Buzz Williams dances after Marquette win, infuriates West Virginia students (Video)

After his team overcame a 15-point deficit for a gritty, one-point road victory over West Virginia, Marquette coach Buzz Williams had every reason to dance. Even more reason: the No. 10 Golden Eagles pulled it off with four of his top players suspended for parts of the game.

So as John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” flowed from WVU Coliseum’s speakers as the arena emptied after the game, Williams did a couple twirls and a two-step as he made his way across the floor for an interview with ESPN right in front of the West Virginia student section. And the student faithful was hardly pleased with Williams’ little shimmy.

By the time he made it to the broadcast booth, a cluster of incensed students had to be held back by security and ESPN analyst Bill Raftery got hit a foamy object undoubtedly meant for Williams.

Here’s a video of the entire episode:

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Louisville Denies That Safety Concerns Are Reason Cheerleaders Aren’t Going to West Virginia Game

Louisville’s cheerleaders and dance team will not be accompanying the football team on its trip to Morgantown for Saturday’s game against West Virginia. This news became a story when one Louisville cheerleader said her squad was not making the trip because of safety concerns.

“Cheer and Birds can’t go to WVU because it’s not a safe enough environment due to fans. West Virginia should be embarrassed,” cheerleader Lindsey Sitzlar wrote on Twitter.

Sitzlar told a West Virginia fan that the reason was “not random or baseless,” because four fans were sent to hospital, and cheerleaders have had liquor bottles thrown at them on recent trips. She also says the school had the cheer and dance teams leave in the fourth quarter to avoid problems.

A school keeping its cheer and dance teams from traveling to a game because of concerns about the environment is a pretty serious condemnation. We decided to call Louisville to see if the story was true.

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