Wayne Gretzky’s Game 3 ceremonial puck drop included an announcer error (Video)

Wayne Gretzky dropped the ceremonial puck before Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals in Los Angeles on Monday. It was the first Stanley Cup game the team hosted since 1993 when Gretzky was the franchise player. Don’t tell that to the Kings’ PA announcer, because he screwed up his dates:

Yup, as Puck Daddy pointed out, the announcer said “His play on the ice rewrote the NHL record books, and his arrival in Los Angeles in 1998 changed the face of hockey and the NHL forever.”

We’re pretty sure the announcer meant 1988, because Gretzky was winding down his career and a member of the Rangers in 1998. We also believe the PA announcer was David Courtney, who made an even bigger gaffe in December.

For the record, The Great One won four Stanley Cups over nine seasons with the Edmonton Oilers before being traded to the Kings in 1988.

Is the Wayne Gretzky Trick Shot Video Real or Fake?

We have said it before and we will say it again: Trick shot videos are getting played out.  The more videos that are released the less unique they become.  The wow factor is gone from almost all trick shot videos, especially since they are so easy to fake.  Take the Martin Kaymer video for example, which was fun to watch but there’s no way the tricks were real.  Whether or not UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee is able to do the things in his video is a topic for debate also.  There have been a few trick shot videos that seem real like this one from Lassi Hurskainen, but all in all people are tired of seeing them.

All that being said, we just had to post the Wayne Gretzky trick shot video.  I’ve watched this about six times now and I just can’t decide if the tricks are real.  What do you guys think?

I mean yeah he probably can’t actually make a tree spring buds with a hockey puck, but most of the others look real.  Plus, he is The Great One.

Thanks to CBSSports.com’s Eye on Hockey blog for the video.