AJ McCarron hangs with rapper Waka Flocka Flame, wears hat that says ‘drugs’ (Pictures)


AJ McCarron came under a little fire over the weekend after he spent some time hanging out with a rapper who goes by the name Waka Flocka Flame. McCarron sent out a number of tweets saying how he was hanging out with Flocka and asking people to follow him. He also tweeted a photo of himself wearing the hat you see above, which McCarron thanked the Brick Squad Monopoly family (Flocka’s crew) for giving him.

When several followers began criticizing McCarron for wearing a hat that says “drugs” on it, he explained that the hats stand for a good cause. Apparently in this case DRUGS is an acronym for “Do Right U Gain Success.” That still doesn’t make it look right when a scholarship athlete has it on his head.

McCarron also tweeted a photo of himself alongside Flocka with the rapper wearing his championship ring and flipping the bird with it.

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