Maryland police live-tweet comments and pictures about Redskins fan arrests

The Prince George’s County Police Department was plenty busy during the Washington Redskins game on Monday night per usual, but at least one person working in the department decided to have a little more fun than usual during the team’s win over the New York Giants.

As with any other primetime NFL rivalry, Redskins fans were particularly rowdy before and during the big game. How do we know this? In addition to tweeting the hilarious photo of a fan sleeping in a FedEx Field suite that you see above, the PGPD media relations team sent out the following tweets during the game:

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Jim Haslett speaks candidly with fan about team plans, conversation ends up on Redskins blog

The information shared in a private conversation between Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett and a fan became public when the fan, eager to share his story with friends, wrote about the experience on a blog, forcing the coach to deny their meeting.

Hardcore Redskins fan Rod Denny was staying at a hotel for his daughter’s Hampton Roads volleyball tournament when he saw Jim Haslett hanging out in the hotel’s breakfast room. Denny says he did not want to bother Haslett, but then decided he should say something.

Haslett turned out to be very kind and open, chatting with Denny for about five minutes, even discussing the team’s quarterback plans. A few days later, Denny, who never disclosed that he planned to write about their meeting, wrote a story about the meeting on the Redskins fan site Hogs Haven.

Denny spent two paragraphs providing the background to their meeting and five paragraphs on the information he learned regarding the team’s quarterback plans. Denny wrote about the meeting in a “FanPost,” which is separate from the site’s main page which is more closely monitored by the site’s actual writers and editors.

In his post, Denny shared some inside information, saying that the Redskins were not interested in free agent Matt Flynn, that they were interested in Peyton Manning, and that they were disappointed with the quarterbacks in the draft aside from Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III.

Not long after Denny’s post was published, Washington Times reporter Rich Campbell called Haslett to ask about the story.

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Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco Invite Redskins Fans to Hop On Ravens Bandwagon

Generally speaking, Redskins fans and Ravens fans don’t like each other. Much like the Giants and Jets, the Skins and Ravens are located closely enough to one another to create natural hatred. Not only that, but Redskins fans have experienced no success over the past decade while Baltimore finds itself in Super Bowl contention almost every year. As we know, jealousy breeds hatred. However, Ray Lewis and Joe Flacco would like to invite Washington Redskins fans to join the Ravens bandwagon for the playoff run if they can put their differences aside.

“I’ve welcomed that fan base for 16 years now,” Lewis said according to MyFoxDC.com. “You know how that (bad) blood is between (Baltimore and D.C.). But I think at the end of the day, when your team is out, I think when they do finally settle in, they’ll probably be cheering for the Ravens before they cheer for an outsider. So, we’ll probably have some extra fans cheering for us.”

“We’re looking for anybody that wants to be a Ravens fan,” Flacco added. “Come up and cheer us on. As many Redskins fans we can steal, that’d be huge, because they have a great following. People love the Redskins, so if we can steal some of their fans, I think we’d be doing a pretty good job.”

Personally, I would consider this to be patronizing if I was a Redskins fan.  Flacco and Lewis could be sincere in their offer, but I always root for my rivals to lose.  Because I constantly have a chip on my shoulder as a fan of any team, I would look at those comments as a pity invite.  Hey, that’s just me.  If Washington fans are in desperate need of something to cheer for, more power to them.  Just try to tune Flacco out when he starts complaining to reporters.

Redskins Fans Burn Off the Last Cancer from the Old Team: Albert Haynesworth

Some Redskins fans have gotten carried away with the team’s strong start. Washington is 2-0 and a group of empowered fans believe all the team’s past problems are behind them. Evidence (some language NSFW):

Please tell me what burning an old Albert Haynesworth jersey has to do with anything. I realize the guy was fat, out of shape, and a cancer in the locker room, but why bring back painful memories? Then again, if I could explain why jersey burning was so popular to begin with, I’d be in the psychology business, not sports. Maybe it’s some sort of release for fans. Kind of like what will happen to Haynesworth if he doesn’t pick it up in New England.

Helmet knock to DC Sports Bog and SB Nation DC for the video
Video Credit: YouTube user CaptKaos47

Redskins Fan Needs to Lay off McNabb

During the off-season Donovan McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins, a trade that shocked many people. I think that McNabb was probably a little relieved that he wouldn’t have to deal with the heckling Eagles fans anymore. What he probably didn’t expect was that he would get the same reaction in Washington–at least from one obnoxious fan.

According to the AP, McNabb hasn’t been very impressive so far during training camp. He’s thrown a lot of interceptions and he’s been throwing behind receivers. But one fan made sure that McNabb knew that he was stinking up the field by criticizing the quarterback by shouting things like ”Must have been a great catch, because it couldn’t have been a good throw.”

I think this guy needs to chill out. I mean yes, McNabb is a veteran quarterback who shouldn’t be throwing the way he is, but he is in a completely new system. Even the best quarterback wouldn’t be able to step on the field of a brand new team and throw perfectly every time. He was with the Eagles for 11 years, so I think it’s going to take a little while for him to adjust.

The thing this fan needs to understand is that McNabb’s mistakes are what training camp is all about. You work on the kinks in your play now so that you don’t make those same mistakes when the season is under way. Whatever this guys feelings are about McNabb, if he’s a true fan I think he would much prefer to see his new QB do some good for his team this year instead of crashing and burning. So Mr. Obnoxious Redskins Fan, shut your mouth and let McNabb do his job. Unless of course you want to see your team go 4-12 again this year.

McNabb has growing pains learning Redskins offense [AP/Fox Sports]