Photos: Wayne Rooney Rides A Pink Jet Ski on Vacation in Barbados

Wayne Rooney was so tired of hearing his home fans boo him that he decided to pack up, head to Barbados with his family, and hop on a pink jet ski.  At least he’s tearing it up on the thing, right?  I mean look at that gnarly wake he’s got going.  Clearly not messing around.  The question is should we assume the pink jet ski was the only one available to rent, or did Rooney choose it?  Maybe I’m wrong, but wouldn’t you think an international superstar like Wayne would have his pick of what color wave runner he’d like to ride?  For now I guess we’ll have to say Wayne Rooney, English star and perceived badass, likes pink — not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Anyway, I’m glad to see the Rooneys appear to be enjoying themselves on the vacation they booked two days prior to England being eliminated from the 2010 World Cup.  Have a look for yourself.  Here are some pictures of Wayne Rooney on vacation riding a pink jet ski, courtesy of Goaly Moly! via Busted Coverage:


Wayne Rooney Rides A Big Pink Jet Ski (This Is Not A Euphemism), On Holiday in Barbados [Goaly Moly!]
July 8 Daily Dump [Busted Coverage]

Wayne Rooney Upset With England Boos

Along with Spain and France, England has been one of the biggest disappointments at the 2010 World Cup. In addition to tying the U.S. 1-1 last weekend, the Brits wound up in a scoreless draw with Algeria on Friday. The two draws have England tied with the U.S. for second in Group C but luckily still in control of their destiny. Striker Wayne Rooney, already grumpy in South Africa, lashed out at England’s fans after the match. Here’s the video of Wayne Rooney calling out England’s fans as he exited the pitch:

In case you couldn’t catch Rooney’s words amidst the vuvuzelas or because of the accent, he said “Nice to see your home fans booing you. That’s loyal supporters.” I didn’t see enough of the match to know whether or not the boos were warranted, but England is under a lot of pressure from their fans and they haven’t played well so far. If Rooney’s upset that they were booing after a tie with Algeria, he better not be around to see the reaction of the fans if his team doesn’t even reach the knockout stage. Thanks to LBS tipster Blackjack for the heads up.

Video Credit: YouTube user JimmyTankMan