Von Miller denies having a weed problem

Von MillerVon Miller is facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy. The Denver Broncos linebacker confirmed that the suspension is not for performance-enhancing drugs, though he did not say what the suspension was for.

The Denver Post previously reported that Miller failed multiple drug tests during his rookie season for marijuana and that he also tested positive for an amphetamine. A separate report said a teammate said Miller has a weed problem. Miller denied that was the case when addressing the media on Wednesday (2:12 mark):

How great was that exchange?

Media member: Von, is smoking marijuana a part of your life?

Miller: Absolutely not.

I don’t know if Miller has a weed problem. The only thing I know is that he has awesome taste in glasses.

Von Miller reportedly tested positive for amphetamines, marijuana in 2011

Von Miller BroncosIt was reported on Monday that Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller is facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s drug policy. As LBS writer Steve DelVecchio pointed out, there is no word yet about what type of violation Miller committed; the drug could be of the performance-enhancing or recreational variety.

Because Miller is facing a four-game suspension, the thinking is that the violation is for a performance-enhancer since those result in lengthier suspensions. But that might not necessarily be the case with Miller.

Mike Klis of The Denver Post reports that Miller tested positive for amphetamines and marijuana in 2011, his rookie season. Klis says the penalty for a second violation of recreational drug use is four games.

The Broncos have said they are aware of the report but unable to comment on it. Vonn responded with this tweet:

For now, it’s too early to make any sort of inferences that Miller, who was third in the NFL with 18.5 sacks last season, used PEDs.

Von Miller reportedly facing four-game suspension for violating NFL policy

Von-Miller-BroncosDenver Broncos linebacker Von Miller is reportedly facing a four-game suspension, though the case is currently going through the appeals process to determine if the penalty will stand.

While very few details are known about the situation because of the NFL’s confidentiality policy, ESPN’s Adam Schefter noted that four-game suspensions have “typically” had to do with performance-enhancing drugs in the past. People who are familiar with the case acknowledged that Miller is facing a four-game suspension but would not comment on the alleged violation.

Miller had 30 sacks over the past two seasons, which is the fourth-most of any player in the NFL. With the Broncos having lost Elvis Dumervil to the Baltimore Ravens after one of the most bizarre free agency flubs you will ever see, the 24-year-old was expected to be leaned on heavily to anchor Denver’s defense.

Whatever Miller has been suspended for, he has decided to appeal it. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman had success going through the NFL appeals process last season, so it’s still possible Miller could avoid the suspension. The Broncos are certainly hoping for a favorable outcome, because they can ill afford to lose him for a quarter of the season.

Von Miller wore a onesie to a Las Vegas pool party


Von Miller recently did what a lot of NFL players do during the offseason when he attended a Las Vegas pool party. This is not uncommon behavior for a professional athlete enjoying his down time. Miller’s attire, however, was a bit out of the ordinary.

As you can see from the photo above that Shot of Ginn passed along, Miller proudly rocked a onesie at Vegas’ famous pool party at Rehab. It’s not the first time we have seen a football player wear a onesie (see: Patriots running backs), but most of the time people do it for a joke. Was Miller messing around or did he actually consider this look to be fashionable? I guess only he knows.

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Peyton Manning and Von Miller were dressed to kill at Rockies game (Picture)


The Colorado Rockies hosted several members of the Denver Broncos for Tuesday night’s game against the New York Yankees at Coors Field. To say that some of them were dressed to kill would be the understatement of the century.

In the spirit of saving the best for last, we’ll start by mentioning how great Von Miller’s shirt was. As one Reddit user pointed out after the photo you see above was posted on the social media site, it looked like the type of shirt where if you stare at it long enough a 3-D image will pop out. I don’t think it works though — I tried for about 10 minutes.

On to more important things. How fresh did Peyton Manning look? Tom Brady can have his hipster glasses and his GQ photo shoots. Manning took batting practice at Coors Field wearing an outfit that we can only speculate was picked out by Arnold Palmer and a kindergarten student.

And you thought NBA players like this guy had a sense of fashion? Peyton absolutely killed it on Tuesday night. If you think Colorado’s 2-0 win was a coincidence on a night where Manning looked like that, you’re an idiot.

Von Miller makes Super Bowl guarantee inspired by cousin’s recovery

If you follow Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller on Twitter, you may have thought he was being overly cocky with a tweet he sent out early Monday morning. Like so many have done before him and wound up falling flat on their faces, Miller guaranteed that the Broncos will win the Super Bowl next season.

However, it wasn’t arrogance that inspired Miller to take a page out of Rex Ryan’s book. In an appearance on NBC Sports Network’s “Pro Football Talk” on Tuesday, he explained that his cousin Jeremiah’s recovery after a serious car accident has taken his motivation to a new level.

“It wasn’t based on me feeling cocky or me coming in with just a bogus guarantee,” Miller said.  “I was actually motivated because my cousin had just recently got in a car accident and had got out of a coma and out of all the things they were trying to teach him, out of all the things they were trying to get him to remember, one thing that he did remember is that he had a cousin named Von Miller that played for the Denver Broncos.

“And it just put a lot into perspective for me.  It really hit home for me and I was already motivated to play football before, I already loved playing football before but when it’s somebody else involved, when you’re doing something for somebody else it, always makes it a lot more special and it puts a little bit of motivation behind it.”

Hey, it’s not like he plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Broncos were one of the best team’s in the AFC last season and a legitimate Super Bowl contender. With Peyton Manning more acclimated to life in Denver next season, they could be even better.

Players draw inspiration from all types of different sources. If Miller heads into the 2013 season with a fire under his ass and is able to project that onto his teammates, more power to him.

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Aldon Smith overtakes Von Miller for NFL sack lead, lets him know about it

San Francisco 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith and Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller enjoyed huge weekends against their respective opponents in Week 11. The two defensive stars have been neck-and-neck all season long with sacks, but Smith overtook the league lead on Monday night when he racked up 5.5 in a win over the Chicago Bears. Miller had three against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday.

Miller held the league lead going into the Monday night game, and after the game Smith said he planned to let him know his run at the top was short-lived.

“I’ll probably text him as soon as I leave here,” Smith said while grinning according to the Sacramento Bee.

Smith, who added that he has a “thing” for playing under the lights in primetime games, leads the NFL with 15 sacks in only his second season as a pro. Miller, also in his second season, trails him with 13.

It’s nice to see Smith having a little fun with the friendly rivalry. No matter how you look at it, these are two of the best young pass-rushers in the game and they have barely burst into their primes. Through less than two seasons, Miller and Smith have combined for a whopping 53.5 sacks. Unless offenses can figure out how to stop them, there could be a lot of text messages going back and forth about who leads the league in sacks for years to come.