Churchill Downs wants $14K back from Wes Welker after payout error

Wes Welker money Kentucky Derby

Wes Welker hit it big at the Kentucky Derby earlier this month, and the Denver Broncos wide receiver was ecstatic about it. Welker made his exit from the race carrying stacks of hundreds and was spotted handing money out to random strangers. Now, Churchill Downs is claiming they accidentally overpaid him by $14,000.

TMZ reported on Friday that Welker sent a friend to collect his $57,193.90 at the track a few days after he placed the winning bets himself. Due to a computer malfunction that was caused by human error, Welker’s friend was supposedly given $14,000 he wasn’t entitled to. Churchill Downs is asking for the money back.

“An individual believed to be a member of Wes Welker’s group on Kentucky Derby day was the beneficiary of an overpayment north of $14,000 on a wager due to a tote malfunction,” Churchill Downs spokesman Darren Rogers said in a statement. “In turn, a letter has been sent to that individual in an attempt to resolve the error.”

Welker, who won most of his money on 37-1 long shot Commanding Curve, told “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday that he’s not giving the money back and that he never calculated what he was supposed to take home.

According to TMZ, Welker is likely going to have to pay the money back. He can obviously afford it, but you would think Churchill Downs should be responsible for their own mistake. What if someone who had no money in the bank was accidentally given $15,000 and spent it? Winner beware, I suppose.

Wes Welker won big at the Kentucky Derby and started handing out $100 bills

Wes Welker money Kentucky Derby

Wes Welker must be from Brooklyn, because the Pro Bowl wide receiver was spreading love the Brooklyn way at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

Apparently the Denver Broncos wide receiver won big betting on the Derby and decided to share the wealth. According to a gentleman named Marc Blandford, Welker made his exit from the race carrying stacks of hundreds. Welker was flanked by a friend and a police officer and began handing out $100 bills to some people.

“He said he just won the Kentucky Derby and proceeded to walk down the line until the police officer stopped him,” Blandford told USA Today. “I think six of us ended up with $100 bills.”

Take a look:

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Broncos reportedly asked Wes Welker before signing Aqib Talib


Aqib Talib leaving the New England Patriots this offseason and signing with the Denver Broncos is irony at its finest. Less than two months ago, Talib was knocked out of the AFC Championship game early in the second quarter when Wes Welker took him out on a crossing route over the middle of the field. The two are now teammates.

Talib’s exit from the game tipped the scales completely in Denver’s favor and gave the Patriots virtually no shot at stopping Peyton Manning. Bill Belichick later called the rub play from Welker “deliberate” and one of the worst plays he has ever seen. Before the Broncos invested more guaranteed money on Talib than any cornerback in NFL history has ever received, they were sure to check with their slot receiver.

Reporters asked Talib about the hit from Welker, which FOX Sports NFL rules analyst Mike Pereira said was legal, on Wednesday.

“Wes is a good friend of mine,” he said, via the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe. “I watched the play a thousand times and I can tell you he didn’t do it on purpose.”

Welker said that he used to run the exact same play when he was with New England. Even if Talib was upset with Welker over the play, there are very few feuds $57 million can’t fix.

Wes Welker: Broncos were not prepared for crowd noise

Seahawks-12th-manThe Super Bowl typically attracts more rich yuppies and people who want to be seen than it does rabid football fans. Not many people can afford the thousands of dollars it costs to attend the game, although it certainly felt like the Seattle Seahawks’ 12th Man found a way on Sunday night. Wes Welker said the Denver Broncos were not adequately prepared for that.

Crowd noise almost certainly was the main reason the Broncos allowed a safety on their first offensive play of the game. Peyton Manning admitted that after the game, and Welker echoed his thoughts.

“That’s the way the start of any Super Bowl is: It’s going to be loud,” Welker said, according to Greg A. Bedard of the Monday Morning Quarterback. “The fans are going to be yelling. They don’t really know why they’re yelling — it’s just the start of the Super Bowl. We didn’t prepare very well for that, and it showed.”

In this case, the fans did know why they were yelling. They were Seahawks fans, and they realized that enough noise could rattle Manning in New York the same way it would in Seattle. The game was easily the loudest Super Bowl I have ever watched, and it wasn’t even close.

Since the game was played at a neutral site, Broncos head coach John Fox did not expect crowd noise to be a factor. Last Wednesday during practice, Fox chose to keep the simulated crowd noise at a lower volume than normal.

“Normally, it’s about five times louder than that,” Fox said at the time. “It’s not an away game. The ones I’ve been to haven’t been too loud. So we just kind of practice with what we think we’re going to get.”

They thought wrong. What Denver got was basically an away game, and it clearly had an effect on Manning’s rhythm. It was only fitting that the 12th Man was more prepared than the opposition for one last game of a championship season.

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Wes Welker’s drops, wife Anna won’t get him in trouble this year

Wes Welker

Wes Welker has some bad memories from his last Super Bowl that he is trying to erase.

The Denver Broncos receiver is considered a goat from the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl loss to the New York Giants in the 2011 season. With Rob Gronkowski barely able to play in the Super Bowl because of his leg injury, Welker was counted on as the Patriots’ most trusted target. However, he had a poor game and dropped a number of passes, including a critical one late in the game that cost the team.

Welker’s drops in the game caused a rift among the Patriots because Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele, was angry after the game and unleashed one of the greatest quotes ever.

“My husband cannot (bleeping) throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times,” Gisele said.

The comment was an angry reaction from Gisele right after the game and a clear shot at Welker. She apologized to him for the remark and he said everything was all good between them.

A year later, it was Welker’s wife who had to do the apologizing.

Wes Welker wife Anna

The Patriots were knocked out of the playoffs last season in the AFC Championship Game by the Baltimore Ravens. One of the big stories from that postseason was Ray Lewis, who was retiring after the season. Many people were pulling for Lewis and hoping he’d win, while others considered his religious front to be phony and still couldn’t shake the murder case he was a part of.

Welker’s wife, Anna Burns Welker, who is a former Hooters model, ripped Lewis on her Facebook page after the Ravens beat the Patriots. She ended up apologizing for her comments.

Welker left the Patriots in the offseason after a long dispute over his contract and signed with the Broncos. He had 73 catches for 778 yards and 10 touchdowns and lived up to his contract. But he still has his reputation as a postseason goat and choker to overcome this time around. How well known are his struggles from the last Super Bowl? When the Broncos attended a Knicks game during the week, a fan sitting behind Welker mocked him for his drops and choking.

Welker won’t let it happen again, and his wife, Anna, will be too smart to cause another controversy.

Wes Welker mocked for Super Bowl drop by Knicks fan on jumbotron (Video)


Wes Welker had a chance to seal a win for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI two years ago, and he let it slip out of his finger tips. Tom Brady threw a pass on third down late in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants that should have been caught to give New England a crucial first down, but Welker couldn’t haul it in.

He was once again reminded of that play on Tuesday night, courtesy of a New York Knicks fan. Welker attended the Knicks game at Madison Square Garden with teammates Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. When the three receivers were welcomed on the jumbotron, a Knicks fan — who is presumably also a Giants fan — sat behind Welker and mocked him for his dropped pass.

Hey, I guess anything’s better than Brady’s wife telling you you should have caught the ball.


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Wes Welker says Patriots run same play he injured Aqib Talib on

Aqib Talib Wes WelkerNew England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was not shy about the fact that he did not appreciate Wes Welker’s hit on Aqib Talib in the AFC Championship Game. Belichick called the hit “deliberate” and said it was one of the worst plays he has ever seen. The NFL later determined that it was legal, though there has been plenty of debate over whether it was necessary.

[WATCHWes Welker drills Aqib Talib over the middle]

On Tuesday, Welker basically called Belichick a hypocrite. The Denver Broncos receiver told reporters that he ran the same play with the Patriots.

“It’€™s a rub play that everybody runs,” he said, per WEEI.com’s Mike Petriglia. “It’€™s one of those deals where you try to get a rub on that guy and really, if you can get him to go over the top of you, the more separation the other receiver will have. That’€™s what I tried to do to get Demaryius a little more open and unfortunately we collided.

“We ran the same play (in New England).”

While I don’t think Welker intended to injure Talib, the contact did seem a bit excessive to me and a tad early. I believe that the Patriots and plenty of other teams run similar plays, but I’m certainly not buying the whole “unfortunately we collided” thing. Welker intended to hit Talib, even if he wasn’t trying to hurt him.