Nikki Bella has nip slip during RAW in Miami

Nikki Bella nip slip censored

Nikki Bella had a wardrobe malfunction and ended up with a nip slip on live TV during RAW on Monday night in Miami.

What’s ironic about the nip slip is that Nikki’s twin sister, Brie, had a nip slip during RAW almost exactly a year earlier. The difference between the two is that Nikki’s occurred while she was wrestling, while Brie’s happened while she was clapping and wearing a dress.

Uncensored photo below.

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Travis Benjamin mooned stadium after pants malfunction

Travis Benjamin mooned

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Travis Benjamin is the latest NFL player to suffer a wardrobe malfunction while on the field.

Two weeks ago it was Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Tyson Jackson whose pants fell down during a game, and this week it was Benjamin suffering the same fate.

Uncensored photo plus a GIF of when it happened is below:

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Tyson Jackson had wardrobe malfunction and mooned the stadium

Tyson Jackson butt

Kansas City Chiefs defensive lineman Tyson Jackson might want to tighten up his belt or get some new pants.

During KC’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, Jackson got his pants pulled down and revealed a crack in the Chiefs’ defense.

Uncensored butt photo below:

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There was a full moon in Dallas thanks to DeMarco Murray (Picture)


DeMarco Murray had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction during Sunday’s Cowboys-Steelers game. The Dallas running back was tackled by Troy Polamalu, who brought down Murray and his pants on the play. The result was a full moon.

Uncensored pic below:

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Sidney Rice has wardrobe malfunction on touchdown catch (Picture)

Sidney Rice had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction when he caught the winning touchdown that put the Seahawks ahead of the Patriots 24-23 with 1:18 left in the game on Sunday.

Rice’s final stat line for the game: 3 catches, 84 yards, 1 touchdown, 1 half moon. Easily his most complete stat line of the season.

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Jeff Backus’ pants left little to the imagination (Picture)

Nike’s new uniforms did little to help the cause of perspiring offensive linemen in Week 1 of the NFL season. Above is a screenshot of Lions tackle Jeff Backus, who sweat through his pants so hard you could see his legs, cheeks, and jockstrap. I think we can officially consider that a wardrobe malfunction. And I think Nike might need to change the kind of material they’re using for their pants, though at least they were able to successfully divert attention from their other NFL uniform issue.

H/T Uni-Watch via Darren Rovell

High jumper Ivan Ukhov competes in T-shirt after misplacing uniform, wins gold medal

Russian high jumper Ivan Ukhov breezed to a gold medal on Tuesday at the London Olympics, but his evening was not without complication.

The 26-year-old misplaced his uniform between his third and fourth jumps and had to use a T-shirt as a replacement. He pinned his number to the shirt and successfully cleared the 2.33-meter mark before searching for the uniform.

Ukhov, who takes his jersey off after jumps, eventually located his uniform in time to clear the 2.38-meter mark and win the gold medal. He topped Kobe Bryant look-alike Erik Kynard Jr. who finished second.

Winning gold was somewhat of a redemption for Ukhov who was admonished for infamously competing while drunk at Athletissima in 2008:

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