Don Mattingly doesn’t want Yasiel Puig in center field because he’s ‘out of control most of the time’

Yasiel PuigWith Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Yasiel Puig, Carl Crawford, and Scott Van Slyke the Los Angeles Dodgers have a pretty talented group of outfielders when everyone is healthy.

Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily a complete outfield in terms of where each is best suited to play.

Kemp spent the majority of 2008-2012 in center field, but is now more of a liability there. Ethier, Puig, Van Slyke and Crawford would each play in left or right field in ideal scenarios. However, Don Mattingly has to put someone in center each day so it’s been a bit of a shuffle.

Ethier has handled center field duties the majority of time this year, followed by Kemp and Van Slyke. Noticeably absent is Puig, who can probably cover the most ground of anyone Mattingly could play in the outfield. He also has moments every now and that lead many to say he’s getting by on physical ability, not fundamentals.

It’s because of those instances that Don Mattingly is choosing to keep Yasiel Puig away from one of baseball’s premier defensive positions for now.

Well then.

Puig is a highlight reel waiting to happen, but that alone doesn’t make a great defensive player. So, for the time being, it appears we will continue watching Yasiel Puig do his thing in right field.

Yasiel Puig warns Torii Hunter about running on his arm

yasiel-puig-finger-waveAs we have found out, testing the arm of Yasiel Puig is a dangerous proposition.

During Tuesday’s game between the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Dodgers, 38-year-old Torii Hunter decided to give it a shot.

In the second inning, Hunter took a pitch the opposite way that made it to right field wall and decided to try his luck at making it to second with a double. Puig unleashed a customary rocket throw to nail Hunter at second for his seventh outfield assist of the year.

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Or so we thought.

Hunter obviously thought he was safe. As it turns out, he was. The play was reviewed and the original out call was overturned, resulting in Torii Hunter’s 16th double of the season.

Safe or not, Puig made sure to offer a little warning to Hunter in case he was thinking about testing that right arm again in the future. Hunter wanted to hear none of that noise.

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Yasiel Puig playing with puppies? Yasiel Puig playing with puppies


Yasiel Puig played with a bunch of puppies before the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the Colorado Rockies on Monday night. How do you think it affected his game?

Obviously, the lovable little fur balls brought him good luck. Puig ended up with three hits and an RBI in his team’s 6-1 win. Is Yasiel Puig playing with puppies exactly what the internet needs or what?

We already know Puig loves to have a good time, so seeing him in a pen full of puppies makes perfect sense. The Dodgers should have puppies in their clubhouse before every game.

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Yasiel Puig has bat flip fail after walk (Video)

I think we just found out why Yasiel Puig doesn’t like to walk. It totally ruins his bat flip flow.

My words are actually inaccurate, because Puig has been taking his base this season. He already has 33 walks in 63 games, compared to 36 in 104 last season.

Still, swinging the bat is always better than walking, because that way you can at least do a proper bat flip. And check out Puig styling like he was in “The Matrix.”

Yasiel Puig bend

Vin Scully calls Yasiel Puig the ‘maestro’ of the bat flip (Video)

Yasiel-Puig-bat-flipYasiel Puig has taken the concept of flipping your bat to new heights. The Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder even flips his bat on routine outs from time to time. On Thursday night, Puig executed one of his highest bat flips on a double to right-center. The legendary Vin Scully shared his thoughts.

“Boy, that was a really high flip,” Scully said. “If you really want to learn how to flip the bat, here’s the maestro. … He thought that was a home run. That was definitely a home run flip.”

Puig’s line drive went off the base of the outfield wall, but he definitely thought it was gone for a second. Apparently he still needs some more time at Dodger Stadium before he can tell when a ball is leaving the park. Until he can get used to his own strength, Puig will continue to infuriate opposing pitchers.

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Mets P Carlos Torres is sipping the Yasiel Puig haterade

Yasiel Puig Mets

There are some people who are just rubbed by Yasiel Puig in the wrong way. New York Mets pitcher Carlos Torres is one of them.

Torres joined MLB Network Radio’s Casey Stern on Saturday and was asked about Puig — specifically what it’s like to face him and watch him as a player. Stern set Torres up by bringing up how Puig is a mixed bag of good and bad.

In response, Torres focused on what bothers him about Puig.

“For me, personally, I’m a ballplayer. I’m an athlete. I am a guy who actually enjoys the game and competing. I don’t care to watch him,” Torres told Stern.

Torres then went on to compare Puig’s diving catch against the Mets to other ones he’s seen this year that didn’t receive as much attention.

“If you look at (Jason) Heyward’s catch where he was flying through the outfield, laying out, he actually made a way better catch than Yasiel Puig’s. And that was earlier in the season. But since it’s not Puig, nobody cares. No one is paying attention. If you watch [Puig] before a ball is hit, he’s just standing straight up and down. Maybe he might bend over once or twice. And he’s almost never ready to field the ball. So when you’re watching stuff like that, you just sit there, let him do what he does, and go from there and try to get him out when he’s hitting.”

Torres then went on to vent about how the media hypes up a guy like Puig.

“All I know is my own opinion. My personal opinion is I don’t listen to everybody that gets blown up in the media. A lot of times it’s what it is. The media picks their players for that year. The media picks their players for that month. And then they’re the best player known to man. Usually it’s followed by a big contract, or usually it’s followed by a bigger-market team. But, like I said, Heyward’s catch out in right field against us at our place was in my opinion a much better catch. So was the center fielder from Philly’s (Revere). That was tremendous. That guy had to extend farther by using his arm as leverage. But that’s not even considered in top plays.

“I mean, c’mon, man.”

I’m sure a lot of people share Torres’ opinion, which is why Puig is polarizing as a player. Some like him while many others don’t. And Torres is right about the Heyward play; I looked for it on MLB.com and didn’t even find it. How does that happen?

Transcription via NY Daily News

Yasiel Puig defies physics with amazing diving catch (Video)

Yasiel Puig made one of the best catches you will see this year on Thursday to rob New York Mets shortstop Wilmer Flores of an extra-base hit. The Los Angeles Dodgers star got a great jump on a line drive to right field and went full extension to make an incredible play.

Puig practically defied physics, as it appeared the ball was by him when he made the grab. It looked like he had absolutely no chance of catching it when he went and did this.


After making the catch, the 23-year-old showed off his cannon for an arm by nearly doubling off Mets first baseman Lucas Duda at first base. That would have been too good to be true.

Despite some of the boneheaded mistakes Puig has made on and off the field, there’s no denying his incredible talent. He’s hitting .329 with 10 home runs and 37 RBI this season. Puig has been doing it all for the Dodgers.