Cubs’ Tyler Colvin OK After Being Briefly Impaled By Broken Bat

File this one under weird injuries and be relieved that Chicago Cubs rookie Tyler Colvin is in stable condition and said to be doing okay after being briefly impaled by a broken bat during Sunday’s game against the Marlins.  It’s a natural reaction to cringe and hold your breath when a broken bat goes flying during a baseball game and this is a perfect example of why.  No need to watch this video if this kind of thing grosses you out, but it’s not as bad as it sounds.  Here’s the video of the Cubs’ Tyler Colvin getting impaled by a broken bat, courtesy of YouTube user MShell6692:

You can tell by Colvin’s reaction he was more shaken up than anything when he saw he was bleeding.  His rookie season is probably over and he’s being kept in the hospital for a couple of days, but it’s obviously fortunate it didn’t end worse than it did.

Weird Baseball Injuries Continue

Baseball players must be made of paper mache because they keep getting hurt in the strangest of ways. We’ve already seen our share of injuries that occurred as a result of celebrations gone wrong, but now we can add to our growing list of weird sports injuries. For some reason, the common thread is that three of the four strange injuries happened to pitchers. Maybe they’re just soft as we’ve pointed out before.

The first strange injury occurred last week when Russell Branyan hurt his toe. How did it happen? A coffee table landed on it and cut his foot. Or something like that. Thanks to SI Hot Clicks for the heads up on that injury.

The next weird sports injury was probably the most embarrassing. Padres young stud pitcher Mat Latos landed on the 15-day disabled list after straining his side holding back a sneeze. No joke. He says he learned the lesson that he should just let it fly next time. We sure hope he does. Somewhere Sammy Sosa is saying “I told ya.”

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Luke Scott Injures Leg on Home Run Trot

It does not get more bittersweet than this: Orioles DH Luke Scott went back-to-back with Ty Wiggington in the 7th inning of Baltimore’s game with Oakland. The solo blast was Scott’s 12th of the season and it gave the O’s a 7-6 lead. Scott hit it to the left-center gap which is a deep part of the park. He wasn’t sure if the ball would clear the fence, so he was hustling around first to try for a double in case the ball stayed in the yard. Scott was really booking it around first and apparently pulled his hamstring rounding the base, making it difficult for him to finish circling.

“I am glad the ball went out, but this is frustrating. When I start feeling like this a lot of good things happen. But that’s life. You’ve got to dig down, get on my knees, say my prayers and God will give me the strength to get through it.”

Let’s hope he’ll be stroking it just as well when he does return from the DL. It’s a shame to go down like that especially when he was doing the right thing by hustling in case the ball didn’t get out. Far too often we see guys start pimping their home runs in the batters box and the ball hits off the wall, so at least Scott was trying. I would say this is a strange way to get hurt but this is baseball, and we’ve already seen our fair share of weird injuries in the sport.

Scott injures leg on go-ahead homer [MLB.com]
Photo Credit: Greg Fiume/Getty Images

DeAngelo Hall got Hurt Cheering for His Team on the Sidelines

Professional athletes are some of the most finely-tuned, muscular, and fittest human beings on the planet. Football players are even tougher than most athletes considering the strenuous and physically demanding nature of their sport. That’s why it’s surprising, and almost laughable, to read about DeAngelo Hall’s latest injury. Hall missed his second straight game last week because of a sprained knee. He’s already been listed as “out” for Sunday’s game against Oakland but now there’s a new injury bothering him:

Hall got so excited standing on the sidelines during the Washington Redskins’ overtime loss to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday that he developed back spasms, another setback in his goal of returning to the field in time to play in this week’s game against the Oakland Raiders.

“I probably should have been up in the suites relaxing, but I wanted to be down there with my teammates and encourage my guys on,” said Hall, who had a sit in a chair to ease the strain on his back while meeting with reporters this week. “I found myself almost jumping up and down every play.”

I’m guessing all the jumping up and down didn’t help the strained knee either. I’m not doubting the legitimacy of the injury, I’m just having a laugh over the circumstances through which he incurred the problem. If it weren’t such a business, I’m sure he would too. Considering the Redskins won’t have Hall or Haynesworth on Sunday, the Raiders will have a legitimate shot at winning the game. Matter of conjecture, Bruce Gradkowski could be a solid fantasy football option at quarterback; he’s thrown for six touchdowns in the last three games. Luckily I don’t have to worry about Gradkowski since I have Tony Romo going as my QB in the Coors Light fantasy football league, but if I needed an alternate option, I might consider Bruce.

Chris Dickerson Injures Head Bumping into Revolving Door at Hotel

You know what a big fan of weird sports injuries I am, so when I heard about this one I knew it made the cut. Reds left fielder Chris Dickerson is part of a platoon along with Jerry Hairston Jr. but he hasn’t seen much action lately since the team has faced a bunch of lefties to start the year. He wasn’t scheduled to play on Saturday because left-hander Paul Maholm was starting for the Pirates, but he would have been unavailable anyway:

Dickerson’s attacker struck Saturday morning as he headed to Great American Ball Park. The lurking evil was a revolving glass door at the downtown hotel where he is staying. He apparently banged his head on the door as it swung around.

“My ‘real’ story is I hit my head on the rim during a celebrity slam dunk contest,” Dickerson joked. “They do need to do something about that door. It’s a deathtrap waiting to happen. I can only imagine what happens with people less coordinated than me. I’m a little clumsy, but a pretty coordinated guy. I should be able to fly through that thing easy. I struggle with it every day.”

At least he has a good humor about it. Dickerson’s only had six at-bats this year but he has two hits. I’m sure he’ll have plenty more chances to hit as the season goes on. Last year he mashed in just over 100 at-bats so bright days should lie ahead for him. And on a personal note, it’s comforting to know that one of the toughest outs you ever faced in high school turned out to be a pretty good major leaguer.

Video: Teemu Selanne Cuts Quad Muscle on Own Skate, Out 4-6 Weeks

Right up there with hurting yourself playing tag in the yard or while sleeping on a pillow, cutting yourself on your own skate has to be a pretty crappy way to get injured. When you’re skating around with razor-sharp skates and you’re getting pushed around, ish happens, as it did to Teemu Selanne. Check out how Selanne hurt himself to the point where he’s out 4-6 weeks:

Those bad boys must be sharp as all hell, considering Selanne’s comments, “I knew right away that I got cut. It was scary how much blood was coming out. It was all over. You couldn’t even stop it.” 4-6 weeks seems pretty extensive but I’m not going to doubt them. At least he didn’t cut a tendon because the Ducks are in a tight race in the Western Conference.

Jered Weaver Cuts Hand on Bench, Will Miss Start

Keeping up the tradition of the weirdest injuries in sports, Angels pitcher Jered Weaver will miss his next scheduled start because of cuts on his fingers. Did he cut his hand on a fence, or some netting, or maybe on a small knife? Nope, nope, and nope. Jered Weaver hurt himself getting up from a dugout bench. Seriously.

Weaver sustained cuts on the tips of the middle and ring fingers of his pitching hand while pushing himself up off the Comerica Park dugout bench during Tuesday night’s game against the Tigers. The cuts were not deep enough to require stitches.

Yeah, but they were deep enough to keep Weav from making his scheduled start Friday night against the White Sox. Instead, he’ll make the start on Monday against the Yankees, and the Sox will have the pleasure of teeing off on Dustin Moseley. Way to go, Jered. At least it’s not as bad as hurting yourself on a pillow.