Vlade Divac says Novak Djokovic cut his racquets up with a saw after Olympics

Novak Djokovic expected to come home from the London Olympics with a medal. After losing to eventual gold medalist Andy Murray in the men’s singles semifinal, Djokovic suffered a disappointing loss to Juan Martin Del Potro in the bronze medal match. According to fellow countryman and president of the Serbian Olympic Committee Vlade Divac, Djokovic was pretty hard on himself following the disappointing performance.

“I never saw anyone have such energy to fight for a medal for Serbia,” Divac told Vesti Online in an interview that was translated by Drop Shot Dispatch. “It is contagious. After the match I came to him. You know what he was doing? He was so miserable, he was cutting up his racquets with a saw. That is not someone who doesn’t care about the result.”

Divac was upset with the performances of the Serbian athletes in London, but he praised Djokovic and swimmer Milorad Cavic for giving it their all and competing at a high level. Novak’s sawed-up racquets can certainly attest to the fact that he wanted to win.

Believe it or not, tennis stars who pull off nut shot pranks and do tremendous impressions of other tennis players still care about results.

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Yup, That’s Vlade Divac in Novak Djokovic’s Box (Picture)

If you were watching the semifinal match between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray at the Australian Open Friday and saw what appeared to be Vlade Divac sitting in Novak’s box, you were not imagining things. That really was Vlade Divac sitting in Novak’s box.

Divac and Djokovic apparently have a relationship (Novak has tweeted a picture of them together) and are both sporting ambassadors for Serbia. Nole is perhaps the country’s most popular athlete; Vlade is the president of the Serbian Olympic committed.

Reports say Vlade was in Australia to discuss some Olympic business in Sydney this week, and he scooted over to Melbourne to watch Novak compete. As strange as you may find it, it’s nothing compared to when P. Diddy was in Nole’s box.