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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: Von Miller

Key & Peele donate to Von Miller’s charity after sack tribute

You may remember Von Miller breaking out a pelvic thrusting sack celebration not once, but twice, inspired by a sketch from Comedy Central’s Key & Peele. The second time, Miller was fined for the celebration, which caught the attention of the authors themselves. Now, Key and Peele have donated an amount equal to the fine…Read More

Von Miller fined by NFL for pelvic thrusting celebration

Broncos linebacker Von Miller was fined $11,567 for a Key & Peele inspired pelvic thrusting sack celebration he’s been using this season. The NFL levied the fine, citing unsportsmanlike conduct, in response to this celebration, which Miller has used without being penalized in both weeks two and three: Von Miller will not stop thrusting…Read More

Von Miller sack dance looked like a Val Venis move (Video)

Von Miller had a nice game for the Broncos in their comeback victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday night. He had four tackles and a big sack, and he turned heads with his sack dance. This was straight from Val Venis and the Attitude Era: GIF: Von Miller is #NSFW — The…Read More

Von Miller has to pay the Broncos’ fart tax quite frequently

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is a gassy individual, and it has apparently been costing him money since he started playing in the NFL. Earlier this week, Miller revealed that the Broncos have a fine system in place for “flatulence in meetings.” He says he believes he has been fined more than anyone on the…Read More

Von Miller wears ridiculous fur hat

We know Denver gets cold in the winter. That doesn’t mean people have to start wearing animals on their heads. We’re looking at you, Von Miller. After the Broncos beat the Bills on Sunday, Miller spoke to reporters while sporting one of the most ridiculous pieces of headwear you will ever see. There may be…Read More

Von Miller turned away from NYC nightclub where Seahawks were partying

Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. The Denver Broncos could have used linebacker Von Miller during their loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, though I’m not sure it would have made much of a difference. Miller suffered a torn ACL during a Week 16 win over the Houston Texans. After the Super Bowl,…Read More

Von Miller reportedly tried to cheat drug test with help of urine collector

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller reportedly tried to tamper with the NFL’s drug testing process with the help of a urine collector. As evidenced by the fact that he has been suspended, his attempt was obviously unsuccessful. ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen reported on Sunday that Miller’s actions in trying to corrupt the process…Read More

Von Miller had his parents move in; Broncos babysitting him

Von Miller has proven that he can’t stay out of trouble, so the important people in his life are doing what they can to set him on the straight and narrow. According to CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, Miller’s parents moved in with their son soon after the Denver Broncos linebacker was suspended six games…Read More

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