting courtside appeared to yell something at him. Howard then turned around and tossed the ball in the fan’s direction.

It was a gentle toss, but throwing the ball into the stands is an automatic technical foul. The stunt accomplished nothing aside from Howard having the ball swatted back at him by the fan, who didn’t seem sorry. The Rockets were leading 116-111 at the time of the technical. They went on to lose 123-120.

After the game, Dallas swingman Vince Carter revealed that he called Howard a “crybaby” in the second quarter when Howard was complaining to an official.

“(He complains to officials) all the time,” Carter said, via ESPNDallas.com. “He always talks about how I’m a crybaby. I was like, ‘Yo, you’re the biggest crybaby I know.’ And then later, he’s like, ‘Yo, why’d you say that to me?’ But I know Dwight. It’s all good, but he is [a crybaby].

“I mean, he takes a lot of punishment, but I’m like, ‘Yo, c’mon Dwight, c’mon. You elbowed, you’re sitting in the paint the entire time. What are you whining about?’ He told me to stop crying. I was like, ‘What? Are you serious?’”

Howard finished the game with a season-high 33 points, but Houston failed to pick up its fourth-straight win. Considering the Mavericks were one of the teams Howard flirted with during free agency (remember Mark Cuban’s take on the subject?), he should expect to hear it from the fans in Dallas. He has to learn to tune that stuff out completely.

Video via SLAM Online

Vince Carter tricks Warriors by faking injury before dunk (Video)

Vince-Carter-fakes-injuryDallas Mavericks guard Vince Carter cannot fly as high as he once could. Carter was one of the most exciting players in the league earlier in his career. He could rock the rim as well as anyone in the NBA. Now, the 36-year-old is forced to rely more on his brain than his legs to come up with a big play.

During the final seconds of the first half in the Mavs’ loss to the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, Carter appeared to fake an injury to spring himself free for a dunk. Golden State’s Harrison Barnes looked like he was keeping tabs on Carter until he noticed that Vince was wincing and grabbing his leg in the corner. Before Barnes knew it, Carter was blowing behind him for the dunk.

We have heard of players faking injuries on the football field to slow the pace of the game or stop an offensive attack, but this is a new one. When you have been playing in the NBA for 14 years, these are the tricks you sometimes need to contribute.

Video via @cjzero

Vince Carter blows his bad breath in Rudy Gay’s face (Animated)

When you’re a 35-year-old player who has been in the league for 13 years, sometimes you have to find creative ways to keep up. Vince Carter was either attempting to do that during the Mavericks game against the Grizzlies last Saturday, or he’s just a disgusting human being. As you can see from the animation that @cjzero shared on Twitter, Carter blew his bad breath into Rudy Gay’s face and was pretty proud of it.

You have to keep up with these young guys somehow, right? No but seriously, that’s just gross.

H/T The Big Lead