John Beck Turned Away by Security Guard at Redskins Park

Multiple reports have said the Washington Redskins are prepared to go with John Beck as their starting quarterback for the upcoming season. Yes, Beck is the same guy who was drafted in the second round by the Dolphins and released shortly thereafter.

If you’re not too familiar with him, don’t worry — you’re not alone.

According to The Washington Post, Beck showed up to Redskins Park to be the first player at the facility once the lockout ended and was turned away. But that’s not the best part. Beck was not only turned away because players can’t report until Tuesday, but also because the security guard didn’t know who he was.

“I’m OK with that,” Beck said of not being recognized. “I haven’t done anything yet.”

We’ve heard of Tim Lincecum being turned away by security guards but that was from opposing teams and because he looks 12 years old. Beck plays for the Redskins where the city absolutely loves their football team. That just shows how unknown he is. It doesn’t mean he can’t become the team’s starting quarterback, it just shows us he has a long way to go.

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Willie Parker: Redskins Are about Partying

Willie Parker’s dropoff in production and relevance has been swift. He was once considered to be one of the fastest running backs in football, and his greatest accomplishment was running for a 75-yard touchdown in the Super Bowl against the Seahawks. Injuries and the strain of hundreds of carries sapped Parker’s speed, and the Steelers got rid of him.

Parker signed with the Washington Redskins last season and ended up being released before the season began after he suffered a groin injury. You can’t really fault the Redskins for cutting a running back who was old and banged up, but it left a bitter feeling with Parker. In fact, Parker shared some of his feelings during an interview on KDKA radio in Pittsburgh.

“Being in Washington, they don’t care about football. I didn’t feel good from day one there,” Parker said. “They weren’t about football. They were about partying. You appreciate Pittsburgh a little bit more after going somewhere else and seeing what another team has to offer.”

Parker also took a shot at owner Daniel Snyder when comparing him to the Steelers’ owners, but that’s about as unfair of a fight in the octagon between Big Bird and Elmo. It’s no surprise to hear Parker make those comments. The Steelers have had a reputation of being a classy, no-nonsense organization. Daniel Snyder gets routinely turned down by big-name coaches and offers embarrassing insults towards others.

I can’t speak about the issue of partying, but I do know the Steelers are said to have a pretty straight-edge reputation. Well, except for their quarterback and wide receiver who seem to have been distracted the past year.

You can listen to the entire interview here

John Beck Could be Washington Redskins’ Starting Quarterback

With Donovan McNabb set to leave the organization and Rex Grossman a free agent, the Washington Redskins do not have a clearcut starter at quarterback. Many analysts pegged them as a team interested in drafting a quarterback, but they completely ignored the position despite having 12 picks.

It’s quite possible that the Redskins didn’t like any of the quarterbacks in the draft class or that they didn’t feel one was worth taking where they were selecting. Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder were all gone before they picked in the first round. Colin Kaepernick and Andy Dalton were off the board when they picked in the second. Whether it was by design or by coincidence, the Redskins did not add an arm.

It’s starting to sound like that was the plan.

Both Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen popped on ESPN Saturday afternoon and reported that the Redskins like John Beck and are preparing to enter the season with him as the starter. Beck is a former second-round pick by the Dolphins who only lasted two seasons in Miami before being released. He was with the Ravens in ’09 and the Skins last year as their third quarterback. The BYU product hasn’t thrown a pass in the league since 2007 and he only has one touchdown and three interceptions in his career.

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Redskins’ Ineptitude Ruins Papa John’s Toppings Promotion

The Washington Redskins lost to the Buccaneers Sunday 17-16 to fall to 5-8 on the season. If it weren’t for a mistake by the chain gang late in the game that cost Doc Brown in his Top 3, they would have lost 17-9, but I digress. The team is competitive but not good, and the frustration is manifested through not only the fans and players, but also the team sponsors.

Apparently Papa John’s has been running a promotion all season where they offer free toppings on pizzas the day after Redskins games. Fans get one free topping for every touchdown the Skins score and two free toppings if they win.

Sounds like a great deal, right?

If this were a promotion for the Patriots, you’d see fans loading up with six-topping pizzas every Monday, but not the case with Washington. They’ve been so bad lately they’re only earning one or two toppings per week, not exactly the type of promotion that gets people jumping out of their La-Z-Boys to search for the number to Papa John’s.

The pizza company was so sick of the team’s crappiness, they just decided to give away 10 free toppings this week and attributed the occasion to Ryan Torain’s 121 first quarter rushing yards. Don’t ask me how you get 10 toppings out of 121, but clearly they were desperate for something because the Skins had not been cooperating on the field. I suppose it’s only justice for all the awful commercials Papa John’s we’re forced to endure.

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Redskins Have an Out With Donovan McNabb’s Contract Extension

The numbers that are being thrown around regarding Donovan McNabb’s contract extension seem astronomical given the circumstances.  McNabb is almost 34, seems to be injured once a season, and was already benched this year in favor of Rex Grossman.  Despite all that, it was originally reported that his contract extension with the Washington Redskins is a five-year, $78 million deal that includes $40 million in guaranteed money.  That may not be the case.

Adam Schefter of ESPN is reporting that the Redskins have a pretty significant out within the structuring of McNabb’s contract.  As part of the deal, McNabb receives $3.75 million in bonuses and incentives for the remainder of this season.  According to Schefter, the Skins have an option to pay a $10 million bonus this offseason before the remainder of the deal kicks in.

What does that mean?  Basically, if Mike Shanahan decides he’s still unhappy with McNabb’s effort at practice or believes the quarterback isn’t grasping the offense, the Redskins can pay McNabb the additional $3.75 million they now owe him for this season and be on their way.

In other words this is nothing like the Tom Brady deal or the deal Peyton Manning is going to get.  The situation between McNabb and the Redskins has been volatile to say the least, and it sounds like they’ve protected themselves against being stuck with No. 5 if things go South.

Redskins Reportedly Sign Donovan McNabb to $40 Million Contract Extension

I don’t think I’ve seen a contract extension that has made less sense than the one reported by ESPN’s Michael Smith on Monday. Smith reports that the Washington Redskins have signed Donovan McNabb to a five-year $78 million extension with $40 million guaranteed. Apparently the deal could be worth up to $88 million based on incentives. That’s strong money for a quarterback who turns 34 years old in 10 days and who was benched in favor of Rex Grossman two weeks ago.

What makes the deal so surprising is the timing. $40 million guaranteed is a lot of money even for a quarterback of McNabb’s quality, and it probably would have made sense had it been agreed upon prior to the start of the season. But McNabb has been solid, not special through eight games with the Skins this year. Moreover, all indications were that Mike Shanahan and offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan were “disenchanted” with Donovan. There were reports that Mike Shanahan was unhappy with McNabb’s practice efforts, conditioning, and understanding of the offense.

Given that the biggest event following McNabb’s head-scratching benching in favor of Rex Grossman was a monstrous contract extension, my sneaking suspicion regarding Shanahan’s motivation has been confirmed. I speculated all along that Mike was playing a mind game with Donovan, trying to motivate him to play his best the second half of the season. If you remember in 2008 McNabb was benched during an atrocious showing against the Ravens. His next game, he threw for four touchdowns in a 48-20 Thanksgiving night win over the Cardinals. There’s no doubt Shanahan is trying to get the same reaction from McNabb.

Icing the Kicker Works to Perfection for Kubiak, Texans

Icing the kicker can have a tendency to look like an unnecessary waste of time when a game comes down to a last-second field goal attempt.  On Sunday, we were given a prime example why the practice is so common.  The Washington Redskins and Houston Texans played to a 27-27 tie through regulation and the Texans ended up taking the game 30-27 in an exciting overtime.

After the Texans opted to punt instead of trying a 52-yard field goal with their first possession of extra time, the Redskins drove the ball to the Houston 34 and were in place to try a 52-yard field goal of their own.  Mike Shanahan made the decision to try the kick rather than punt and Skins kicker Graham Gano drilled the field goal.  It appeared Shanahan’s squad had improved to 2-0 on the season.

The only problem with that is Texans head coach Gary Kubiak called time out to ice Gano at the last possible second, nullifying the kick.  You can guess what happened on the second field goal attempt.  It went wide right and the Texans took over.

What seems like an annoying practice turned into a brilliant coaching move for Kubiak, as his squad drove the field and put Neil Rackers in position to drill the game-winning kick — a 35-yarder.

Oh yeah, and Matt Schaub threw for 497 yards.  Couldn’t get to 500?  What a bum.