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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Wrigley Field

Andrew Cashner calls Wrigley Field a ‘dump’

Wrigley Field is 90 years older than Petco Park. The Chicago Cubs have done some renovating over the years, but their ballpark has maintained its nostalgic feel. Many fans and players seem to appreciate that. San Diego Padres pitcher Andrew Cashner does not. The Cubs are seeking to start a major renovation to Wrigley Field…Read More

Wrigley Field Concession Stands Had Pretty Nasty Food Conditions

I don’t know about you, but if an eatery has anything less than an A rating when it comes to health inspections, I’m headed elsewhere. If you’re the same way, you would probably be grossed out by the condition of the food concessions at Wrigley Field. A recent inspection report from Wrigley Field showed that…Read More

Proposed Wrigley Field Toyota Sign Will Ruin the Charm

First it was the gigantic pictures ruining Wrigley Field, and now it might be a huge Toyota sign. Chicago Cubs new owner Tom Ricketts is looking to add a huge, illuminated red Toyota sign behind the left field bleachers to help generate more revenue. The Cubs organization proposed this idea back on April 19th, and…Read More

Wrigley Field Ruined by ‘Upgrades’

As we all know, the Chicago Cubs have brand new owners this year — the Ricketts family. And boy, do they have big ideas for the Cubs and historic Wrigley Field. When I say big, I mean eight 19′ x 14′ photos of current players and manager Lou Piniella hanging outside of the ballpark right…Read More

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