Redskins players using iPads to anonymously talk trash to each other

Over the past year or so, the NFL has been discovering new ways to use iPads. Some teams have thrown out their playbooks and replaced them with iPads, which has to be incredibly convenient for players who used to have to carry a massive binder full of plays around with them. The Redskins are one of the teams that switched over to the iPad as a playbook this season, but some of the players have found a new use for the device.

According to Sarah Kogod of DC Sports Bog, a few of the Washington players recently discovered that they can send a message to the team anonymously using their iPad. This feature is supposed to be used for discussing plays, but the players have been using it to talk trash.

“I don’t know who figured it out or who started it,” tight end Chris Cooley explained. “Like I said, they’re anonymous. As of today, there are maybe fifty postings. My opinion is that it will take off.”

Kids will be kids. Cooley said receiver Niles Paul told him about the feature after he had been a target of some trash talk. He also said he expects to get bashed on there at some point since he is “an easy target.” Linebacker Chris Wilson, however, gave a warning to any teammates who are planning to come at him through the use of an iPad.

“Man, they don’t want to play with me,” Wilson said. “I’ll (trash talk) someone for no reason, just because I can. I’ll make some alliances, take people out. No joke.”

From the sound of it, it’s about to go down. One team has already told its players they will be fined if they visit unauthorized sites or play games like “Angry Birds” on their iPads, so it will be interesting to see if the Redskins put a stop to the anonymous trash talk. My guess is that will happen the first time a fight breaks out in practice because someone is angry over what was said about them in the new playbook.

Redskins’ Twitter account thinks Tim Tebow to Jets is ‘awkward fit’

The news of Tim Tebow’s trade to the Jets was so captivating even the Redskins’ official Twitter account decided to weigh in:

Thanks for the analysis on the matter, Skins. I didn’t know official team accounts were designed to offer opinions on NFL trades, but when Daniel Snyder is involved, anything is fair game.

Redskins trade with Rams to draft RGIII

The Redskins have themselves a franchise quarterback. According to Jay Glazer, the Skins traded with the Rams to acquire the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL draft. It’s assumed the Colts will take Andrew Luck with the first overall pick, leaving Washington with Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III.

The Redskins are swapping first-round picks with the Rams and reportedly will trade two future first-round picks. Washington was set to pick sixth overall, so they’re trading three picks in order to move up four spots in the draft. As long as Griffin performs as well as most people expect, it will be worth it.

Washington has a stout defense but they’ve been missing a good quarterback for several years. They’ve put together filler QBs here and there like Gus Frerotte, Brad Johnson, and Mark Brunell, but they need a franchise quarterback who can lead the team for a decade. It looks like they finally have that.

Swapping first-round picks, trading a first in 2013 and 2014, and a second in this year’s draft will seem like nothing if RGIII is the real deal. The Giants swapped firsts (Philip Rivers) with the Chargers, and added a third, first, and fifth in order to get Eli Manning. Do you think anyone in New York is complaining now?

This trade should work out well for both teams.

Redskins D-Lineman Barry Cofield: It Could Get Historically Ugly

After a strong start in which it appeared they were legitimate contenders in the NFC East, the Washington Redskins have taken a nosedive.  Since their week 5 bye, Washington has lost five straight games.  Rex Grossman was benched but has now reclaimed his starting position.  That doesn’t sound familiar, does it?  With a 3-6 record and games remaining against the Cowboys, Jets, Patriots, Giants, and Eagles, the Redskins aren’t exactly the most confident bunch.  In fact, defensive lineman Barry Cofield acknowledged that Washington could break the wrong kinds of records if they keep playing horribly.

“There’s no guarantee that we can win another game,” Cofield said according to the Washington Post. “We just don’t have a team on our schedule that’s just going to lay down and you know, let us beat them. If we don’t play better, there’s no reason to expect to win any games. The ball’s not going to just bounce our way. It could get very ugly. It could get historically ugly. Hopefully, guys are fearful of that, and hopefully, guys focus in and just come together and do whatever it takes to get a win. If we don’t, it’s going to be a very long winter.”

Cofield is right for the most part.  Washington does have a particularly difficult schedule and will have to face several teams that are in the playoff hunt.  That also means they have a great opportunity to be the spoiler for a lot of teams, which gives them something to play for.

From a personnel perspective, you have to question whether or not Mike Shanahan’s revolving door hurts the team.  Stability is important at the NFL level, and flip-flopping between Grossman and John Beck prevents the Redskins from having any.  I think it’s fair to wonder if Shanny has turned this team into a lost cause.

Redskins Are Still Selling Donovan McNabb Merchandise (Pictures)

Oftentimes when a sports legend leaves one city for another it is hard to let that person go.  When a player has done so much for a franchise and decides to rock another team’s colors, it hurts.  It can even hurt so much that you refuse to change your game day operations after said player is gone.  Perhaps that explains why the Redskins are still selling Donovan McNabb merchandise at FedEx Field.  Check out these pictures that Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post took while at the Redskins game on Thursday:

Who can blame the Skins?  McNabb was a legend in Washington.  He took a franchise in peril and turned it into a powerhouse.  He may not have not have wanted to return to the team as a backup for Mike Shanahan, but that does not mean the legend of Donovan McNabb in the nation’s capital will not live on.

Oh, and the same goes for the player sometimes too.  Obviously McNabb has had a very difficult time letting the Redskins go. Check out his updated website.

Rex Grossman Believes Redskins Will Win NFC East

Well duh, they have Rex at quarterback. Of course they’re going to win the NFC East. I mean this is a no-brainer. As soon as I heard that Grossman was listed at the top of the team’s depth chart, I took out my pen and confidently marked the Skins down as my NFC East winner. I envisioned Rex throwing for four touchdowns per week, picking apart the Eagles secondary. I pictured Washington’s vaunted defense shutting out Dez Bryant, Hakeem Nicks, and Michael Vick. I mean shoot, who didn’t have the Redskins down as division favorites as soon as they learned Grossman had wrestled the starting quarterback job away from John Beck?

But seriously, you have to hear what he said Tuesday. During an interview with Comcast DC, Grossman was asked what the Redskins are if the Eagles are considered the Dream Team. His answer?

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Sneaky Patriots Acquire Albert Haynesworth in Trade with Redskins

Just like the New England Patriots to sneak in and pull off a game-changing deal. Adam Schefter reported early Thursday morning that the Patriots acquired defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth from the Redskins for a fifth-round pick.

Haynesworth signed a seven-year $100 million deal with the Redskins in ’09 but it was a poor fit from the start. He was limited to 12 games his first season in Washington and then he missed the team’s off-season activities as they transitioned under a new coaching staff. Haynesworth was upset they were switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense and didn’t want to play for the team. When he finally showed up to camp, he was out of shape and failed his conditioning test.

Haynesworth was deactivated late last season and eventually suspended without pay. His saga in Washington has finally ended with a trade to New England.

The acquisition by the Patriots is eerily similar to the one they made in 2007 with Randy Moss. Moss was a malcontent in Oakland and many people thought he was done. The Pats gave up just a fourth-round pick and ended up getting All-Pro production.

Haynesworth has similar character issues to Moss and similar talent. If there’s any place that can whip him into shape, it’s New England. The only issue is convincing Albert to fit into the Patriots’ scheme, which is also a 3-4. As long as he’s willing to bring his A-game, this is the pass-rushing weapon the Pats have been lacking since trading Richard Seymour to Oakland.