Wichita State T-shirts incorrectly lists Indiana State as MVC tournament champs

Wichita State T-shirt

Wichita State capped a perfect regular season by beating Indiana State Sunday 83-69 to win the Missouri Valley Conference tournament. Only you wouldn’t know it by the T-shirts the team was wearing in their celebration.

The front of the team’s conference tourney champs shirts properly showed the Shockers as the conference tourney winners, but the back, which had the bracket from the tournament, incorrectly listed Indiana State as the winner.

Who goofed? I’ve got to know!

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Wichita State becomes NCAA’s first D-1 men’s basketball team to go 30-0 in regular season

wichita-state-logoThe old saying goes you can only play who’s on your schedule. Well, the Wichita State Shockers have done just that and defeated them all.

On Tuesday, the nation’s No. 2 team was victorious over Bradley by a score of 69-49 to run their record on the season to 30-0. The Shockers secured a place in the NCAA record book in the process.

The 1990-1991 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels were the last team to start a season 30-0, but their 30th win came during the Big West Conference Tournament.

There will surely be more than a few who will be quick to point out Wichita State plays in the Missouri Valley Conference. They will say it pales in comparison to the ACC, Big Ten, and other more well known conferences. That said, 30 wins in 30 games is impressive no matter what conference you’re in.

With a place in the NCAA Tournament all but assured, Wichita State will likely need to make a deep run to justify themselves to doubters. Until then, the Shockers deserve a tip of the hat for their historic season.

Wichita State’s final regular season game will come this Saturday at home against Missouri State.

Old ladies pound energy drink like bosses at Wichita State game (Video)

Wichita-State-old-ladies-rockstarThe college basketball season is barely underway and we already know who is taking home the award for “Fans of the Year.” The competition ended early Tuesday morning during ESPN’s tip-off marathon when two Wichita State fans were spotted pounding an energy drink and absolutely dominating the scene.

Is it any surprise that Wichita State pulled away in the second half against Western Kentucky after looking fairly sluggish for the first 20 minutes? Sure, the game started at midnight. But if these lovely ladies are committed to the cause by passing a Rockstar back and forth, it’s no surprise the Shockers were able to manage. I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope I can be 1/100th as cool as the Rockstar ladies 50 years from now.

One thing I do have to point out is that one of the women is wearing a Rockstar patch on her shirt. I’m guessing there was some sort of Rockstar giveaway going on, but you have to wonder if this was a brilliant advertising scheme. I’m going to pretend it’s not.

PS: I know the woman on our right didn’t enjoy her sip. But did she muscle it down anyway? That’s what I thought.

Video via For the Win

Tim Tebow spoke to Wichita State’s basketball team (Video)

Tim Tebow Wichita StateEven Tim Tebow is finding a way to get involved with March Madness.

The New York Jets quarterback spoke to Wichita State’s basketball team Sunday as the squad returned home from Salt Lake City after beating No. 1 seed Gonzaga Saturday to reach the Sweet 16 of the NCAA Tournament.

According to The Wichita Eagle, Tebow’s jet had stopped at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport to refuel and his representative asked Wichita State basketball coach Gregg Marshall whether Tebow could address the team. Tebow then stepped inside the team bus and delivered a message to the players.

Tebow referenced a speech he gave to his Florida teammates during halftime of the 2009 BCS National Championship Game, which the Gators won 24-14 over Oklahoma. He encouraged the Shockers to embrace the moment and “leave nothing on the court.”

The speech seemed full of cliches, which Tebow seemed to recognize when he said, “I know you don’t need to hear that from me,” but that still had to be a cool moment for the Shockers.

Photo via Instagram/Shockers Athletics, video via KSN
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Wichita State, Buzz Williams celebrate tourney wins by dancing

There must be something about winning a game in the Big Dance that makes people actually want to dance. No. 9 seed Wichita State knocked off No. 1 seed Gonzaga 76-70 in the West Region Saturday for one of the biggest “shockers” of the tournament. Several of Wichita State’s players — led by junior guard Nick Wiggins — broke out a dance circle on the court at EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City.

One of the nicest postgame moments came when Shockers coach Gregg Marshall was interviewed by TNT’s Jaime Maggio and was joined by his children. Marshall’s daughter was so proud and stunned, she had tears in her eyes:

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