Some Yankees fans actually still support Alex Rodriguez

Here I was thinking that Alex Rodriguez was the most hated man in baseball and had no fans left. Guess I was wrong.

Rodriguez returned to the Bronx on Friday for his first home game of the season. Though his reception from the fans was mixed during his first at-bat, I was shocked to see how many New York Yankees fans still supported the former slugger.

Many fans could be seen standing and applauding. Several held up A-Rod jerseys. More had posters where they expressed their support of Rodriguez.

Alex Rodriguez poster

Maybe most of the poster carriers are female fans who think A-Rod is cute, but hey, at least the man still has some fans.

Despite the appearance that Rodriguez was supported by fans on Friday, The Associated Press says he was booed consistently throughout the night. A-Rod went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts and was replaced in the ninth by Jayson Nix. Rodriguez did not speak with the media after the game, and he did not play on Saturday.

Quintin Berry: Yankee Stadium is a very easy place to play after Oakland

Yankee Stadium is not the hostile environment it once was. Since the new park opened with higher ticket and concession prices, empty seats on game day have become a common theme. Some of that emptiness has carried over into the playoffs, and Tigers outfielder Quintin Berry said that has made  New York a comfortable city to play in.

“This is a very easy place to play now,” Berry told Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports. “Coming from Oakland, the fans there were so rowdy. It was easier to come here.”

Even when Yankees fans have made noise by booing, it’s been directed at their own players. Robinson Cano was booed on Sunday and Nick Swisher said he has been “hurt” by the way the fans in right field have treated him.

“Our fans haven’t had much to cheer about, so you can’t blame them,” Alex Rodriguez said. “You’ve got to blame us. If I was sitting there, I’d be perplexed, too. We didn’t score any runs. What the hell are you going to cheer about?”

For once, the secondary ticket market is not to blame. Thousands of Yankee Stadium seats sat empty during Games 1 and 2 of the ALCS, some of which could have been had for around $15 on the day of the games. If the Yankees are fortunate enough to take two of three from the Tigers in Detroit this week, perhaps they will return home to a packed house. If Detroit is the final stop of New York’s 2012 season, this postseason will truly be one for Yankees fans to forget.

Nick Swisher says he is ‘hurt’ by the way Yankee fans have been treating him

Nick Swisher has not played well for the Yankees in the postseason this year. In seven games, he is hitting .154 with no home runs and one RBI. Worse yet, he lost a ball in the lights during Game 1 of the ALCS on Saturday that allowed Detroit to score two runs in extra innings and go on to win. As a result of his poor play, Swisher says he has heard some hurtful things from the Yankees’ Bleacher Creatures in right field.

“Last night was pretty big. A lot of people saying a lot of things that I’ve never heard before,” Swisher told MLB.com’s Bomber’s Beat blog. “Prime example; I missed that ball in the lights and the next thing you know, I’m the reason that Jeter got hurt. It’s kind of frustrating. They were saying it was my fault.

“That’s the last thing that I ever thought would be in this ballpark, that people would get on you that bad. Especially your home, where your heart is, where you’ve been battling and grinding all year long. It’s just frustrating, man. You never want to be in that spot. It’s not like you’re trying to go out there and do bad on purpose. It’s just tough, man … It hurts.”

Robinson Cano is also in the middle of a postseason slump, and Yankee fans booed him on Sunday because of it. New York has lost the first two games of the series — albeit with a little help from the umpires — and will look to turn things around in Detroit starting Tuesday. When asked if it would be a good thing for the team to get away from New York, Swisher said “maybe, man.”

For whatever reason, Yankees fans don’t seem as hyped up about their team being in the ALCS as they usually would be. The team is struggling to sell games out, and that was going on before the Jeter injury as well. In fact, fans have reportedly been shuffled around the ballpark during games in order to hide the amount of empty seats being seen on the television broadcast. If New York plays the way it did at home in Detroit, the team may not have to worry about selling tickets to another game this year.

Cubs fan Eric Engelman bought domain JetBluePark.com and it now redirects to Yankees.com

If you can predict the future and get inside the minds of major corporations, buying domain names can be a very lucrative business. When the Red Sox and JetBlue decided they were going to build a new park together at Boston’s spring training site in Fort Myers, Fla., one would think somebody would be in charge of purchasing the appropriate domain names. Either that person fell asleep at the wheel, or everyone thought it would be safe to wait.

According to News-Press writer David Dorsey, a gentleman named Eric Engelman was thinking on his toes when the plans were announced and bought the domain name JetBluePark.com for $8. Engelman is a Cubs fan, but he decided it would be a humorous prank if he made the website redirect to Yankees.com. He was right. Go ahead and visit the page and see for yourself.

“I just thought it would be fun to have,” Engelman said.

It is certainly fun, and he’s probably going to make a few bucks off of the idea while he’s at it. Sam Kennedy, executive vice president and chief operating officer for the Red Sox, first heard the news on Tuesday afternoon and had the following reaction: “We’re going to have to look into that.”

Obviously, the Red Sox and JetBlue can’t let this stand. Bravo, Eric Engelman. That’s what I call a quality prank.

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Meet Jared Macchirole: The New Jeffrey Maier in New York

We already touched on how the Yankees had both a Jeffrey Maier and Steve Bartman moment in Game 4 of the ALCS. Well leave it to the New York papers to take all of 15 minutes to find out the life story for the perp. By the third inning, we knew where the new Maier went to elementary school, what his favorite color was, and his current dating status. OK, maybe not that much, but we did find out that the obnoxious kid’s name is Jared Macchirole and that he’s a 20-year-old from Queens who attends Penn State.

Macchirole apparently played baseball in high school for Archbishop Molloy and has a pretty decent swing. His actions on Tuesday night have already inspired a Facebook group with the tagline “This kid makes all Yankee fans look like scum.” I agree completely. The worst part is Macchirole denied making any gestures towards Nelson Cruz after the home run was hit, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. Maybe Macchirole needs to see his own video tape:

Amazingly the Maier and Bartman repeats weren’t the only poor displays by the Yankees fans on Tuesday night. Awful Announcing caught some fan trying to dump beer on Cal Ripken and the TBS pregame set. Real classy huh?

Thanks to 310toJoba and Michael Tunison at SB Nation

Yankees Fans Have Jeffrey Maier and Steve Bartman Moment in Same Game

What were the odds that the Yankees would have not just a Jeffrey Maier repeat in Game 4 of the ALCS, but also a Steve Bartman moment? The Maier moment happened in the second inning when Robinson Cano hit a home run to right field. An obnoxious Yankees fan — Jared Macchirole — reached over for the ball as it hit the top of the wall and bounced over for a home run. A review should have been done by the umps to make sure it was a home run, but they elected not to. The best part was Macchirole who seemed to flip off right fielder Nelson Cruz after the ball cleared the wall:

The other incident took place in the top of the 5th. Josh Hamilton was up with two men on and two outs with the Rangers down 3-2. He flared a ball down the left field line that was extremely catchable and could have been the last out of the inning. Instead, a Yankees fan had a Steve Bartman moment reaching over to try and catch the ball. He blocked left fielder Brett Gardner from getting it and could have cost the Yanks an out. Luckily Hamilton flew out to end the inning otherwise that fan would have lived in infamy. Here’s the Yankees Bartman incident:

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Yankees Fans Sure Hate Red Sox Fans

There are some times when those sports arguments at the local bar can get a little out of hand. And by a little out of hand, I mean resulting in capital punishment. With Leather has the story of a Yankees fan who was a duck out of water, drinking at a Red Sox bar in Nashua Massachusetts. The woman was being taunted by said Red Sox fans when their argument spilled outside. The Sox fans then found a Yankees sticker on the woman’s car, prompting them to chant, “Yankees suck!” And what ensued? You guessed it:

[Yankees fan Ivonne] Hernandez, 43, allegedly gunned her car and struck [Red Sox fan Matthew] Beaudoin and his friend Maria Hughes, 21. Beaudoin’s sister Faith Beaudoin said Hughes had only minor injuries, because her brother shielded her. Beaudoin died of massive head trauma at a hospital, Morrell said.

Hernandez, of Nashua, was arrested at the scene. She acknowledged she had been drinking and refused to take a breath-alcohol test, said Morrell, a senior assistant attorney general. Hernandez said she had been in an argument with the group.

“She indicated to police that she wanted to scare this group of people. She thought they would get out of the way,” Morrell said.

I suppose when you’re BAC’s as high as Ian Kennedy’s ERA you’re banking on other drunks to get out of the way of a high speed vehicle. Probably not the best way to scare someone. Usually we like to stick with cutting the scrotum of opposing team’s fans — that’s much more civil. I knew Yanks fans and Red Sox fans didn’t like each other, but come on people, be more reasonable here.