Quentin Richardson Missed Magic Game After Icing His Ankle Caused Irritation

Quentin Richardson already wasn’t much of a factor for the Magic, but now he’s just embarrassing himself. The Orlando small forward missed Friday night’s home loss to the Bulls because of a problem with his ankle.

You ready for this?

Richardson was icing his ankle and that apparently caused irritation on his heel. Because of the irritated heel, he was inactive for the team’s game.

Q is only averaging 2.3 points and 13 minutes per game, so it’s not as if the Magic missed him. But this is easily the lamest reason for missing a game since Samardo Samuels’ lost passport.

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Manny Harris Waived by Cavs After Suffering Freezer Burn on Foot

A blunder by former Michigan basketball player Manny Harris cost him a shot at a roster spot with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Harris was waived by the Cavs last week after being unable to practice because of an injury to his right foot. The guard suffered freezer burn on his foot after stepping into a Cryon-X cooling chamber. Cryotherapy chambers have become popular with athletes recently, but Harris reportedly made the mistake of walking in with a wet sock.

Harris tweeted two weeks ago “2nd degree burn on my foot, havent practiced with the team yet, got injured in a way that was totally out of my control!!”

Sounds like the injury may have been his fault, contrary to what he says. What sucks is that he was unable to be treated by the team’s doctors because of the lockout, delaying his possible recovery. Cleveland lost its season opener 104-96 Monday without him. That’s a pretty painful way to learn a tough lesson.

UCLA Forward Travis Wear Injures Foot While Snorkeling

Things are not looking up for the UCLA men’s basketball team. Their last two losses — in fairness — came against ranked opponents, but a 1-4 start is not exactly what the Bruins were hoping for to kick off the 2011-2012 season. To make matters worse, they became the latest victim of the weird injury bug on Thursday when leading scorer Travis Wear hurt his foot.

According to the L.A. Times, the sophomore forward was snorkeling in Hawaii when he cut his foot and needed five stitches.  Apparently the Maui Invitational did not include a presentation about the dangers of coral and how deceptively sharp it can be.  Of course you’re going to snorkel when you score a free trip to Hawaii, but at least know some basic guidelines before you embark.

Wear missed practice on Saturday and is scheduled to be reevaluated on Monday.  Athletes really need to start paying more attention when they’re around sharp things.  With important games on the line, we can’t have guys slicing their hands open with scissors and injuring their hands trying to clean a blender.  Didn’t these guys learn anything about safety when they were growing up?

Andy Murray Strained His Butt While Sleeping

Andy Murray has done it again.  Those of you who are avid LBS readers know we love using our weird injuries tag.  While unfortunate, most of the injuries are completely hilarious so we feel the need to rip on the victims.  Today, however, is a particularly special day.  Today we offer congratulations to Murray, who has become our first repeat offender.

That’s right, the same tennis player who hurt his hand playing Playstation almost exactly a year ago has suffered another bizarre injury.  This time, Murray strained his ass.  He withdrew from the Swiss Indoors on Wednesday after somehow straining his right gluteal muscle while sleeping.

“I don’t know how I did it or what it came from,” a distressed looking Murray (as you can see from the above photo) explained according to On The Go Tennis. “I’ve never had anything like this before.”

Poor guy can’t get out of his own way.  Maybe he just needs to be particularly careful with everyday activities in the weeks surrounding Halloween, because that’s when his strange injuries seem to occur.  Here’s hoping Murray’s ass makes a quick recovery so he can return to action.

Brett Cecil Injures Hand While Cleaning Out a Blender

Is it just me or do household appliances seem to get more dangerous by the day?  Growing up, my parents always worried about the usual dangers my brother and I could face such as running with scissors, playing with matches, and using electronic devices.  Now that we have entered the 21st century, it appears we need to monitor adults when they use such products as well.  Well, maybe just baseball players.

As CBSSports.com’s Eye on Baseball blog shared with us, Blue Jays starter Brett Cecil was scratched from his Friday night start against the Yankees after he injured his hand.  Simply put, Cecil could avoid a similar injury in the future by taking more caution when handling a blender.  Cecil reportedly sliced his hand while cleaning the dangerous and complicated contraption.

Someone needs to explain to me how we have seen three starting pitchers miss time due to hand lacerations this season — one with a pair of scissors, one using a knife to separate hamburger patties, and another cleaning a blender.  Did these grown men spend too much time throwing baseballs when they were younger and not enough learning basic safety?  Thank goodness our man Danny Lee already looked into it so I don’t have to.

Josh Johnson: ‘Tall Man Syndrome’ May Have Factored Into Shoulder Injury

Many analysts predicted the Marlins Josh Johnson could be one of the breakout players of the 2011 MLB season.  The 27-year-old power pitcher was coming off a 2010 season in which he struck out 186 batters in 183.2 innings.  A lack of run support led to Johnson winning only 12 games despite a phenomenal 2.30 ERA.  Johnson was cruising along this season with a 1.64 ERA through 9 starts when a shoulder injury derailed him.  He has been on the DL since May.

As he looks to return to the Marlins before the end of the season, Johnson shed some light on what may have contributed to his shoulder inflammation.  Believe it or not, the 6-foot-7-inch right hander told the Miami Herald his doctor says “tall man’s syndrome” could very well have been a contributing factor.

“It’s a matter of posture and a bunch of stuff that just kind of led up to it,” Johnson said. “Years and years of being tall, you’re always slouching down and bending over. You’re shoulder’s not in a good place. You start leaning over when you’re throwing. It snowballs.”

While shoulder soreness from tall man’s syndrome has nothing to do with clumsiness like this injury or this injury did, it is still just as intriguing.  The world can be a tough place for tall people, so I wouldn’t doubt there are things in life that could put stress on the shoulder of someone who is that tall. Being that tall also helps Johnson throw a fastball 97 mph, so it has its benefits as well.

Why do Baseball Players Constantly Suffer the Oddest Injuries?

Remember the days when a sports injury could be easily treated with a Band-Aid, a soothing balm, and large handfuls of Excedrin? Well, apparently, those days are gone, ever since baseball players have found new and inventive ways to hurt themselves, while forever cementing their reputation as the clumsiest athletes on the planet — l’eggo my ego. When Rafael Furcal injured himself tripping over rope, not only did he present himself as someone not very skilled at Parkour, but he became yet another in a long line of baseball players who appear to be protégés of Barney Fife.

It’s not as if scores of celebrities haven’t injured themselves in foolish ways, even Presidential hopefuls like Bob Dole have been known to swan dive off a stage for the public’s consumption. Stuff like that happens, especially when you fly in the face of gravity. Baseball players, though, have raised the art to a head-scratching art form.

Perhaps you chuckled when you heard Rafael Furcal, who for all intents and purposes would be labeled an athlete, had trouble navigating the velvet rope you may find at a local movie theater. Baseball provides enough fodder for the AMA to start printing a whole new manifesto.

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