Warren Moon compares Johnny Manziel to Tim Tebow

Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel and Tim Tebow both won the Heisman Trophy in college. They also both played in the daunting SEC Conference. And there was that time Manziel wore Tebow’s New York Jets jersey to a party. Other than that, they have very little in common. Don’t tell that to Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon.

Moon told The Loop on KILT-AM in Houston Wednesday morning that he would not be surprised if Manziel ends up with an NFL career that is similar to the one Tebow had.

“As a college quarterback, he was one of the greatest to ever play, but so was Tim Tebow,” Moon said, according to CBS Houston. “He had a tough time making that transition because he was that same style of quarterback.”

Like NFL.com’s Mike Huguenin, I completely disagree that Manziel and Tebow are the same style quarterback. Tebow used his 240-pound body to pick up crucial first downs in short yardage situations and turn 1st-and-goals into automatic touchdowns. Manziel eludes defenders with his quickness and is a far more capable passer than Tebow ever was.

“You’re talking about taking a guy number one overall in the draft and he’s 5’11,” Moon added. “He didn’t really run that fast at the combine, only about a 4.6 which was closer to a 4.7, so you are talking about a small guy that’s not very fast in an NFL that’s big strong and fast. He likes to run around and make plays and he was able to do that in college. I just don’t know how well that’s going to transition into the National Football League.”

Moon has a point there. A lot of the defenders at the NFL level have speed that is similar to that which Jadeveon Clowney displayed at the NFL Combine. Manziel may not have the same luck getting away from NFL linebackers and defensive ends like he did in college, so that could be an issue.

The difference is Manziel can throw. Tebow’s throwing mechanics are horrible, and that is what ultimately led to an unsuccessful NFL career. If Manziel fails, it will likely be for different reasons.

Warren Moon questions whether Tim Tebow can play quarterback in CFL


Tim Tebow was released by the New York Jets and is hoping to sign with a new NFL team. Tebow wants to continue playing quarterback, but many believe his only future in the NFL would be at another position. Some have even suggested that if he wants to continue a professional career at quarterback, he needs to head to the CFL (the Montreal Alouettes held his rights as of December). Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon, who starred in the CFL before coming to the NFL, isn’t sure if Tebow’s passing skills are good enough for the Canadian Football League.

Moon joined 610 Sports Radio in Houston’s “MaD Radio” show with Seth Payne and Mike Meltser on Wednesday and was asked by the hosts whether Tebow could play in the CFL.

“I’m really not sure,” Moon told Payne and Meltser. “You have to be able to throw the ball up there if anything and they throw the ball a lot. There are only three downs so the passing game is much more important up there. You have got to be able to throw it and I think that’s his biggest problem, just being [able] to complete passes, be an accurate passer. I think he’s a really good athlete playing the position but I don’t think that’s enough sometimes.”

Though Moon questions Tebow’s passing, he commended the former Heisman Trophy winner for his work ethic.

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Cam Newton doesn’t think criticism is racially based; Warren Moon backtracks

Both Cam Newton and Warren Moon conducted interviews on Wednesday to address Moon’s highly-publicized comments from earlier in the week.

In an interview with Yahoo! Sports on Monday, Moon said the criticism of the Panthers quarterback has a racial component. Newton denied the criticism of him has to do with race, while Moon backtracked and clarified his thoughts.

“I haven’t heard anything that he’s said, but obviously Warren is a person I go to and learn toward for guidance with leadership on the field and off the field,” Newton said during a conference call with Chicago reporters on Wednesday. “You know he’s an avid person I might go to each and every day. I haven’t heard the remarks that he’s said but when it come to race and this game, I don’t think there is none at all. But I’m just going to continue to do the things that got me up unto this point and just try to focus on trying to win a football game.

“I understand I’m not perfect. I’m striving to be great,” he said. “Whatever people may think or whatever other people might criticize me on, I take it for what it’s worth but continue to try and make myself better each and every opportunity I get.”

Cam also said he wouldn’t worry about his critics and instead will “just keep living life.”

Moon clarified his thoughts during an interview on SportsCenter Wednesday.

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Warren Moon: Cam Newton criticism has to do with race

Warren Moon does not feel as though Cam Newton is being treated with the respect he deserves. The Carolina Panthers are off to a disappointing 1-5 start this season, and Newton has not handled it well. The rough start hit its low point for Newton personally when he gave an overly dramatic postgame press conference after losing to the Cowboys last Sunday, during which he called a female reporter “sweetheart.”

While Moon, who served as an adviser to Newton last year, admits the criticism of Newton’s demeanor has been warranted, he believes race has played a role.

“I think a lot of this is because so many people want to say ‘I told you so’ about him, but couldn’t because he was so good last year,” Moon told Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports. “I think people are overreacting. How can he be a bust? He just had one of the great years a rookie has ever had, and now he can’t play? Come on.

“I don’t understand it. I heard somebody compare him to Vince Young. It’s the same old crap – it’s always a comparison of one black to another black. I get tired of it. I get tired of defending it.”

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Warren Moon: Justin Blackmon is Dez Bryant with All of His Brain Cells

Considering they both played at Oklahoma State, are wide receivers, and dominated the game of college football, comparisons between Dez Bryant and Justin Blackmon are unavoidable. The Cowboys selected Bryant with the 24th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft and Blackmon is sure to go in the first round this April — likely somewhere close to the top-10. While most of the comparisons between the two have come in the form of flattery, Hall of Fame quarterback Warren Moon offered an opinion on Thursday that was a bit more offensive if you’re Bryant.

“(Justin Blackmon is) a beast, isn’t he?” Moon said during an interview with 710 ESPN Radio in Seattle. “He’s like Dez Bryant with all his brain cells. He’s a guy that has all those skills that Dez Bryant has but he’s not the knucklehead that Dez Bryant has turned out to be with Dallas. Hes a much better route-runner than Dez Bryant and a very tremendous talent.”

Is there room for Bryant to improve?  Plenty. Have there been questions about his motivation and level of focus? Quite a few. That being said, Bryant caught 63 passes for 928 yards and 9 touchdowns this season for the Cowboys.  He has been known to shut it down when things aren’t going well, but he still managed to haul in 15 touchdowns in two seasons and is only 23 years old.

Bryant has not yet played like the No. 1 receiver Dallas drafted him to be, but there is still plenty of time for him to emerge as that guy.  We know Moon has a bias against wide receivers based on some of the comments he’s made in the past, so it makes sense that he would be quick to judge Dez.  At this point it looks like he may be right about Blackmon being a better talent, but we all know what can happen when a player makes the jump to the NFL.  Let’s give it a couple seasons before calling Bryant a bust and calling Blackmon Calvin Johnson.

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Warren Moon: Receivers Have Always Been Divas, Now they Have Twitter

There are a few truths about wide receivers. One, they always think they’re open. Two, they’re easy to take out of games, no matter how good they are. And three, their success is directly correlated to the quarterback’s ability to get them the ball meaning they never will have the impact on a game that they want to have. In summation, they’re very difficult to please and as Hall of Famer Warren Moon said on Sporting News Radio, they’ve always been this way the only difference is now they have twitter to voice their displeasures:

Wide receivers have been doing this forever it’s just there’s this new technology now that allows these guys to do it in different ways. Wide receivers have always been very selfish type players, I won’t say that for all wide receivers, but a lot of the good ones are. It’s just that a lot of them never came out publicly and talked about it the way they are today. Every great wide receiver wants the football and wants it every time. I have no problem with that, but when you start taking it outside the locker room, I have a problem with that.

It was the T.O./Rodney Harrison twitter war that prompted Moon’s comments, but between T.O. and Ochocinco, that’s plenty of twitter-wide receiver-diva to go around. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t even on twitter but he’s had some diva-brushes with the service too. And when asked, Warren jokingly said he could picture guys like Webster Slaughter and Cris Carter on there.