Water polo player’s breast exposed on live TV (Picture)

NBC has experienced problems trying to run the Olympics on tape delay, and now we’re seeing that they’re encountering problems running things live.

At one point during the Spain-US women’s water polo match on Tuesday, a Spanish player’s swimsuit was pulled, leaving her breast exposed. The shot was noticed by many viewers and began circulating online (NSFW version at Deadspin).

An NBC commentator says it was Kami Craig who grabbed the suit and exposed the breast. She had four goals in the 9-9 tie.

This sort of wardrobe malfunction is nothing new in water polo. The play is so rough that participants will often do anything and grab anything to gain better position while struggling in the water. Sometimes private parts end up exposed. It’s just too bad the Spanish player didn’t have her other arm free so that she could pull a Venus Williams.

Video: Venus Williams Nearly Flashes Crowd After Wardrobe Malfunction

Venus Williams played in an exhibition Saturday in Milan, Italy along with her sister, Serena, and Italian players Francesca Schiavone and Flavia Pennetta. Venus lost both her singles matches to the Italian players, but she and her sister beat them in doubles.

The most eventful moment took place during Venus’ match against Pennetta when the strap of her dress broke, nearly exposing her breast. Here is a video of the incident’s aftermath (watch around the :20 mark):

You could tell the entire event was all in good fun when Venus brought out popcorn after changing outfits following the malfunction. Venus is actually a fashion designer who usually creates her own outfits, so if anyone is to blame for the dress falling apart, it may be her. And it wouldn’t have been the first time she showed some skin on the court had the dress completely come apart.

Bengals OL Bobbie Williams Loses Pants, Butt Hangs Out While Blocking

They may say a lot of stuff about Bengals right guard Bobbie Williams, but they’ll never say the man quits on a play. Even when his pants are falling down and his butt is hanging out there for everybody to see. Check out this eye-popping moment from the Bengals/Steelers game that could easily be classified as a “wardrobe malfunction,” much like when Brian Westbrook was tackled by his jockstrap. Here’s the Bobbie Williams pants video:

No word on whether or not that play caused Williams to miss any action but maybe next time he’ll get some pants that come with a belt. Williams and company did a nice job only allowing Carson to be sacked twice by the vaunted Steelers D, so we’ll consider his pants to be a casualty of battle.